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DE/FF-1041 Davis Michael SNGM 1969-1971 mcdriver (AT)  
DE/FF-1041 Mark Petron BM2 04/84-01/88 mark.petron (AT) After serving onboard, served 18 yrs. reserves,BM2 Gettingner @ I running refeuling rig while in a typhoon.
DE/FF-1041 Dennis Walker GMT2 1972 to 1975 dandnwalker (AT) aol .com On with Gmsn Grady, Gmt2 Barrett, and Gmt1 Yeaman. Hope to hear from or see you at the reunion in Oct!!!
DE-1041 Jon (Andy) Anderson BT3 1/67-8/69 gibbs5052000 (AT) plan on going to next reunion
DE-1041 Robert Anthony SN 8/1972-8/1973 erieustor (AT) we had some great times while on westpac 1972-1973
DE-1041 Bill Balance ICFN 1972 to 1974 bill (AT) I'm still alive
DE-1041 Bill (Bear) Barrett GMG3 1/71 to 1/73 dibarrett (AT) Small Arms P O Gun Gang
DE-1041 George (Coach) Braund E-4 10/72 - 6/75 umpgeorge (AT) The Coach still lives!
DE-1041 Jeff Brooks BTFN 12-86 to 0- 88 Jeff.brooks3 (AT)  
DE-1041 James Bundrick YN1 5/64 - 11/66 JBUNDRICK2 (AT) Precom detail at Sfran
DE-1041 Jerry Burnett SK2 06/72 - 12/75 jumpinjb18 (AT) Great Ship and a Greater Crew! Looking forward to 10/04!
DE-1041 William Caffrey ET1 9/71-9/75 CWO4RET (AT)  
DE-1041 Jim Call ETN3 69-70 wd6drz (AT) Interested in hearing from my shipmates 69-70
DE-1041 Duane Clifton STGC 12/67-6/70 grampturk (AT)  
DE-1041 Jon Colby LT(jg) 1/67-7/68 jon (AT) Served proudly under Cdr Whaley, the best!
DE-1041 John Cone RM2 1969 - 1970 jcinaustin (AT) Westpac 1970:
DE-1041 Greg Crouch RDSN 10/68 - 8/70 greg (AT) Do any former Bradley shipmates live in houston or other parts of Texas or New Mexico?
DE-1041 Michael Davis RD3 6/66-7/68 mrdaviss1947 (AT) Retired from UPS.
DE-1041 William Davis MM3 3/71-12/73 reddogg440 (AT) Friends/adventures were greatest in my life-tough times but tough sailors-ret master chief navy counselor in 94.
DE-1041 William (Bill) Day ET1 10/67 - 12/69 dayb2000 (AT) Most of my pics were destroyed in fire. Would like to copy any pics available
DE-1041 Steve Donovan MM2 1972-1976 steve.donovan (AT) a-gang
DE-1041 Bill Dorsey STG3 1973 1976 cosmcdebris (AT) It was fun while it lasted ........wasn't it!!!!!
DE-1041 Terry Euper STG3 6/66 to 6/68 terryshirley1 (AT) Would like to hear from the SONAR gang
DE-1041 Gregory Flood IC2 7/67 - 8/70 gregoryflood (AT)  
DE-1041 Ray Fox BT2 11/69 to 6/72 snofox1 (AT) Best Time in the Navy. Two WestPacs. Good Friends
DE-1041 Raymond Fredericksen EM3 67-68 jeanfred23 (AT) served with brother(big fred) sn 1stclass west-pac 68
DE-1041 Gerald (Gerry) Gomes E-5 1967-1970 gomes.gerry (AT) Enjoyed my Tour of Duty in OI division
DE-1041 Gerald Gomes, Jr. E-5 1968 - 1970 ggomes (AT)  
DE-1041 Bruce Gottsch PN2 11/71-4/75 bgottsch (AT) I'm a Vietnam era sailor who served on a Garcia Class DE.
