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DE/FF-1088 Steve Baker MM3 75 to 79 stevexs650 (AT) Westpac to Geelong, Australia
DE/FF-1088 Kirby Black MM2 1974 to 1978 kirbydblack (AT) Came on board when she was a DE and the Golf ball. Tested CPP system, loved doing crash backs.
DE/FF-1088 Robert Blair MS3 1973 to 1975 bob55blair (AT) Enjoyed people, weekly excursions to test golf ball, the 3 mos in HI for refresher training before WestPac.
DE/FF-1088 Frank Cress OS2/OSCM (SW/AW) 1975-1979 Rawkyman1 (AT) Spec Ops. Ball on top of Helo hangar. Kangaroo II (Australia). Equator crossing.
DE/FF-1088 Rex Haines RM3 1975-1977 rex.haines (AT) great times, ready for another westpac trip ... good times many
DE-1088 Robert Alfrey PO3 8/72-1/76 alfreykaren (AT) Plankowner worked with Ron Ledbetter (LED),Frank Lesick,Dennis Windship,John Iosee,Mike Mccloud (Brewster)
DE-1088 Dan Barber MMFN 1972-1973 barberdl (AT) Plankowner, I installed the barber chair in the engine room
DE-1088 Lewis Briers BM3 6/73 - 1/76 lewis.briers (AT) Great times and memories
DE-1088 Willard Carter FN 1972-1975 wiljusjud (AT) Original Plank Owner
DE-1088 Rick Davis GMG3 9/72-12/73 rickmarn (AT) Worked for GMGC Joe Sheets,as well as Mike Hamm,and Frank Lesick A good gunners mate crew..
DE-1088 Dagoberto Enriquez E-2 11/72 - 7/74 denriq08 (AT) Helped commission ship 11/11/72-was only 17 yrs old-an experience I will never forget-God bless you my brothers.
DE-1088 Brendan Gethin STG2 1989 to 1991 ronneandbrendan (AT) Left the Barbey , joined the Army and the 82nd Abn Div.
DE-1088 Michael Ham GMG2 8/72-12/75 Hamtowne (AT) Worked for Chiefs Joe Sheets and Mike Peters. Plankowner.
DE-1088 Gerald (Jerry) Hernandez SH3 1972-1975 hernan3 (AT) cut hair, ran store, worked in laundry-great experience
DE-1088 Derrick Hutchinson O-3 03/89 - 03/92 derrick.hutchinson (AT) The best wardroom and crew! I've never worked with better, more professional people either before or since.
DE-1088 Gary Jones MMFA 1072-1073 custbk (AT) I Still Remember Capt. Crunch & his Bunch in Hawaii
DE-1088 David Kerr EN3 73-77 kerrbuckeye (AT) great ship A gang group
DE-1088 Frank Lesick GMG2 05/72 to 05/76 flesick (AT) Plankowner, great gun crew
DE-1088 Cesar Lopez SN/HN 1/74-7/75 DocCobra (AT) I was a Corpsman Striker. I work as a Boats and in Sickbay
DE-1088 Robert Lukason MM2 11/86 - 06/1990 rlukason (AT) Great crew lots of hard work & plenty of fun. world cruise & west pac.Got out days before ship left for 1990 cruise.
DE-1088 Gerald (Jerry) Niemann MM1 5/72 - 4/74 gniemann (AT) great experience - great skipper and crew
DE-1088 Larry Olier MM/E-2 11/72-11/74 KV Olier (AT) A time I won't forget loved it
DE-1088 Donald Patterson E-3 9/72-9/73 dwpatt (AT) GMT stricker/Sonar Div.
DE-1088 Randy Paun E-3 1974-1975 Exitwithrandy (AT) Great time and a great group of guys. On board with the golf ball and having fun doing crashbacks.
DE-1088 Sergio M. Sanchez SM3 1972-1973 sergiomsan (AT) Plank Owner, served with Bruce Wynalda (where are you all?)
DE-1088 Harry K. Smith OSC 1977 HKS2249 (AT) AOL.COM A stort tour but a Great Crew and Great Ship
DE-1088 Ralph Swaites SS 1972 to 1975 rswaites (AT) Plank Owner, Great time. Would like to hear from shipmates
DE-1088 Doug Udager STG2 10/85 - 06/88 jdudager (AT) What a world cruise!
