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DE-1082 Gail Adkins EN2 precom school - 1973 gailadkins (AT) Would like to hear from anyone, especially Plank Owners.
DE-1082 Richard Blackwood MM1 1971 to 1973 rick (AT) Nucleus Crew/Plankowner
DE-1082 Bradley Boleyn E-3 1971 to 1973 Brad_jettie52 (AT) Plankowner on the montgomery
DE-1082 David Brown RM2 comm - 3/73 davidbrown (AT) The Magoo
DE-1082 Keith Collie OS3 5/72-8/73 kcollie (AT) Calling all shipmate who might remember me in CIC
DE-1082 Joe DeKorne EM3 1971-1973 joe (AT) Plank Owner - A lot of good friends and good memories
DE-1082 Vince DiCicco STGSN 10-/1 to 3/72 vince12nj (AT) yahoo plankowner
DE-1082 Rodney Enke, Sr. STG2 1971-1973 renke (AT)  
DE-1082 Steve Fontenette BM3 71-73 sfonte 6542 (AT) I was a plankowner,and enjoyed the time I served on her.
DE-1082 Art Frith RM3 03/1971-04/1971 art.frith (AT) I was one of the Radiomen declared ''excess'' and transferred.
DE-1082 Daryl Huber EN2 1979 to 1982 ohbadbear (AT) really enjoyed the days on the Montgomery
DE-1082 Earl Hurlburt PN3 08/71-12/74 otterside52 (AT)  
DE-1082 Richard Iversen PCSN 4/72 to 1/76 iversen2002 (AT)  
DE-1082 Glenn Jewell LT 9/72-7/75 glenn.jewell (AT) First ship aft leaving Navy Air (A-4 Driver)-came aboard w/BPDSMS as Gunnery/Missile Off-later CICO & Navigator
DE-1082 Bobby Kinnaird HT3 1973-1976 sdkinnaird (AT)  
DE-1082 Les Lanier GMG3 1971-1972 lelanier (AT) I had worked on small arms and 5 inch 38's, so they put me in ASROC. It's the Navy, son. Hi Dan.
DE-1082 Terry Lansdowne STG3 1971 to 1973 Tlansdo (AT)  
DE-1082 James (Jim) Mantooth, Jr. MM3 1973-11/1975 texastomcat_2000 (AT) Had a great time, saw alot of places,met alot of friends, I will never forget my time aboard the Monty.
DE-1082 Jim Mesler MM3 8/72 - 6/74 jamesmesler (AT) Met the ship in the yard and left the ship at D&S. On board for first Med and North Atlantic.
DE-1082 Robert Mitchell ETN2 07/71 - 07/75 r.e.mitcchell (AT) From Avondale to the Indian Ocean, I had a blast.
DE-1082 Joseph Presto MM4 1971 - 1973 JPr1948 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1082 Paul Rader SM3 1971 to 1973 juraderncks (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1082 Bill Rush MM3 1971-1973 kingbill02 (AT) Plank owner
DE-1082 Joe Schaal RMSN 1/1973 - 12/1975 Goodboy69 (AT) Aol.Com She had a short shelf-life, didn't she?
DE-1082 Elmer Dwight Shubert CTR3 1971-1973 dshubert (AT) Plankowner-would like to hear from original crew.
DE-1082 Joseph Spelman GMG3 9/72 to 12/73 jtspel (AT) Left the Magoo as a GMG3-some of my best service memories there-any/all Shipmate contact most welcome!!
DE-1082 Dan Teige GMG3 1971-1972 dteige (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1082 Michael Temple MM3 1973 to 1975 metemple55 (AT) She was new to the Navy and so was I
DE-1082 Phil Tindell HT3 11/71-7/74 philtindell (AT) I hope to see that you are all doing fine. It was a fun crew. Great sailor times.
DE-1082 Robert Wallace EM1 1971-1973 fabo (AT) Great re-unions,looking forward to Norfolk 2006
DE-1082 John Washington SN 6/72-6/75 bigwash52 (AT) Anchors away. ...