DE-1041 Jeffery Grady GMTSN 1971-1974 jeffgrady50 (AT) Looking for gmt1 Robert Yeaman, Gmt2 George Barrett, any of the Stg's, Ft's or Officers
DE-1041 Steve Green CS3 12/72-9/75 renogreen53 (AT) like you from crew mates
DE-1041 Toby Harrison E-4 11/72 - 11/76 parisi.harrisoc (AT) really had some good times.should have stayed for another 16 years
DE-1041 Robert Hartman LT(jg) 12/69 - 11/71 rfh3rd (AT)  
DE-1041 Dan Highsmith MR2 1973-1975 dannywh (AT) The best crew & ship I ever sailed with
DE-1041 Philip Hild IC3 4/65 -7/67 poppopphil (AT) Was on the commissioing crew
DE-1041 Boyce Hopkins BT2 1/74 - 3/79 bodieburner (AT) lookin fer all my ole friends from the fireroom /engineering
DE-1041 Kenneth Horton BMSN 1969-1971 machorton (AT)  
DE-1041 Steve Howard BM3 1971 - 1973 showard1951 (AT) WESTPAC 72-73 We ended the war.
DE-1041 Kenneth Kahlbaugh FN 1966 to 1968 kenny.krkahlbaugh1 (AT)  
DE-1041 Gary Kirchner MM3 1967 to 1971 361-935-3349 i have had no contact with any of my shipmates since i left the ship
DE-1041 Leonard Koci BT3 68-70 rubyriders98 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates.
DE-1041 Zoltan (Kinki) Koi STG 6/66-11/67 cuckoo (AT) Made the first WESTPAC
DE-1041 Stephen Malmquist SN 4/69-12/70 s_malmquist (AT) Would like to hear from any of my shipments
DE-1041 Tom Malone     TMalone (AT) I have a photo of Bridget taken in June 1965..will share
DE-1041 Roger Maruna STG2 2/67-7/68 rmaruna (AT) On board during Sea Sparrow test and 68 WestPac Cruise.
DE-1041 Michael McClellan HT3 1969-1972 mdmcclellan2233 (AT)  
DE-1041 Roger Mullinax FN 10/68 - 8/72 mullinaxroger (AT)  
DE-1041 Nick Nickson MM1 Plankowner wtrmonkey (AT) Hard Work + Good Times = 1 great ship
DE-1041 Robert O'Donnell WO 66-68 trailb (AT) DESRON 7 Staff-Northern SAR Viet Nam
DE-1041 Mark Overstreet SK3 1971-1972 moverstreet (AT) West Pac 1971-Dry dock overhaul,Long Beach-gun line & carrier escort duty-made some good friends. R&R Hong Kong, Japan, Tiawan, Phillipines, Hawaii.
DE-1041 Martin Pennington OS3 73-74 martpn (AT)  
DE-1041 Robert Planeta QM2 04/73-01/77 lastmango (AT) Remember how the XO loved hanger basketball
DE-1041 Billy Pond DC3 1967 to 1971 bmpond (AT)  
DE-1041 Richard Potter SN 1965 - 1967 richardowenpotter (AT) looking forward to the reunion in portland.
DE-1041 James (Jim) Radek BT3 plank owner till 8/67 jimbokat (AT) She was a GREAT ship. I saw photos of her being cuy up. Was so SAD.
DE-1041 Fox Ray BT2 1969 to 1972 snofox1 (AT) My best time in the Navy. Two WestPac tours. Good Shipmates.
DE-1041 Dave Regula FTG2 7/66 - 11/69 deregula2 (AT)  
DE-1041 Bert Revoir PN3 6/66 to 6/68 brretired63 (AT) Hey smitty, thanks for dragging me in office.
DE-1041 Donald Ruhl PN3 1967 to 1968 donaldruhl (AT) Great ship - Great crew - lots of interesting times that memory only makes better.
