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DD-698 Clint (Tex) Adams FT3 1953 to 1955 AdamsCka (AT) World cruise-collision w/Haynesworth-loved ship-honor to serve aboard-cruise book,pics,Zippo lighter w/engravings.
DD-698 Carl E. Anderson MMFN 10/53-7/55 860-349-9125  
DD-698 Robert Anderson ETN3 2/69 to 70 robertanderson (AT) Looking for Jim Zick, Al Polgar, Karpowitz
DD-698 Tom Anderson BT3 6/49-9/49 Anderson98661 (AT)  
DD-698 Jay R. Ashlock TM3 1963-1966 jr (AT)  
DD-698 Lawrence Atwood MM2 1954 to 1958 atwoods936 (AT) everybody come to ship reunions
DD-698 Alfred Aunchman RM3 3/44 - 6/46 aunchmane (AT) This is my Dad he passed away 2007
DD-698 David Baker FTG2 1966-1970 drquotes (AT)  
DD-698 Thomas Banta RM1 1971 to 1972 atnabmotelcnu4 (AT)  
DD-698 Jerry Barbour FTG3 65-9/67 jbarbour (AT)  
DD-698 Harry Bartling SN 1969 to 1970 hjbartling (AT) Made the N Atlantic cruise-redeployed to the Med aft (9) days out-escort duty at Gitmo-finished enlistment in 72
DD-698 Jim (Batman) Battan MM3 1/68-9/69 jimbat (AT) Aft enginroom,great memories.Great med cruise.
DD-698 Ted Beckmann BT3 11/60 - 11/62 tedbeckmann (AT) Sure would like to hear from old shipmates.
DD-698 Jerry Bedwell   1/60-7/61 Bedwellj3 (AT) Med cruise--Black Sea,1960, Cuba 1961
DD-698 Richard Beers MIDN4 summer 1952 rbeers1 (AT) Midshipman cruise to Torquay and La Harve in 1952
DD-698 Richard Beltrami   1972-1973 beltrami158 (AT) Looking to find fellow shipmates and reunion information
DD-698 Frederick Benner SNYN 10/56 to 1960 SFRENNEB (AT) made two med cruises and inland sea cruise
DD-698 Barney Berlyn SN1 6/48-7/50 bbberlyn (AT) S B Roberts & Hank
DD-698 Theodore (Ted) Bewckmann BT3 11/60-11/62 teedeebeckmann (AT) Would like to hear from old shipomates.
DD-698 Robert Birney BT3 July 68-February 70 irishlover47 Mayport,FL.-Med.Criuse-Salty Aultie
DD-698 John Blankenhorn BT2 1952 to1955 jblankenhorh (AT)  
DD-698 Bob Booten E-4 1968-1969 byalake5 (AT)  
DD-698 Earl Bowman SISC 1946 1948 ebowmaneb (AT) came aboard at Boston after being at Bikini
DD-698 Benny Bozeman E-4 1967 - 1969 bennybozeman (AT) We lost Mike Lind last yr-in con w/A Beaudoin-like to hear frm Cornwell,Groves,Roberts,Peterson,MacIntire,etc.
DD-698 Ken Bradshaw FTG2 1966-1968 kbradshaw (AT) CDR, USNR, Ret -
DD-698 Robert Bredemeyer RD2 9/65 to 10/68 Rcbred (AT) One of the original Bacardi for lunch bunch
DD-698 Jim Brennan RD2 1953-1954 brenn859 (AT)  
DD-698 Juel Brimchman S2 5/44 papajuel (AT) sbcglobal.nmet is there any one left from that time iam a plank owner
DD-698 Juel Brinchman SN2 1945 jubrichm (AT) aol.con  
DD-698 Juel Brinchmanuss SN2 5/44 - 5/46 jubrichm (AT) a great ship to fight and serve on
DD-698 Ralph Britz SN 12/51-11/53 mrb-ritz (AT) Looking for shipmates Wayne Mackey,John Cheatwood,Lt. White,
DD-698 William Brosch, Jr. unsure plank member john (AT) I am Bill's son-in-law. Dad passed away this past spring. One of his greatest loves was the USS Ault.
DD-698 Thomas Brown   1944-46 nyyankeesrb (AT) My Dad
DD-698 Edgar Bryan GMGSN 9/59-7/61 ebryan (AT) Went to Med and Black Sea
DD-698 David Buck SM3 1960-1962 djbuck1 (AT)  
DD-698 Harry Burkett F1 1944 to 1945 harae (AT) Plank owner
DD-698 Dana Butcher EM3 1963 to 1964 popcornwizard (AT) I'm looking for pictures of the Ault and me...