DE-1088 James Wheeler PO2 1983 to 1984 condo22 (AT) This is Jim's Mom making some changes. Jim died 11/2/1989. I would like to hear from any of his shipmates.
DE-1088 Bruce Wynalda SM3 1972-1974 bawynalda (AT)  
FF/DE-1088 Tony Miller BT3 75-76 kartones01 (AT) Great ship and crew, I know where Erf is! We need a reunion!!
FF-1088 Craig Acree FTG2 6/74 - 8/77 craigallenacree (AT) I would love to hear from any of the old gang.
FF-1088 Derek Adams BT3 4/86 - 11/89 dadams10la (AT) Shout out to Barbarians-World Cruise,WestPac-lost our helo-fnd out later shipmate was son of camp friend
FF-1088 Mark Albers RMSN 8/80 to 4/81 Maalb4 (AT) Haze Grey And Under Way
FF-1088 Ronnie Argillander MM2 8/1985-7/1989 romoargi (AT) Great ship and crew!
FF-1088 Mark Alan Arnett E-5 March 76 - October 77 skivvywaver (AT) IRCS=NTBS
FF-1088 Tom Barton OS2 01/85 to 01/90 Barton1224 (AT) World cruse 97 and WestPac 89. Lots of good times and great shipmates.
FF-1088 Michael Bennett MMFN 1978 to 1980 artist816 (AT)  
FF-1088 Steve Bridgers STG1 1/81- 1/84 metatronx1 (AT) USS Barbey-USS Barbey-this is COMNAVSTA FOGBANK-over? Please resp to land-line figures 540.972.1953.
FF-1088 Daniel Bujok TM3 12/89 to 03/92 torpgod (AT) Part of the Barbarians Decom Crew
FF-1088 Edward Calhoun OS2 12/78-10/90 ejcalhoun (AT) WESTPAC during hostage rescue attempt
FF-1088 Brian Calkins OS2 5/86-10/89 julypair (AT) Good memories and remembering the loss of shipmates in helo.
FF-1088 Adrian Carlo BM 01/80-04/81 spiritualthug (AT) I would love to hear form any of the crew in that WESPAC, any old shelbacks out there?
FF-1088 Mike Carraciano RM3   JEFFNOCC A  
FF-1088 Mike Carracino RM2 1980 to 1982 mike.carracino (AT) December Raid. I was there! Best cruise ever! Ret RMC(SW)
FF-1088 Tim Carrier MM3 1977 to 1979 intellicomwireless (AT)  
FF-1088 Stewart Copeland LT 12/78 to 03/82 stucopeland (AT) Good ship and crew-2 WestPac voyages, each ended up in Indian Ocean including failed Iranian Hostage rescue.
FF-1088 Daniel Daigle E-4 9/80-7/83 dan.daigle (AT) Never forget the Barbey Barbians
FF-1088 Tommy Dee MM3 1990-1992 magnagonzo (AT) Isn't it time for Steel Beach????????????
FF-1088 Steven Dickens STG2 4/85-9/89 ddickens (AT) 87 world cruise, 88/89 westpac
FF-1088 Walter Donnelly ETC(SW) 7/87 - 12/89 wdonnelly (AT) I was the 3-M Coordinator.
FF-1088 Gary Earnest CS3 1/31/74 - 1/5/76 jrearnest (AT) Had many good friends aboard. Remember when are propeller fell off .
FF-1088 Rich Elliott OS1 1981-1984 type2drvr50 (AT) Lots of memories on USS Barbey. Always a Barbarian
FF-1088 Mark Elliott BM3 1975-1976 hiddenagenda13 (AT) (760) 251-4565 call me if you knew me!! great ship!!
FF-1088 Tazio (Al) Errico RM2 2/77-8/80 al.errico (AT) I have contact info for several other shipmates.
FF-1088 Earl Eubanks BT2 1981-1982 Euban75(AT) This was one of the best ships I was on but showers were an option.
FF-1088 Pat Eurich PN1 1979-1981 patusnret (AT)  
FF-1088 Gary Faunce BTCM 6/90 - 3/92 gfaunce (AT) on a cool clear day you can hear the gas turbines rust.
FF-1088 Jim Felber HT2 1987 to1988 james.felber (AT)  
FF-1088 Michael J. Fox MMFN 1976 - 1978 pastormichaelhic (AT) Bef this ship I was in Air Force & Army-after I was in USCG-best mems Westpac-Geelong, Aust, bec Shellbk.