DE-1041 Jerry Scarbrough E-3 1964 to 1965 Hammer46&  
DE-1041 Charles Schiller SN/E-3 & YN/E-3 10/72 - 8/74 crs6174 (AT) Some of the best guys I've ever know. Best memory:Hong Kong,Beppu & Japan for R&R
DE-1041 Irwin Shattuck E-5 10/71 thur 6/75 irwin.l.shattuck (AT)  
DE-1041 Butch Shattuck E-5 10/71 - 6/75 shattuck.irwin (AT) A bond with others most will never know.
DE-1041 Richard (Dick) Shaw CWO2 1/70-4/73 RShaw 56 (AT) aol .com  
DE-1041 Douglas M. Sjoberg LT(jg) 6/68 - 6/70 dsjober1 (AT) Seeking shipmates who served under C.O. Joseph Metcalf III
DE-1041 Bill Smith PN3 1965-1967 grovygramps (AT) Was on first West -Pac.Would like to hear from all shipmates.
DE-1041 Cliff Standridge BTFN 8/69-2/71 eagle.cliffridge (AT) I would like to hear from the guys that were in the fireroom.
DE-1041 John Stauffer RD2 1965-19 johnstauffer13 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1041 Tom Stephens LT(jg) 3/67 -10/68 103247.2765 (AT) mpa
DE-1041 Michael Stine BT2 1967-1970 mstine (AT) Great ship and greater shipmates
DE-1041 Steven Troike SN 70-7 Stroike (AT) 11/70-11/72
DE-1041 Gary Underwood PN2 10/74-10/77 gunderwood001 (AT) Great time in Navy, learned from many great people.
DE-1041 Robert Vieira STG2 1967-1970 Sabome (AT) The time I spent on this ship changed me for the better. It was a great experience.
DE-1041 Ronald Volesky IC3 11/71-1/76 rlvolesky (AT)  
DE-1041 Jon Wales LT(jg) 2/65-3/67 jonw (AT)  
DE-1041 Bruce Wynalda SM2 1970-1972 bawynalda (AT)  
DE-1041 Jim Zigrosser QM3 4/69 to 1/71 N2MJC (AT)  
DE-1041- Richard Bivona BM3 1/67-6/70 Thebaker48 (AT) Interested in hearing from anyone that remembers me
DE-1051 Doug Shattuck STG2 06/72 - 7/75 dsshattuck (AT)  
FF-1041 James R. (Bob) Adkins ET2 1981 to 1983 adkinsjr2 (AT) Like to hear from my shipmates.
FF-1041 Dennis Ahern EN2 05/82-05/86 nhlrdwngs40 (AT) Retired 20yrs 2001, as EN1 Living in North Carolina
FF-1041 Dale (Dave) Avila GM3 4/84 to 4/87 aviladale (AT) or eavila99 (AT) Retired from the reserves June 2006. Would like to hear from old shipmates.
FF-1041 George Baron MM3 1979 to 1982 gbaron58 (AT) lee choate was on board in yrds lng bch. jeff york i know whats up bro ? glad others found this site.we need more.
FF-1041 Michael Bean PO3 1977-1978 mike.bean56 (AT)  
FF-1041 Martin Bourque OS3 1976-1980 mdbourque (AT)  
FF-1041 Lee Choate MM2 1/76-9/80 leechoate (AT) would love to here from old shipmates
FF-1041 Michael Christman GMGSA 1977-1978 batt59 (AT) For the short time I was aboard, it was a blast!
FF-1041 Kim Clifford ETR2 12/74-06/78 tootall1955 (AT) Look forward to hearing from any fellow shipmates
FF-1041 Duane Clifton STGC 12/67-7/70 grampturk (AT)  
FF-1041 Scott Cook HT2 1980 to 1984 scott.cook (AT) Like to hear from the crew I served with, Been enjoying life, Can't wait to retire in 8 years.
FF-1041 Larry Curtis ET1 1975-1977 Curtfam2 (AT) Great guys-share stories w/grandchildren-never around my wife (corrects me & my retellings get better each time
FF-1041 Scott Dehning BT2 1983-6/83 gpadehning (AT) I do remember a couple guys on the list! Seems so long ago!