DD-698 Charles Campau ETR3 6/64-12/66 samantha_campau (AT) Dash Med Cruise,Gitmo
DD-698 Neil R. Carlson BT3 Nov 1960 - Sept 62 NEILDD698 (AT) HOTMAIL.COM  
DD-698 John Carter RD3 1944-1946 nancee (AT)  
DD-698 Jim Chambers SF3 1967 to 1968 sdrepair (AT)  
DD-698 Roger Champine SO3 59-61 r.i.champine (AT) fox div - lets play cards
DD-698 Wilfred (Bill) Chartier CDR 1959 to 1961 Bill.Chartier (AT) CO
DD-698 Robert L. Childs EM3 2/46-8/48 rchilds62828 (AT) Went aboard as electrican striker. Boston, MA.
DD-698 Jon Chione GMG3 59-61 ejonnpat (AT) med cruise, member of the order of the black sea realm . robbie and doug where r u ?
DD-698 Jim Clark   1944-45 talanders (AT) Founder- USS Ault DD-698 WWII Association
DD-698 Richard Clarksean MM1 03/66 - 08/68 dick.clarksean (AT)  
DD-698 Otis Clements MM1 6/54-9/57 2vernclem (AT) After engine room, my station.
DD-698 Robert (Bob) Clouser RM2 1/60 - 10/62 rclouser616 (AT) some of the best times of my life. good memories !!!
DD-698 Paul Cody FN 11/60 - 05/64 bianca8tbd (AT) Some of the best friends I ever had.
DD-698 Robert Collins GM3 1956-1959 jec22944 (AT) Looking to connect with old shipmates
DD-698 George Comatas ET3 55-57 FRKEYBRK (AT) Give me a shout
DD-698 Bill Conner BT3 67-68 willc55age (AT) Would love to hear from BT's from Aft or Forward firerooms that went on Viet Nam Cruise in 67
DD-698 Larry B. Conner SA 1958-59 lconner101368548 (AT)  
DD-698 Harold Cooper MM3 9/68-8/69 ringwood1 (AT) after eng room crew
DD-698 Ricky Creed BT2 1971-1972 ricky.creed (AT)  
DD-698 Roger Dague BT2 55-57 rogerdague (AT)  
DD-698 Jimmy Daller EN2 1965 - 1966 jimmyd215 (AT)  
DD-698 Paul Danies MM2 1955-1958 Deceased  
DD-698 John Daugherty FT3 1059-1960 wb8deg (AT) Made one Med cruise 59-60
DD-698 Roger Davis GM3 1952-1956 rbldavis (AT)  
DD-698 Richard (Dick) Davis BM3 12/59 to 12/62 rd1306 (AT) Looking to hear from old shipmates
DD-698 Thomas A. E. Davis LT 1955 - 1957 ezrider55 (AT)  
DD-698 Robert Dawson RD2 5/61-10/67 BDKDDAWS (AT)  
DD-698 Dwain DeBack MM3 12/55 -9/57 deback6 (AT) see you at the reunion no mater where it's at
DD-698 William Dennie QM2 9/51-8/52 dennie54 (AT)  
DD-698 Royce Dennison SN 1950 to 1952 royceroyboy (AT)  
DD-698 James Devine ETSN 8/49 to 4/50 jimandmarcy (AT) Made Med Cruise (AT) put her in mothballs (AT) Norfolk
DD-698 Leonard Dobbert GMGSN 8/65 to 9/69 Clodhopper1947 (AT) Can't beleave they cut the Ault up.
DD-698 Larry Doll IC3 10/63 to 2/67 Larry Doll44 (AT) 2 64 & 65 Gitmo 66 Hello to butcher EM2 Benny Straton EM2 Jerry Barbour FTG3.
DD-698 James Duck GMG3 1966 to 1968 jfduck (AT) Great Ship and Even better shipmates
DD-698 Frank Earp MMFN 8/57-6/58 frankearp (AT)  
DD-698 Ed Eckert FT2 1958-1961 eckertej (AT)  
DD-698 Richard Edwards HM3 1952 REdwa712 (AT) On for only one cruise to Caribean
DD-698 Rick Etter FTG2 10/68 - 07/72 rick.etter (AT) Same Destroyer entire service. Would love ot hear form mates.