DE-1082 James Whitener YN2 1971-1974 jwhitener (AT) Plankowner/would like to hear from other plankowners
DE-1082 Donald Williams BM3 72-73 dwill63221 (AT)  
DE-1082 Denis Zanetti BM3 11/71-12/72 skipper12650 (AT)  
DE-1083 Charles Sealy SN Plank owner mikesealy874 (AT) I was a bm when on bord. When the ship left Louisiana and in Boston Mass
FF-1082 Greg Albritton LT(jg) 3/83-6/85 galbritton (AT) Been a while
FF-1082 Allen Anderson OS2 10/77 - 6/80 ande504 (AT)  
FF-1082 Frank Arbeiter FCC(SW) 1991-1993 fdsb.arb (AT)  
FF-1082 Javier Arroyo LT(jg) 1990-1992 jarroyolaw (AT) EY! I don't know about everyone else, but I had a fun time!
FF-1082 Richard (Rick) Bari ETC 1980 to 1982 rbari (AT) USN Retired 1982, Civilian Retired 2000
FF-1082 Jim Barnaba SH3 4/71-6/72 jgbarnaba (AT) plankowner-would like to here from any supply sailors from t
FF-1082 Terrill Bashline BT1 2/72-6/74 t.bashline (AT) BT1, Oil King
FF-1082 Raleigh Beynon MR2 3/84-6/86 rjbeynon (AT) Great time
FF-1082 Chuck Blake EM2 1976-1979 blake (AT) wonderful time of my life
FF-1082 William Blank BMSN 1971 to 1974 billbguns (AT) I am a plank owner. Would like to hear from anyone.
FF-1082 Daniel Blizzard SN 1985 - 1986 daniel.blizzard (AT) Still serving in the USNR.
FF-1082 Wayne Bowers AE2 8/78-5/81 waynebowers6710 (AT) great ship, good shipmates, fantastic time in my life
FF-1082 William Boyer LT 11/81-04/82 howey126 (AT) Served as Ships's Chaplain for Mid-East Deployment during Iran/Iraq War. Good ship, great crew!
FF-1082 Thomas Bridgwood E-3 1975-1976 Bridgwood03 (AT)  
FF-1082 Rick (Richard) Brunner ETC-SS 1978-1980 rick_brunner (AT) Left Navy after 12 years in 1980. Retired Civilian, now.
FF-1082 Dennis Buchanan ETR2 4/76 - 10/77 dbuchanan22534 (AT)  
FF-1082 James Cannon STG1 (SW) 6/84-2/89 jwc5271 (AT) still in jax
FF-1082 David Carpenter BMSN 5/75-10/78 w1dpc (AT) loved my time on the magoo.
FF-1082 David Chasteen RM2 11/78-7/83 dchaz (AT) Hello Shipmates!
FF-1082 Tony Clifton STG2 2/82-6/85 dtclifton (AT) sending out a sonar ping looking for a return
FF-1082 Timothy M. Cohen TMO2(SW) 85-91 tmcm1959 (AT) I finally retired in the August of 1997 onboard the USS Princeton (CG-59).
FF-1082 John Day RM3 4/9/78 to 9/11/80 JOHNDAY (AT) APS.COM Great memories.
FF-1082 Mike Dayton ET2 7/87-4/89 mikedayton62 (AT) See for reunion info
FF-1082 Rodney Dennison BTFN 1986-1988 dennisor (AT) Would like to hear from my boiler room shipmates
FF-1082 Wayne Dietrich BT3 1986 to 1988 RAMCHARGER30 (AT) COMCAST.NET  
FF-1082 F. J. Dines BTFN 1984 dines (AT) lookin for mm3 Whetsell and Sam Raines
FF-1082 Edward Fink LT 11/82-06/86 EFINK1082 (AT) She was a good ship. Remember my days aboard her fondly.
FF-1082 Reagan Flory RM2 7/86-01/90 Reagan.flory (AT) Who has their shellback card-I can't read the back of mine-anyone tell me the date and lat-lon on the back-thks
FF-1082 Dennis Follis MM2 (SW) 1977 thru 1981 DLFollis3 (AT) Nothing but good memories of good friends.