FF-1041 Jerry Denton IC1 5/1972-6/1977 jerry_denton (AT) Would love to hear from anyone who sailed with the Bradley
FF-1041 Cletus Dixon BM3 7/1976 to 8/1979 cp_knight (AT) would like to hear from the guys I served wih
FF-1041 Christopher Dollar LT Aug 1985 - Sep 1988 dollarc (AT) I served as Communications Officer and First Lieutenant
FF-1041 Robert Doty FC1 84-89 FC1Doty (AT) Mk56 GFCS with the Mk1A....tubes and gears.
FF-1041 Clint Duncan OS2 1984-1986 clintonwduncan (AT)  
FF-1041 Mike Early MM2 1/79-8/81 Mearly0524 (AT) Great shipmates. Great times.
FF-1041 Kevin Ebert STG2 1981-1983 stg1ret (AT)  
FF-1041 Jay Ellis OS1 1973-1975 BKCAVI (AT) Any shipmate from that period
FF-1041 Gary Farver FTGC 86 - 89 GFAR47 (AT)  
FF-1041 Donald Frasier MS2 1976-78 frasier.donald (AT) I was aboard when they changed the desinaiftion from DE to FF!! And rode out a typhoon out of MANILLA.
FF-1041 Ernie Gall HT2 07/73 to 10/76 masterchief89 (AT) Fair Winds and Following Seas...!!
FF-1041 William D. (Lep) Gardenhire E-4 1975 to 1980 DAVE184TH (AT) Hi all.
FF-1041 Arturo Garza YN2 6/81 - 12/84 arturo563 (AT)  
FF-1041 Michael Griffin SKSN 9/80 - 10/82 tripseven (AT) Looking for members of the Knights of Sleaze (KOS)
FF-1041 Paul Groos RD1 1964-1969 pgroos (AT) Served pre-commissioning until 1969. OI and OE divisions.
FF-1041 Jeff Hale RM3 1975 to 1977 jeffhale1 (AT)  
FF-1041 Walter Hancock BMCS (SW) 03/82 - 12/85 walterhancock2 (AT) Onboard as BM1, left as BMCS-one of best commands of my 24 yr career-will never forget her GO BAD-DRAD.
FF-1041 Johnny Hanna STG1 3/83-8/84 hanimal (AT)  
FF-1041 Jim Harness MAC(SW) 1984 to 1988 denthead (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
FF-1041 Craig Harrison BT3 11/72 - 11/76 parisi.harrisoc (AT) Hopkins, McElwayne, others drop me a line.
FF-1041 Benny Heatherly TM1 1984 to 1986 benny.heatherly (AT) best softball team and good friends
FF-1041 Steve Henslee GMT3 1983-1984 steve_henslee (AT) love and hate relationship with this can
FF-1041 John Herbst SE2 9/85 to 10/87 gregorywilliams629 (AT)  
FF-1041 Ryan Hoover BT2 4/81-7/83 reh1962 (AT)  
FF-1041 William (BJ) Howard IC1 1982-1983 bhoward (AT) 68and8 best softball team in the WESTPAC
FF-1041 Paul Hull ETSN 1976-1979 p33hull (AT)  
FF-1041 Thomas Hyett FC3(SW) 9/86 to 8/88 thyett (AT)  
FF-1041 Rick Jackson SKSN 7/77 to 1/81 rickj4 (AT) we were the smallest ship to win battle e award
FF-1041 Tracy Johnson FC3 1988-1989 fccjohnson (AT) Served with FC1 Doty, FC3 Hyett, FC3 Hallagher, FC1 Pacheco
FF-1041 Jeff Kincaid E-3 82-85 daddymachine1 (AT) so sad for the big bad brad (sold)
FF-1041 Larry Kohutek BTFA 1977 LDK55 (AT) HTCOMP.NET I was on board in the fireroom when some guy came down and
FF-1041 Robert Lopez SKSN 1973-1974 Bolo2595 (AT) Glad to hear from anyone,, this era
FF-1041 Ted (TJ) MacVeigh EM2 1980-1983 tmacveigh (AT) looking to hear from anyone who served during same time frame
FF-1041 T. J. MacVeigh EM2 1980-1983 tjmacv (AT)  
FF-1041 Warren Malone IC3 10/76 to 5/80 malonercsd (AT) Lots of great memories while on the Bad Brad
FF-1041 Rick Maloney ETC 11/80-12/81 maloneypa (AT)  
FF-1041 Rolf Marnich BT2 2/81-9/85 rmarnich (AT)  
FF-1041 Donald Marstein HT2 1986-1988 kd6kik (AT) Retired as HTC on July 31, 2004. Living in MN.