FF-1088 Robert Gault BM3 1983-1985 Dirtybob45 (AT) 1st Div Rocked on and hard.Never forgot that ship and still have the coffe cup.
FF-1088 William Goff STG3 8/72-3/76 scooter0355 (AT) Plankowner, lots of memories from the first 4 years of the ship.
FF-1088 Errol Guyton RMCS 1975-76 kf5er (AT) Good ship - good crew
FF-1088 Greg Hamby GMG1 1978-1983 ghamby63 (AT)  
FF-1088 Tim Hardin RM2(SW) 9/83-9/87 scubaintexas (AT) 1987 World Cruise (almost nonstop) and 1 beer day off Oman
FF-1088 Clark Hoesing E-3 10/89 to decom. clarkpappas80 (AT) Hello, Barbarians
FF-1088 George Holloman BT3 1976 to 1978 ghholloman (AT) It would be Great to hear from you guys!! Erf- where r u
FF-1088 Eric Horton MM2 1/81-9/84 echorton (AT) My 1 and only ship. 2 West pacs, 1 yard period.
FF-1088 Frank Hudson BT2 7/80 to 7/82 dfrankhudson (AT) It's been a long time I hope all you guys are well.
FF-1088 Bert Hutchcroft OS2/E-5 1988-1991 MtnRdr13 (AT) Two West-pacs and a lot of memories(good and bad)
FF-1088 Johnny Jackson TM3 1979 to 1981 jjii59 (AT)  
FF-1088 Bob Jaeger HM2 1979 to 1980 boatrider (AT) Retired HMC (FMF)
FF-1088 Max Janow BM3 02/8 - 04/84 janow_max (AT) West Pac's, Subic Bay and Vancouver-Victoria BC in '84
FF-1088 Charles Jennings IC3 1989-1992 chuck_jennings2002 (AT) hey all out there! hope everyone is well
FF-1088 Clay Jensen MRFN 1978 to 1983 cjensen3828 (AT) WestPac's were best of my life-proud to be shellBack & a Barbey Barbarian(Dec Raid 81)-miss friends/shipmates.
FF-1088 Terry Lahman FTG2 9/75 - 12/78 terrylahman (AT)  
FF-1088 Bob Last QM2 1977 to 1979 rlastathome (AT) Two great WestPac tours including the trip to Geelong!
FF-1088 Erich Lingenfelter GMM3 10/1986 - 10/1990 erich_lingenfelter (AT)  
FF-1088 Ronald Littlejohn GMT2 78-81 brdt2fsh (AT)  
FF-1088 Tim Lukemire OS2 1976 to 1979 Hospitale (AT) Great crew, good times & old friends
FF-1088 Geno Majuta OS3 11/89 to decom hootafam (AT)  
FF-1088 Bill Mann BM3 1980 to 1983 tarmann01 (AT) Great Times and Great Shipmates
FF-1088 Joey Marsh HT3 1974-1976 joeymarsh71 (AT) remember Geelong?
FF-1088 Tony Marshall BM3 1976 to 1979 kellerrepairdog (AT) Can't remember the blur of Acapulco, but the gals were great in GeeLong.
FF-1088 Claude McDaniel BTFN 2/74- 10/75 peace (AT)  
FF-1088 Brook McNeely FC3 1989-1991 bmcneely (AT) Truly the best.
FF-1088 David McPherson HT3 5/89-decom mcfly1134 (AT) Hello fellow Barbarians!
FF-1088 Dan Meredith PCSN 07/1988 - 09/1989 fyredan (AT) Westpac 88-89-left frm the yards for NROTC scholarship-great crew.vessel-love to hear from other Barbarians!
FF-1088 Timothy Merrifield E-5 87 to 90 timothymerrifield (AT)  
FF-1088 Ignar Meyer SN 2/76 to 12/76 ignarmeyer (AT) Geelong was great, fun times
FF-1088 Thomas Mischke LT(jg) 11/77-11/80 mischket (AT) First Lieutenant; Communications Officer - great cruise '80
FF-1088 Steven Montell BT2 07/75-11/79 steven.j.montell (AT) OR stev Wher is ERF?????? Chicago jail????
FF-1088 Woodie Myers STG3 1985-1989 myersw (AT) I really enjoyed the World Cruise!!
FF-1088 Roger Norris OS3 88-90 racesoonerfan (AT) Saw the world, made some friends, made some memories!