DD-698 John Faircloth RM3 4/58-11/60 dolly3942 (AT)  
DD-698 Ron Ferko SK2 1953 -1956 ronferko2 (AT) Round world cruise 1956-54-collisions w/Haynsworth-on Ault for 3 1/2 yrs-great friends I will always remember
DD-698 James Finnen E-5 1954 to 1957 lsol (AT)  
DD-698 Michael Fissel SN 1968 to 1970 mikefissel (AT)  
DD-698 Don Fredrickson TM2 1959 to 1961 yymann (AT)  
DD-698 Anthony (Tony) Fuentes BT3 02/67-02/70 fountain48 (AT)  
DD-698 David Fullen BT3 71 to 73 dafullen (AT)  
DD-698 Harry Fullington RM2 1950 - 1952 hansfull (AT)  
DD-698 Robert (Bob) Galloway IC2 1952 - 1955 bobgalloway (AT)  
DD-698 Robert Gatewood CS2 1969-1970 rjgate (AT) Great ship and crew.
DD-698 Daniel Giambrone QM3 1953 to 1956 Roman724 (AT) Old Sailors never die, they just sail away ~
DD-698 Michael Gibbons Shipmate 02/1968 to 10/1969 Kk48219 (AT)  
DD-698 Fred W. Gibbs SM2 02/72-6/73 navychief2001 (AT) An NRF Training Platform during my time aboard (homeported in Galveston) explosion in Mt 52-decom in 73.
DD-698 James Gilbreath YNSN 1960-1962 JCG (AT) 1st of 3 Tin-Cans. Entered Black Sea & have great memories.
DD-698 Malcolm Gill FT1 10/53-1/54 m.gill (AT) aft ship collison w/Hayworth dur ASW excercise I was trans to Hazelwood DD-531 to replace their CPO.
DD-698 Tim Gillis DK3 6/57-9/59 tg56 (AT) Just looking for shipmates.
DD-698 Rondle Gordon MMC 68-69 MGRG82097 (AT)  
DD-698 Edward A. Grant ET2 11/62-6/64 ea_grant (AT)  
DD-698 John (Limey) Griffin SF3 67-68 johngriffin2 (AT) Anyone have a cruise book or some photographs?
DD-698 Carl Guggisberg GM3 5/44 - 2/46 cguggisberg (AT) Plank Owner
DD-698 Marvin Guice GM3 1944 to1946 mguice4750 (AT) WW2 a great crew
DD-698 Edward Gussardo RDM3 1943-1046 edel/1722 (AT)  
DD-698 Thomas Hall DC2 10/66-01/70 hallthomas (AT) Lookin' for some old buddies....Sonny
DD-698 James Hammack SM3 9/66-8/68 jhammac (AT)  
DD-698 Gerald Handy RDSN 07/49-03/50 grandmesa6 (AT) Grrrreeaat Carib/Med/Northen Europe cruise
DD-698 John Hanley, Sr. GMM3 1955-1958 john hanley22 (AT)  
DD-698 Paul Harris SN1 1944-1946 Harrismarguerite (AT) I would like to connect with those of us who were onboard in WWII.
DD-698 John O. Harrison, Jr.   1967-1970 Jim.D.Harrison (AT) This is my brother, he passed away in 2003 at the age of 52
DD-698 Alton Havens     myboybud (AT)  
DD-698 Paul Hayden MM2 1951-1954 PaHayden65 (AT)  
DD-698 Jim Hebert FTG2 1/68-10/69 cajunjim46 (AT) Email me
DD-698 John Hermann BT3 9/62 to 8/66 nasrblr (AT)  
DD-698 Jimmy Herod BT3 3/70-8/71 jlherod (AT) Went bt the nickname Skinny
DD-698 Danny Herren E-3 1966 to 1967 or 1968 mrspelicansews (AT) I am looking for anyone who remembers me
DD-698 Frank Hess Y3 9/44-6/46 dippyddd (AT)  
DD-698 Ray Hiestand IC2 6/58-6/61 Stbdway (AT)  
DD-698 Robert W. (Bob) Hilsher GMG3 8/61 - 7/63 rwhilsher (AT) Tossed line that allowed CDR Mason to tieup at Mayport!
