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DE-218 William Andersen SK3 1961 to 1962 Rande71777 (AT)  
DE-218 Robert Andersen YNC 1960-1961 rande71777 (AT) Anyone knowing our Radarman RD2 Banks 1960-61 please contact me at the listed email address. Thank you
DE-218 Thomas (Mike) Blair CTSN 4/65 ACDUTRA tmblairbvi (AT) Enjoyed my 2 weeks ACDUTRA and made several friends. Stayed in Naval Reserve and retired as an O-6 in 2006.
DE-218 Jim Brennan RD3 3/52-10/53 brenn859 (AT) Transferred to USS Ault DD 698
DE-218 John Burke EMFN 8/63 -12/64 jjohnpburk (AT) My first ship. Had a lot of good times in town.
DE-218 Sal Calcagno MM 4/55.- 57 sal037 (AT) Worked the main engine room with john flanngan and (forgot his first name) Johnson
DE-218 Harold Glen Campbell CAPT retired 1962 svnisus (AT) My late father was the USS Darby's Captain for many years.
DE-218 Eric Carney   1963-1964 blaktrex (AT) The Darby cruise was the best boat ride i ever had.
DE-218 Eugene Chisholm SM2 1943 to 1946 yokegene (AT) Would like to communicate with old shipmates.
DE-218 Charles Conley B/SN 1952-1955 conleysnd (AT) good ship
DE-218 Art Decker MM3 1950-1953 grampa488 (AT) Would like to communicate with old shipmates.
DE-218 Carlo DiNatale BT2 10/66-8/68 sdinatale (AT) one of 40 regular navy nucleus crew
DE-218 Lloyd Dorsey EMP2 1959 to 1962 ldorsey (AT)  
DE-218 Richard Fuller FT3 11/56 - 6/58 linhaley (AT) Norfolk,VA-operated out of Key West ASW-Havanna,Carribean,Rio cruise-remember Ascension Island for R&R?
DE-218 Charles Garinger RM3 10/56 to 11/58 mcgtuna (AT) My first ship I was 18 just out of boot camp
DE-218 Wayne O. Gifford ST? 1962 dgifford (AT) My late father-onboard in Cuba when I was born-anyone remember him? His son Darrell.
DE-218 Robert (Bob) Gorman MM2 1961 to 1962 bobgor (AT)  
DE-218 Ernest Guilbeault   1944-1948 guilbeaultp (AT) (newest) Like to attend a reunion,meet shipmates. Addr: 7 Sunset Ave,Allenstown,NH 03275 Tel# 603-485-3831
DE-218 Heyward Hamlin SN3 1965 to 1967 (?) h5b13 (AT) Developed into a responsible man, thanks to the crew of the USS Darby.
DE-218 Vernon A. Hanson BT3 1941-1943 Pam (AT)  
DE-218 James Jenkins SOG2 11/61-7/62 jpjenkins (AT) Leading Sonarman and part of regular ships crew
DE-218 John (Jack) Jordan FP2 53&54 jjordan 143 (AT) great time of life!
DE-218 John (Jack) Jordan, Jr. FP2 1953 & 1954 jjordan143 (AT) corrected E-Mail hope to hear from shipmates !
DE-218 John Leslie LT 1962-1963 jplnc (AT) Reserve Crew in Baltimore,MD. Recalled to active duty in 62-went on patrols in vicinity of Cuba, during Berlin Crisis.
DE-218 Robert Light LCDR May 1958 to March 1959 emlight (AT) Served as Commanding Officer. Died July 1996.
DE-218 Robert Lombardi YNSN 09/52 to 01/54 Rlomb68069 (AT)  
DE-218 William T. Mascaro WT3 3/44-1/47 hopeful715 (AT) Help find shipments during above time period.
DE-218 Dave McConnell EM1 3/68-9/68 daveemcm (AT) My first electric propulsion ship
DE-218 Tina McKie BT3 2/55-2/59 Lady_Hawk70 (AT) My Grandfather, Raymond Owsik (1928-1979), was aboard the USS Darby but under what capacity, I do not know.