FF-1088 Bob Orta STG1 1968 to 1969 bob_orta (AT) Precom crew. Where is Danny Sweet....
FF-1088 David Owens QM2 1977-1978 dave (AT)  
FF-1088 Chris Peters MM2 6/88-3/92 christopher.w.peters (AT) Fond memories of INVSURV and OPPEs
FF-1088 Paul Peterson FTG3 1975-1978 ndpetey (AT) one hell of a time on our westpac cruise in '76
FF-1088 Mark Peterson BT3 1986-1988 bt1pete (AT)  
FF-1088 Frank Pierson BT3 8/76 - 01/79 piersonfl (AT) Lets get some memories and emails going around.
FF-1088 Jerry Quintana MM1(SW) 88-91 jerryquintana58 (AT) Many good memories.
FF-1088 Omar Reyes STG3 1980 - 1983 oreyes (AT) Great Wes-Pac memories!
FF-1088 David Richmond OSSN 1990-1992 cabinet-kid (AT) Still alive!!!!!!
FF-1088 Brad Sager BT3 3/77-4/81 usnbtc (AT) I miss the people greatly. Retired BTC 1994
FF-1088 Mark Schuitema STG1 6/83-8/87 mark_schuitema (AT) alot of good times and friends
FF-1088 Dan Schuler FTG2 6/81-7/84 Terryjoannlongo (AT) Great times with good memories. Was there for the big brawl, lamps crash and the collision with the USS Cook.
FF-1088 Richard Simmons EW2 1985-1986 RSim2001 (AT)  
FF-1088 Craig Sims E-4 02/86 to 02/90 sims2708 (AT) I boarded as BM-later to B div as BT-was known as JYD (Junk Yard Dog-famous wrestler at the time)
FF-1088 Tom Smith PC3 03/82-10/85 thomas.j.smith (AT) Miss the good times. Mail was always delivered.
FF-1088 Harry K. Smith OSC 1977 HKS2249 (AT) Good Crew---Good Ship !
FF-1088 Kent Stahl YNSN 6/81-12/84 kentstahl1 (AT) Sure was some good times.
FF-1088 Rob Stringer BM3 1976-1979 rudejudee (AT)  
FF-1088 James G. Taylor CMC 01/1974 -10/75 jamesretnav (AT) I was on AOL but have been with Comcast for years. Please insure the current address is
FF-1088 Tony Thomas QM3 1987-1991 our3dallasboys (AT) Good times. Best bunch of guys I've ever been around.
FF-1088 Warren Thomas SK3 9/74-9/78 warrenthomas86 (AT) some of the greatest times ever-great ship/crew,good friends&brother-call me at 318-401-5630 anytime
FF-1088 Kenneth Thorp MMC 11/72-6/74 kthorp (AT) Plankowner, great crew and officers
FF-1088 Dwight Toms DKSN 1983-1985 dank_64 (AT) Quite an experience!
FF-1088 Gary Tyson SH1 1974-1976 DD978 (AT) arrived on board a Sh3 and left an SH1. great ship
FF-1088 Ulibarri Jude STG2 5/87-1/92 daffy67 (AT) missed decom, boy was that close. spent 4 1/2 years onboard
FF-1088 Arsenio Vergara DK3 6/76 to 7/79 advergara (AT) Great ship & crew!!!!
FF-1088 J. R. Warnick EW3 11/83-12/86 j.warnick (AT) I still enjoy dropping file cabinets over the side from the 01 deck
FF-1088 James Watts E-3 1974 to 1975 mojo-bubba (AT) Came on board while she carried the BRT and had just lost her variable pitch screw.
FF-1088 Mark Weinkauf BM 1974-1978 Catchfish1955 (AT)  
FF-1088 James M. ''Wheels'' Wheeler PO2 6/1983 to ?/1984 Condo22 (AT) Deceased 1989. This is Jim's Mom entering my deceased son's info
FF-1088 Thomas Wilson CDR 6/90-3/92 wilsontom (AT) Truly the best ship/crew ever. I'd go anywhere with them.
FF-1088 Don Winfield ET 1985-1986 Dwinfield11 (AT) Had fun. Looking for shipmates .. 11 months of good time!
FF-1088 Jeff Wynne RM2 6/80 - 7/83 jeffnocc (AT) never forget helo over side, barbey barbarians and collision with uss roark

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