DD-698 John Hinson RDSN 1968-1969 jnosnih (AT) Mediteranean cruise; aboard ship for Galveston retirement
DD-698 John Hodgkin STGSN 5/65 - 7/68 julietteam (AT)  
DD-698 Paul Holland IC3 9/48-6/50 supertek (AT) I was one of the Movie Operators
DD-698 Ray Hopkins BR1 1961-1964 tapioca (AT)  
DD-698 Thomas Humphries SO3 50-52 humphries50 (AT) was sonarman , got off before 9 mos cruise because of lack of 9 months time
DD-698 Henry Ilg QM3 1949 Sncanman698 (AT) Great ship
DD-698 Bert Jeffries QM2 1967 - 1968 rafter_j.ranch (AT)  
DD-698 Herb Johnson FN-HN aug 63-jun 65 hajohnson (AT) Nondesig FN worked R div, struck for HM -A scl 65 Glakes
DD-698 Walt & Mary Johnson SM 5/64 - 11/66 wjohns (AT) Looking for John Pinkerton
DD-698 Donald Joyner EM3 9/59 - 4/61 dwjlucky13 (AT) We were first ship to enter the Black Sea since WW2. In Cuba during Bay of Pigs. Some great memories.
DD-698 Michael Juskow ETN2 1962-1964 mjuskow (AT)  
DD-698 Bill Kane RD2 1952 to 1955 rciakanes (AT) Great world cruise--gitmo was hell!
DD-698 Richard Keefer TM3 5/68 to 70 rick.keefer (AT)  
DD-698 James Keen RD3 1968-1969 jimkret (AT) Med cruise, numerous Caribbean cruises and helped deliver to Galveston for reserve duty.
DD-698 Fred Keene SK3 Feb-Sept 1966 Nemok2000 (AT)  
DD-698 Jeffrey Keiner LT(jg) 8/69-1/71 jkeiner (AT) proud of service on ault and of the men who taught me a lot
DD-698 Bobby Keith RMC 1967-1968 bobbykeith (AT) Med Cruise, Gitmo/Carib Cruise, Vit Nam Cruise, Trf to SHAPE Belgium
DD-698 Leon Kennedy CS3 07/66 - 04/68 susken46 (AT) I would love to do it all again. I think about the guys all the time. Vietnam was a trip.
DD-698 Jim Kiley IC3 9/66-12/69 jkiley02 (AT) Great memories with a great crew
DD-698 Jessie King FN 02/48 - 06/50 bluelight511 (AT)  
DD-698 Donald King MM2 11/54 - 4/58 drkking (AT) fwd engine room ,
DD-698 David Kingsley RD3 68-69 dckings (AT) the best shipmates and ship I served on
DD-698 Jerry Knapp EN2 1952-1955 REBEL (AT) INPRO.NET  
DD-698 Otto Knibbe (Bartsch) ET2 11/62-3/66 de.tekenaar (AT) From FRAM in Boston to Mayport, 3 Meds, 2 Gitmos, great gang
DD-698 George W. (Rick) Kniffin BM/SN1 12/53-12/56 robertkniffin (AT)  
DD-698 Howard Lacey LT(jg) 1959-1960 hlacey (AT) There's a reunion every yr & a plaque going up at WWII museum Fredericksburg,TX-now ret Supply Corps Capt
DD-698 Kenneth Lake FT3 1/60-6/62 kg_lake40 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates from Fox Division during 1960-1962
DD-698 John Lance SH3 11/66 -12/67 scottycnby (AT) Good ship . Rich history as gunslinger. We added to it in Vietnam.
DD-698 Thomas Landers MM2 1944-45 talanders (AT)  
DD-698 Dave Lange LT(jg) 1962-1965 abeachbum (AT) was comm officer during those dates
DD-698 John Laramie RMSN 1951-1954 SmellyOldRudy (AT) Was inside the taxi that got washed off the damned pier!!!
DD-698 James Latham RD3 10/50-9/52 latham513 (AT) Learned a lot on the Ault. Retired as OSCM 2/71
DD-698 Duane LeDoux MM2 1953 to 1957 duane_ledoux (AT) It was the 1st of 6 Destroyers I served on, with many memories,that still come to mine.
DD-698 Edwin Forrest Lee RD2 1952 to 1956 860-872-1210 51 Meadowbrook Rd. Ellington, CT.06029
DD-698 Harry Leedom EM3 12/64 - 9/67 harry.leedom (AT)  
DD-698 Daniel Lent     danlent3 (AT) WW II -rear gunners mate
DD-698 Wayne Leonard RD3 57-59 w_leonard (AT)  
DD-698 James Leyda E-4 1960-62 608-838-8655 Was storekeeper and #1 gun mount projectile man
DD-698 Robert Lideen MoMM1 12/44 jadeen4 (AT) I found my dad's Imperial Domain of Golden Dragon card, August Rule of the 180th Meridian-son Jay Lideen, ATN2
DD-698 Mike Lind STG3 67-71 cmlind (AT) I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
DD-698 Charles Lintz ETN3 03/71-01/72 ctlintz (AT)  
DD-698 Terry (TC) Lipe ENS 1973 tclipe (AT) USNSCC Sam Houston
DD-698 Glenn Littell MM1 6/54-12/57 glittell (AT)  
DD-698 Walt Loesche MML3 3/50-11/52 walja (AT) Med cruise, 2wks in Trieste etc.