FF-1082 Davin Follis IC2 1977-1981 dlfollis02 (AT)  
FF-1082 Paul Rick George SM3 1974-1977 rickgeorge0856 (AT)  
FF-1082 Denis George SA2 1974-1976 dagman5446 (AT) Great times with a great crew
FF-1082 Rich Gomez LT 3/82 - 8/85 gomez.rm.1 (AT) Great experience for life...
FF-1082 Patrick Gooden STG1(SW) 1988-1992 pgooden2 (AT)  
FF-1082 James Goodwin BTC 7/87 - 6/92 jgoodwin6433 (AT)  
FF-1082 Jeff Gorges FC1 (SW) 3/86 - 9/90 jeffgorges (AT)  
FF-1082 Bob Gould YNC(SW) 10/78 - 8/81 rbgould3 (AT) Retired in March 1992. Am currently living in Florida.
FF-1082 James Hayes QM3 1/71 - 12/75 qmchayes (AT) Magoo was a DE when I got there and a FF when I left.
FF-1082 Kim Hildreth MM2 1973 to 1975 kim_hildreth (AT)  
FF-1082 Thomas W. Hinrichs STG1(SW) 12/76 - 06/82 gonavy7596 (AT) Sonarmen don't lose contact, old shipmates drop me a line...
FF-1082 Greg Hoard MS3 1986 to 1989 e.hoard (AT)  
FF-1082 William Jerry Hubbard GMG2 June 1983 - Jan 1987 wjhub (AT)  
FF-1082 Matthew Huffman DC2 1987-1991 Ahuffmma (AT)  
FF-1082 Gregory Huggins BM3 1984 to 1989 gregory.glenn.huggins (AT) great time and fond memories, now a CPT in the US Army Reserve. FF-1082 was a good ride.
FF-1082 Martin Hust MS1 84-88 chiefmkhust (AT) left carring CPO charge book retired 10/96
FF-1082 Skip Jackson FTG2(SW) 9/82 - 12/85 jimeyers98 (AT) Great memories! Good to see old friends here
FF-1082 Anthony Johnson RMCS(SW) 06/87 - 10/90 Johnsona2792 (AT) She was haze grey and underway....
FF-1082 Malcolm Jones MM2 9/71 to10/74 jnauto (AT) first ship after i came back in navy as mm good crew
FF-1082 David Jordan SH3 10/88 - 4/91 jordandl (AT) Ens Miller-bet I can still beat you at Tetris-Desert Shield was highlight of my time-that & pulling fuel lines across.
FF-1082 Bobby Kinnaird HT3 1973 to 1976 bdkinnaird (AT)  
FF-1082 Michael Kokinda MM2 11/82-9/84 koke36 (AT) Served in M Division - Worked in Aux 1 -
FF-1082 William Lauseng FTG2 6/72-8/74 william.lauseng (AT)  
FF-1082 Pete Lawrence E-3 12/81 - 12/83 f.logue (AT) worked in aux 1 looking for any old MM OR BT friends
FF-1082 James Leeper SK3 1984 to 1988 tleep64 (AT) Where are you guys from the Motley crew poker joe, spooner,, boot camp, etc you know who uou are
FF-1082 Dennis Lowery OS2 1/79 through 7/82 DMLowery (AT)  
FF-1082 Kenneth Mack GMG2 1979 to 1983 kenneymack (AT)  
FF-1082 Randall McIntosh PO3/GMG 12/77-4/82 ff1082em (AT) To the front
FF-1082 James (Jim)(Mac) McNeill RM2 Nov 75-Dec 76 deaconmcneill (AT) Made Med cruise with RMC Ross & RM2 Mexicott and the crew.
FF-1082 Fred Mohr FC3(SW) 1986-1987 fjmohr (AT) Taking it easy.
FF-1082 Douglas Moline SK3 11/81-10/83 cyclingnutty5 (AT)  
FF-1082 Marlon Moses EW2 (SW) 3/84 to 4/88 mosesmd (AT) Part of the Can Do Crew
FF-1082 Michael Mowell BM3 12/87-6/91 MchMowell (AT) would like to hear from my old shipmates
FF-1082 Chuck Mulvey TM2 1982-1984 casacbiker (AT)  
FF-1082 Wilfred Pelletier ET1 1971 - 1974 wpelletier (AT)  
FF-1082 Carlos A. Perez-Ramos EM3 03/89-06/91 pochiperez (AT)  
FF-1082 Dave Peterson MM1 4/76 - 11/78 dpeter3 (AT) '76 Med cruise, '77/78 Phili overhaul, '78 Reftrain in the Engine Room
FF-1082 Charles Piercey RMC 1978-1981 charles115 (AT) RMCS(SW) Retired (1989)
FF-1082 Corbett Puffenbarger FTM2 5/74-6/77 CorbettP54 (AT) It was a defining eperience. in my life. Proud to?have served on it.