DE-218 George Moran FN 1959 -1962 bluepants34 (AT) Best DE to ever serve
DE-218 Jim Mullen YNSN 61-63 jimmul (AT) Worked for YN2 Rae-knew Anderson bros & Joel-Comission in Supply Corp aboard ship in 6/63,ret as CDR in 6/83.
DE-218 Ronald W. Myers CS3 9/51-8/55 Deceased He passed 1-12-2014
DE-218 Robert Packman LT 06/67-09-68 ripackman (AT) Served as Commanding Officer
DE-218 Julie Pearson-Fogleman 9 yr old child 1956 julieprsn (AT) My mother & I sailed on ship frm Europe to NY City-remember seeing Statue of Liberty-had been in Europe for 4 yrs
DE-218 Walter Pollin ET2 1/56 - 1/61 wpollin (AT)  
DE-218 Jim Porter BT3 11/50-9/52 jporter (AT) contact other boilermen from my time
DE-218 Roger Rae YN2 07/62-11/64 rjrae32 (AT) Homeport in Baltimore, Md.
DE-218 William J. Randol SH3 03/52 to 03/53 bjrandol (AT) Yoeman Strkr until found out I was a barber, then I barbered
DE-218 Michael Ritz RMSN 1968 ritzie2007 (AT) I took my summer cruise on the Darby-went to Gitmo & Jamica-had a great time-was in the reserves & in college.
DE-218 Anthony Santouosso TM2 03/62-10/63 darbyrush (AT) Why doesn't Darby get credit for months in Cuba (62)? Many hrs (GQ) Mt 51-Gitmo Bay-great memories.
DE-218 Richard Seitz EM3 11/50 richardcseitz (AT) great ship great memories great shipmates
DE-218 Frazier Sentelle SM 1943-1945 debra.eckard (AT) Wonderful to find this site-my daddy will be so thrilled-anyone out there email me (daughter)-I will pass it on to him.
DE-218 Allen Siefert EM3 8/57-2/58 SandyandAllen (AT) Cuba shakedown cruise-Rio cruise
DE-218 Stanley Skowronek   1944-1946 skowroneka (AT) assigned to boiler room
DE-218 Bruce Smith ETSN 8/57to10/57 bcsmith (AT)  
DE-218 William Spurrier LT(jg) 6/54 - 2/57 wandrspur (AT) Engineering Officer
DE-218 L. T. Stem LT 07/66-10/69 lstem (AT) ASW Officer
DE-218 James B. Trusty CS3 11/59-6/64 Kkatelynn (AT) Trusty is my late husband. He died at Getmo Bay Cuba in 1964
DE-218 Joe Tur FP3 1951-1955 stargazr (AT) Found a home in the shipfitter's shop.
DE-218 Horace Walker QM1 9/50 to 1/55 glyn1957 (AT) The dirty D- I was one of the few regulars on board at recom-was still there aft the reserves had gone home.
DE-218 Raymond Walker IC2 11/67-7/68 RCWALK11 (AT) AOL.COM Reserve gold crew William Register was reserve Co. made 2 week cruise to Gitmo and Jamaica 1968
DE-218 Joel Wickens RM2 10/61-10/63 Joel.Wickens (AT) SSA.GOV  
DE-218 Frederick G. Williams MM2 2/52 to 6/55, 10/61 to 8/62 user295501 (AT) Onboard twice-like to contact shipmates-sorry it was used as a target by Navy, & now at the bottom of Atlantic
DE-218 John Wilson SN 1960-1962 jwilson (AT)  
DE-218 R.L. (Bud) Winder FCM3 9/44-7/45 swinder480 (AT) looking for sparks, Patterson or Mills
DE-218 Melvin Woods SN 10/56-8/58 melwoods8935 (AT)  
DE-218 Edwin Workman SN 6/56-8/56 cherbrvo (AT) Have never forgotten my first ship. Became an RM striker onb
DE-218 Bernard Wyche RMSN-R 1962 to 1963 brwyche (AT) My first ship and my first love of the navy
unknown Adriene Fredrickson unsure 4/1/1962 monroy28 (AT) Found memorbilia of ship via military personel. lots of pics. and other items. She sailed from europe to new york.

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