DD-698 Wes Lomax SM3 2/58-1/60 gmgplomax (AT) on board in drydock ..Gitmo..Grest lakes during lebanon conflict
DD-698 Joe Lopez GMG3 2/66 - 7/70 jopez66 (AT) Although it was over 40 years ago, I remember it all like it was yesterday!
DD-698 Albert Lovell QM2 1944-1946 oscarlovel (AT) Plank owner.
DD-698 Jackie Lusk SK2 1959 to 1961 inchon (AT) Made Med Cr, served w/John Foster Wm Tracy Louie Alling Howard Lacey-1st tin can in Black Sea since WW2, I believe
DD-698 Bill MacMillan STGSN 1969 billdd880 (AT) great med cruise
DD-698 Tom Macfie EN3 12/67-69 tmacfie (AT) what a trip
DD-698 Bill Mackey IC3 8/61-11/63 mackeyw (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates.
DD-698 William Madden GM2 1953 to 1960 henrywilliam (AT)  
DD-698 Melvin Maierhafer GM3 8/59 to 10/60 melvinhenry39 (AT) Was on the Ault when we went into the Black Sea
DD-698 Lawrence (Larry) Mantta EN2 5/61-12/63 mantta (AT) Remember me? E-mail me!
DD-698 Bill Mariotti RD2 5/1970 to 3/1971 willcar (AT)  
DD-698 Charles Marks FTGC 1967 to 1969 cmarks4022 (AT)  
DD-698 Byron Marse MM3   BMarse1998 (AT) Ault shipmates I remember Donald Vineyard-Gary Atwood- mm1 name Greenleaf
DD-698 Ernest Marshall DC3 8/66-8/68 sherialmarshall9 (AT) Great ship, great crew and VietNam was interesting
DD-698 David ''Captain'' Marvel GMG3 01/60 to 02/63 SFMARVEL (AT) I remember the Black Sea and a hurricane Donna in 1960.
DD-698 Hugh C. Mason CDR 1964 Deceased Brought her down to Mayport
DD-698 Thomas Massaro TM3 1963-1965 Tmass77 (AT) Looking for shipmate Bruce Herring
DD-698 William McClure E-5 6/64-4/67 gmcclure (AT) Radioman 2nd Class
DD-698 Danny McDonald BTFN 2/69 - 12/69 mardan31 (AT)  
DD-698 Edward F. McGuire RD2 1951 - 1955 rocky823321 (AT) World Cruise- Great ship and great crew.
DD-698 Scott McLean ENCS 1951-1954 encsmclean (AT) I plan the annual USS AULT reunion. 651-253-3068
DD-698 Lamar McNiel BM3 2/5/48-10/15/48 jmcniel1 (AT) By daughter, Jan McNiel--Love to hear from former shipmates
DD-698 Manuel E. Medeiros TM2 Sept 1944 - Nov 1945 MEMED1917 (AT)  
DD-698 Thomas Metherd RD2 12/63 to 6/68 TLMetherd (AT)  
DD-698 John Miller MM3 1970 to 1972 jwmiller (AT) Lots of great memories from Galveston
DD-698 Carl Lee Miller   1969-1971 awecade667 (AT) died 01-17-2007 Mesothelioma cancer
DD-698 Micheal Mills RD3 1966-1967 Millsmd (AT)  
DD-698 Randall Montgomery FTG3 1972-1973 r_e_montgomery (AT) Found Mark looking for George
DD-698 Joe (Monty) Montgomery QM2 1962 to 1967 Montyfle (AT) Best time of my life-great crews
DD-698 Steve Moore MM3 6/73 - 7/73 steve (AT) Fun back in those days!!
DD-698 James Moore CDR   dsfreud (AT) Trying to find out when Cmdr. Moore was aboard ship
DD-698 Herb (Oscar) Moore TM2 1944-46 HerbMoore (AT)  
DD-698 Joseph Moran   44-46 jmoran (AT) My grandfather served on the Ault in WWII. I have a signed dollar bill with the crews signatures.