FF-1082 Gerald Radtke BT 1976 - 1979 gsradtke (AT)  
FF-1082 Mike Ramirez EN1 11/87-1/91 ramirez52 (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates.
FF-1082 Victor Roach DCFN 1992 to 1993 muddmanmemphis (AT)  
FF-1082 Kenneth Roe IC2 1979-1981 kenneth.roe (AT) Great Ship and crew
FF-1082 David Rogero STG1 12/85-4/88 jagwars (AT) The Worlds Finest Fast Frigate
FF-1082 Jim Russell STG1 1971-1975 jrussell (AT) Would like to hear from those who served in my timeframe.
FF-1082 William Salter YN1 3/86-8/89 wsalter (AT) Ship's Secretary and now Reunion Coordinator
FF-1082 Rodney Sanders HT2 7/75-11/77 rodney.sanders (AT) Great crew
FF-1082 Richard Scott STG2 12/75-8/78 v_r (AT) 2nd ship, 1st ship USS Schofield DEG/FFG-3
FF-1082 Louis Seymour BT2 1981-1983 doginwoods (AT) Remembering the good times through ROH in Bath, Ma.
FF-1082 Danny Shirley BTFA 1977-1978 idfm_99 (AT)  
FF-1082 Bob Sipple QM2 1978-1981 bobyhh (AT) Best times I ever had with the best people I ever knew
FF-1082 Doug Smith   08/76 - 10/79 doug1151 (AT) Great Ship and a great crew!!!
FF-1082 Gene Smith SH2 1977-1979 w19smitty (AT)  
FF-1082 Allen Smithling BM2 09/77-09/79 alpopeye2004 (AT) great ship to be a part of
FF-1082 Shawn Snow STG1 7/82-7/85 hermonsnoman (AT)  
FF-1082 Gary Sole STG1 05/75-08/78 gary.sole (AT)  
FF-1082 Michael Sproul GMG3 12/87 - 12/89 makoviper (AT)  
FF-1082 Rollin Stearns ETR3 9/73-3/77 Rolliehd (AT) Great Ship
FF-1082 Joe Stone MMC 7/71 - 9/72 jstone28 (AT) plankowner.
FF-1082 B. H. (Tom) Thomas SMC 2/75-2/79 tincansailor43 (AT)  
FF-1082 Jack Thompson BM2 1/85-1988 Kevin Thompson44 (AT) Send me a message with a number
FF-1082 Ron ald Thorns ET2 1982 to 1982 Brothor1 (AT)  
FF-1082 Don Trowbridge SM2 7/90-3/91 dtrowbridge (AT)  
FF-1082 Stephen Vaine QM2 6/87 - 2/89 steve.vaine (AT) Enjoyed my time aboard - Let's hear from some old friends
FF-1082 Tim Ward HT2 74-76 tward (AT) usn/retired cpo great ship great crew
FF-1082 Mark Ward STG1(SW) 1985-1990 hatchet219 (AT) Persian excursion
FF-1082 Eddie Webb EM3 03/90 - 04/93 eawebb6678 (AT) What a great time i had!!
FF-1082 Steve Weyers BT3 6/78 - 6/79 weyers64 (AT) Great memories, ole Magoo, you done it again! lol
FF-1082 Jeff Whetsell MM3 6/84-11/86 JWHETS4306 (AT) floyd dines give me a call at 910-743-0254
FF-1082 Keith Wieland OS3 1982-1984 keithwieland123 (AT) love to hear from old shipmates
FF-1082 William Wigginton EM1 3/90 - decomm williamrebecca (AT) Retired/Disabled
FF-1982 Ronald Thorns ET2 10/82-11/82 Brothor1 (AT)  

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