FF-1041 Charles Mathewson YN1 12/08/1981 - 11/05/1983 dancepal (AT) Transferred to Fleet Reserve in July 1990
FF-1041 Ron May EM2 1981 - 1984 ronmay (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
FF-1041 John Michael E-5 1986 to 1988 johnboy59 (AT)  
FF-1041 Chuck Miller LT 1982 to 1985 millerciii (AT) Nav/Admin/Legal Officer
FF-1041 Robert Moore BMSA 1986 to 1988 sevenmoore (AT) whats up guys
FF-1041 Mike Moravek BM2 82-86 mmoravek (AT) Feels good to be back aboard.
FF-1041 Cisco Morton LCDR 1/85-1/87 deckape948 (AT) WEPS Officer for the best department on the waterfront.
FF-1041 Joe O'Rourke IC2 (ESWS) 12/84 - 07/87 onenotoriousjoe (AT)  
FF-1041 Art Osborne CDR 1971-1973 mdoell (AT) Greatest crew afloat! A good time!
FF-1041 Samuel Parkin MSSN 10/86 to 10/88 Samuel.Parkin (AT) Where are all my Deckape pals. Mark Maroney, Todd Root, Thor
FF-1041 Stan Paul MM2 76-80 rec2rd (AT) whats up guys hope to hear from Bad Brad boys
FF-1041 Don (Pete) Peterson SM2 1976-1980 fireshadow (AT) Any 'Bad Brad' members who remember me, welcome.
FF-1041 Mark Petron BM2 5/84-1/88 mark.petron (AT) Like to make a correction on retirement day (88 to 05) also add that Gettingner & I still get together at the lake
FF-1041 Bob Schlueter MM1 10/76-12/77 eiken527 (AT)  
FF-1041 Michael Schomberger BT3 1980 to 1982 michael.schomberger (AT)  
FF-1041 Stephen Schuer IC2 1975 - 1980 schuer7494 (AT) Would like to hear other IC men and anyone else on the USS Bradley.
FF-1041 Harold Seaman MMCS 01/85 - decom Haroldeseaman (AT) Made senior chief aboard Bradley one of the best ships I ever sailed
FF-1041 Edward (Ted) Shickler EWSN 1986-1987 fossilted (AT) Too Dumb. Zapped out. Yeah it is. Bradley crew vernacular. Oh and then there was Ya know that yo.
FF-1041 Charles E. Smith, III E-5 1983-1987 encswsm (AT) Getting ready to retire as an ENC(SW) on 03/07/03
FF-1041 Rick Swartzwelder RM2 8/80 to 6/83 ric41 (AT)  
FF-1041 Charles Taylor E-4 75-79 ctaylor (AT) subic bay ,poker in the crews lounge ,greatest bunch of sailors around drop me a line
FF-1041 Mike Thiel FTG1 1974 - 76 mike_thiel (AT)  
FF-1041 Richard Triche QM3 6/82 to 10/86 rhtriche (AT) Good and bad memories on the Bad Brad
FF-1041 Mitchell Watson (Harrison) E-3 1979-1983 mjharrison17 (AT) Good times,Good times.......drop a line and say hello....
FF-1041 Thomas Wiede FTGSN 1976-1977 morningglory162 (AT) phone 512-353-5191;looking for Chris Stutts and Dan Toner
FF-1041 Jeff York HT3 1980 - 1984 yorkhomes (AT) Bad Ass Softball Team 42 -4 in one year. Drop me a line fellow shipmates.

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