DD-698 Steve Morgan BT2 April 1968-January 1972 steve (AT)  
DD-698 Paul Morgan LT 1963-1965 paulmorgan (AT) 1st DASH unit with birds FLOTSAM & JETSAM
DD-698 Ralph Morrell STG2 9/63-8/66 beezie (AT)  
DD-698 Maurice J. Muehleisen QM2 4/44 - 1/46 remembermaury (AT) On ship prior to comm-Panama Canal 9/44-in Pacific,departing Japan New Yrs Eve 45-arrived home late 1/46.
DD-698 Harold Myers RM2 1972 to 1973 hmyers6 (AT) Proud to be a part of the Ault's last crew.
DD-698 Richard Navarre SOG2 57-59 navarre (AT) drop me an E-mail Living in central Florida
DD-698 Charles Newman BT3 2/52 to 10/55 csnewman (AT)  
DD-698 Bobby Nichols SN 8/63 BOBBYLORETTA (AT)  
DD-698 Frank Nix MM3 8/72 - 9/73 srfsil (AT) Looking to see if I can find shipmates from 34 years ago.
DD-698 Ronald Norene LT(jg) 1958-1959 rnorene (AT) Supply and Disbursing Officer
DD-698 James O'Connor BM2 44-46 BOAKLIE (AT) WWII
DD-698 William O'Donnell HMSN 10/50- 5/52` wjod (AT) Plank owner 11/15/1952
DD-698 Muzzell Osler E-4 1994 to 1969 anarm5 (AT)  
DD-698 Bill Oxley FT2 8/58- 12/60 oxalmosthvn (AT) F div. Give me a note, if you remember. Even if you don`t.
DD-698 Louis Pallotta WT3 1944-1946 infolou (AT) Ault's first crew
DD-698 Paul Paradis BM3 8/59-11/64 adjmdpost238 (AT) Made Black Sea Cruise
DD-698 John Parcells, Jr. EM3 1952-1956 dparcells (AT) looking to hear from anyone who might know my dad
DD-698 Edward (Ed) Parella GMM3 1953 eparella1817 (AT)  
DD-698 Mark Parker ETR2 1972-1973 msoap (AT) Looking for Randall Montgomery & George Kramarczyk
DD-698 Roy Heyward Parrish SN1 1944-1946 heyward.parrish (AT) In honor of my father who passed away on 2 Oct 1988
DD-698 Bennie Patton ETR2 1971-1973 ben.patton (AT) Decommissioned ship - 859-986-0800
DD-698 Phil Pauzé LT 4/66-2/68 ppauze (AT)  
DD-698 Robert Payne MR3 9/57-9/59 judy.payne62 (AT) open the St. Lawrence sea way. med 59 Lebanon war59
DD-698 Andrew Peat EM3 1945 -1946 buzz4peat2 (AT) A Great Ship and Crew
DD-698 Alton Peregoy TM2 08/52-02/56 dosuke (AT)  
DD-698 Robert (Peach) Pietzsch E-3 09/70 to 10/70 peach007007 (AT) I went to boot camp for the Navy Reserve on this destroyer.
DD-698 Charles (Chuck) Pinyerd OS2/RD2 1970-1973 americanlegionpost46 (AT) decommissioned the Ault- also served as last postal clerk on ship
DD-698 Thomas Polk YNSN 12/50 - 2/52 polky (AT)  
DD-698 Pat (Bighead) Potts BT 72-73 prpotts1 (AT) looking for shipmates from texas
DD-698 Edward Quinn BTCM 1944-1945 Deceased Passed away, 4-16-2002.
DD-698 Robert Rainey FN 10/66 to 10/68 robdrain (AT) Now a Retired Captain F.D.N.Y. working as Counselor with FDNY Counseling Service Unit
DD-698 Wally Ramberg FA/SA 1948-1949 wramberg (AT)  
DD-698 Robert Raphael FC 10/50 - 6/53 caddybob (AT) Looking for all shipmates.
DD-698 Paul Regorrah SoM1 1944-1946 pair1 (AT) Great ship and great crew members
DD-698 Harry Reime FTA2 1952 - 1955 grandmajoan01 (AT)  
DD-698 Jason Rhone     burner12473_1 looking for any one who remembers my father Raymond Rhone. served in Vietnam. dont know the dates.
DD-698 Thomas Richards MM2 7/61 to 8/64 trichard (AT)  
DD-698 Donald Rickard SN2 1944 to 1947 tt_devin (AT) My father-serv in WWII-like to hear from anyone that knew him-would like to learn more about what he did.
DD-698 Donald Ritchey MM3 1949-1950 DHRITCHEY (AT)  
DD-698 David R. Rivera E-4 9/63-9/65 riveralpha (AT)  
DD-698 Robert Roberts BM3 1967 to 1969 bigdaddybob11 (AT)  
DD-698 Terry Robinson GMG3 10/67 - 12/69 texastrek46 (AT) Med cruises in 1968 and 1969
DD-698 Richard Robinson GMG3 11/59-6/62 rbrobinson2 (AT) 2med cruises 1black sea shipyard in porthsmouth & boston
DD-698 Dale E. Robinson MM3 11/50 thru 11/54 derobinson (AT) please email if you were aboard during these times.
DD-698 James Roeck SN 1958-1959 toddw (AT)  
DD-698 Clair Romick MM2 1/53-4/56 tincan698 (AT) Round the world Nov. 53-June 54 Collision off coast of Korea, Dec. 53
DD-698 Charles Ross BT 1952-1955 chicknsue (AT)  
DD-698 Scott Rowan QM2 12/63-12/65 scooterdn (AT) 2 Med cruises
DD-698 Tony Russ SM3 1/57-9/60 rsshagg (AT)  
DD-698 Darrell Russell EMFN 11/60 to 8/61 drussel7 (AT)  
DD-698 Edward Ruzanski RD2 02/59 - 06/62 russndorie2 (AT) Plan on attending next reunion at Cincinnati, hope to see you there-made 2 Med cruises while on board Ault.
DD-698 George Scanlon SN2 1946-1947 sweetdisasters (AT) hotmail i'm the granddaughter. he ran radar. any info will help!
DD-698 Cliff Schmidt YN3 2/53 - 10/54 Lufkin, TX Great experience on a great ship
DD-698 Charles Scott RD3 06/65-11/68 937-296-1271  
DD-698 Brad Senter MM2 12/69 - 8/70 BradSenter (AT) Prodigy.Net  
DD-698 Wayne Severance FTG3 5/69 - 1/70 lwseverance1 (AT)  
DD-698 Ed Shafer ETN3 1966-1968 eshafer (AT) Great Ship and crew.
DD-698 Timothy Sheahan SN 1962 to 1963 timfs (AT)  
DD-698 Jack Sheldon EM2 8/61-8/64 jsheld42 (AT)  
DD-698 George Sheridan STG3 1966 to 1967 sheridge1968 (AT) Great tour, great crew, great memories.
DD-698 Robert Shreeves BM2 1967 b05034646 (AT) Great Time
DD-698 Kurt Shuck SM3 7/69-12/69 shuckkw (AT) Made a single Med cruise before discharge.
DD-698 S. Lee Sikes LT(jg) 12/70 - 9/71 LeeandMaryjane (AT) DCA / R Division - would like to hear from you guys.
DD-698 Gary Sizemore MM1 11/1966-11/1967 sizemore (AT)  
DD-698 Arthur (Smitty) Smith STG2 10/65-9/67 scoot46 (AT) Greatest bunch of guys I have ever come to know! We kicked butt in Vietnam!
DD-698 Charles Smith EN3 1964 to 1967 marsha-smith1 (AT) We are changing our email address from marsha979 (AT) to the address above
DD-698 Charles Smith, III EN3 1964-1967 Marsha-979 (AT) I was an engineman in A-gang I live in Snellville Georgia
DD-698 Clarion (Chip) Sneed SK3 1970-1970 ccsneed (AT)  
DD-698 William Sneedse E-3 7/58-1/60 pampnj (AT) great med cruse & saint lawrence sea way opening
DD-698 Terry Snider PN3 1957 to 1959 santaclaus013 (AT) What fun we had. She made a lot of us grow up.
DD-698 Wayne Souders ADR3 6/66-04/68 sueandwayne (AT) I worked in Dash Division
DD-698 Richard Speacht YN2 1954-1956 Cordblack (AT)  
DD-698 Jack Spiese SN 2/64-12/65 mljspiese (AT) Worked in 1st & 2nd Div., Ship's Office, Engineering Office
DD-698 Robert Stafford SN 1952/1955 Rip2552 (AT) looking for Kade White , Ronald Six,or Lester Ward
DD-698 Paul Stancliff MM2 7/67 - 19/68 Hardwareman (AT)  
DD-698 Jerry Stankovich BT3 1968 to 1969 jerry.stankovich (AT) Remembered Mayport, FL.
DD-698 Glenn Stewart YNSN 5/69-12/69 glenn.vicki (AT)  
DD-698 Larry Stollings RM1 5/61 - 3/62 lstollings (AT) Served in TAD status with Beach Jumper Unit Two Detachment
DD-698 Robert Stover LT(jg) 1944-45? stover (AT) This is my father. Would love to communicate with anyone who remembers.
DD-698 Ben Strattan EM2 4/62-4/66 bennancy (AT)  
DD-698 John Suralski EM2 8/53 10/56 jacksur 88  
DD-698 Thomas Tarantowicz ETSN 1950-1952 LTarantowicz (AT)  
DD-698 George Tavenner GMSN 7/59 - 8/61 George.R.Tavenner (AT) DFAS.MIL  
DD-698 Carl Thomas BM3 09/67-01/70 wpman.cft (AT) Iots of good memories. Looking for shipmates
DD-698 Harold E. Thompson MM1 1952-1957 geneandruth (AT)  
DD-698 Ronald Tindle SO3 1956-1957 redcloud (AT)  
DD-698 Roger Tishken FTG 1965-1968 Cathyac2011 (AT) FTG 3 Vietnam tour out of Mayport from 65-68. if you were on ship at this time, would like to hear from you.
DD-698 Mike Treaster FTSN 59 thru 62 mstreaster (AT) Looking for old ship mates.
DD-698 Charles Tripp RM2 1968-1969 maryt1947 (AT) Seeking reunion information.
DD-698 Terry W. Van Gilder ET2 1/55 - 1/57 t.van.gilder (AT) Curious about shipmates, O Division in particular.
DD-698 Smith Vernon LT(jg) 1960 - 1961 smithvc (AT)  
DD-698 Harry (Bud) Vierick RDM3 1944 - 1946 vierick.07 (AT) Plank Owner Flag Shjp Desron 62
DD-698 Fred Vogel   1954-1957 svw2727 (AT) Fred Vogel passed away Feb.5,01 This is in his honor.
DD-698 Carl Weaver YN3 9/59 - 6/61 candlweav (AT) Look fwd to welcoming shipmates to Cent FL- reminisce over coffee or beer H:352-753-8848 C:360-509-9162
DD-698 Robert Webb LT(jg) 1957 to 1960 robert072935 (AT) Hom Address: 3023 Chase Lane, Birmingham AL
DD-698 Dean M. Wells ST 1952 dmwvo97 (AT) Good memories.
DD-698 Ronald White GMSN 12/56 to 9/60 41 Cedar Valley Rd., Poughkeepsie, NY  
DD-698 Robert Whiteman IC3 6/56-1/58 whitemanrf (AT) NATO Cruise of '56-'57
DD-698 Eugene Whittington SN 1953 hart (AT) My cousin-killed 12/20/53 in Sea of Japan during the collision w/USS Hayworth DD700-He should not be forgotten.
DD-698 Larry Wilder FN3 01/1965-09/1967 Lwilder4 (AT) Looking for 1967 Viet Nam Cruise Book
DD-698 James Willy Wilkerson SM1 1/65 - 2/70 jwlucy (AT) good ship,and great crew
DD-698 Robert Williams RM3 3/68 - 12/68 bobw559 (AT) A great ship & a great bunch of guys!
DD-698 James Williamson YN3 1966 to 1968 sporttwo (AT) Assigned to rear gunmount powder magizine room
DD-698 Thomas Wilson BT3 11/63 - 1/67 thomas_wilson (AT) She was the backbone of the fleet.
DD-698 Harry Wilson MM2 1957 - 1959 Tel: 302-284-4468  
DD-698 James D. Wilson MM1 9/60 - 2/64 jjwilson (AT) Will never forget FRAM in Boston. (COLD)
DD-698 Carl Winters SH3 1953-1955 ewin70x32ters (AT) Made World Cruise
DD-698 Gary Winther BT3 1959-1961 josephinewinther (AT) He was aboard when ship went through a hurricane off NorVa, 1960? He died 6/02-was a shellback.
DD-698 Robert Withers MM2 1950 to 1952 robertw100 (AT) Want to hear from anyone who served from 1950-1952. Telephone Number: 843 766-4876.
DD-698 Larry Wright SM3 1966 to 1968 ldlwright (AT)  
DD-698 Ronald Wyckoff RDM3/PO3 11/57 to 5/61 hilltophaven (AT) I was proud to serve aboard her and be a part of the navy , I loved the sea
DD-698 Carl Young HN 3/63-8/64 cyoung6641 (AT) One of the best times in my life.
DD-698 Richard Zimmerman FC1 1951-1952 rhzimmer25 (AT)  

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