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FFG-22 Dave Alber E-3 1988-89    
FFG-22 Chris Alsup RM3 May 88 - Mar 91 Cralsup (AT) America's Battle Frigate
FFG-22 Dwight Austion QM3 91 - 93 dwight1867 (AT) Great times
FFG-22 Matthew Ballou RM2 2/88-7-91 matthewballou (AT) FFG-We know what that stood for in our time :)
FFG-22 Gregory J. Bedford HT2 2/1986 - 9/1987 gjbedford (AT) Tenacity. It stays with you.
FFG-22 Phillip Blackaby EW2(SW) 1991 to 1994 pcblackaby1 (AT) Haze gray and underway!
FFG-22 William Bohnow FCC 08/89-06/92 Billbohnow (AT) FCC(SW) USN(RET) - Fun trip while it lasted.
FFG-22 Broko Boland HT3 1993-1996 jeffry.b.boland (AT) Great times!
FFG-22 Chuck Bolden OS2 1981-1984 Plank Owner Chuck.Bolden (AT) Retired OSC 2001
FFG-22 John Boyes GSM3 1985-1988 Johnnyrotten708 (AT) Great bunch of guys. We do have a Fahrion Facebook page, come find us.
FFG-22 Frank Bryant BMCS 92-95 gbfrank3 (AT)  
FFG-22 Raymond Bueno OS2 01/83-10/88 buenomom (AT)  
FFG-22 Todd Burrous BM2 7/91 - 1/94 hooyat (AT) Wow... I could'nt begin to list the good times. Haifa, Turkey, Florida, Halifax...Say Hi Shipmates!!
FFG-22 Roy Craig SN 1988-1989 Roycrg (AT)  
FFG-22 Steve Davis SM1 1985-1989 davispops (AT)  
FFG-22 Daniel DelBiondo MR2 08/84-03/86 dandelbiondo (AT)  
FFG-22 John Denton E-3 9/91-6/93 jmdmar23 (AT) i miss my boys and i will never forget those guys.All the wild parties
FFG-22 Lee Dickey GM2 1996 to 1998 dunpeal (AT)  
FFG-22 Jeff Douma EM3 1981-1984 parrot4u (AT) loved the good times..Brad, good to see you..Fick, Green Toyo
FFG-22 Al Duff QM2 01/1981-11/1984 (AT) Great ship, great pre com crew,good times.
FFG-22 Joseph Edelen BM2 1991-1994 joseph.edelen (AT)  
FFG-22 Richard Elenbaas, Jr. EN3 06/94-02/97 bcpman2000 (AT) what stories this ship and crew have given me
FFG-22 Michael Ellison OS3 8/91-6/94 mhellison72 (AT) Had some great times down in Charleston. I'll never forget my boys, you know who you are
FFG-22 Brad Erickson EN2 1982 plank owner berickson (AT)  
FFG-22 Scott Evertson LT 4/93 - 11/94 scottvrtson (AT)  
FFG-22 Ricky Fick RM2 80 - 84 rfick777 (AT) One of the Plankowners
FFG-22 Douglas Fisher BM2 1/91 - 8/94 Reserves DFISHER84 (AT) Excellent training as well as worthwhile missiions.
FFG-22 Richard Frazier OS2 1983 to 1987  
FFG-22 Brent Guard GMM2 12/81 - 10/82 brent.guard (AT)  
FFG-22 Jim Hanson E-2 10/93 to 6/95 jccr920 (AT)  
FFG-22 Eric Haus DC2 1994-1998 ekhaus (AT) decon crew with the best cht system ever.
FFG-22 James Hudson EN3 6/92 to 6/95 hut_70 (AT)  
FFG-22 Kenneth Hutton BM2(SW) 1995-decom nitroracer32 (AT) Some great times. e-mail me shipmates!
FFG-22 Chris Johnson OS2 1994-1998 duskdevil2001 (AT) Surprise to me, but I miss it.
FFG-22 Jeremy Kotenberg DC2 91-95 zensho29 (AT) what a ride
FFG-22 Kavin Loftin QMSN 11/82-9/83 k.loftin (AT) sure hated leaving her before persian gulf cruise end of 83 ! lol
FFG-22 Michael Long LT 1/82-3/84 MikeMLong (AT) Plankowner DCA
FFG-22 Steven Manuel E-5 1/88-3/89 stevemanuel23 (AT) changed my life
FFG-22 Mikel McGee RM3 1982-1985 mckeywest (AT) Thanks for the ride!!!
FFG-22 Ron Molaro HT2 1982-1984 airspeed917 (AT)  
FFG-22 Tamboura Murrell EM3 6/1995-8/1996 tamboogie (AT) UNITAS criuse 1995, need I say more!
FFG-22 Raymond Paine QMCS 1987 - 1988 ligar (AT) Retired 04/07/1989
FFG-22 Charles Parks EN3 01/85-09/88 cpranch (AT) Thanks for the memories, tenacity is with us all.
FFG-22 Cory Patterson HM3(SW) 4/96- decom clove99_99 (AT)  
FFG-22 Paul Pederson BM3 02/95 - 10/97 pedpaul (AT)  
FFG-22 John Pensmith TM1(SW) 2/92-3/95 jpensmith (AT)  
FFG-22 Kim Pittman E-3 81-83 ponytale (AT) Plankowner and would like to hear from the rest it was a good time.
FFG-22 Tom Plichta CDR 1/88-3/90 tomplichta (AT) Served as CO
FFG-22 Tony Prestwood E-3 5/91- 3/93 tprestwood (AT) Good times!
FFG-22 David Preuss GSM3 10/82 to 10/87 dna.preuss (AT)  
FFG-22 Harry Rae LCDR 1990 Great Lakes Cruise captrae333 (AT) Med officer two weeks summer 1990. Great time-great crew.
FFG-22 Byron (Bear) Redmond RM2 1982-1985 jaxbear57 (AT) My favorite ship & crew, best time of my Naval career
FFG-22 Harold Ritchie STGSN 10/86 - 5/90 harold.ritchie (AT)  
FFG-22 Joe Rodriguez SH3 1985-1989 joerodrguez7 (AT) Great time onboard
FFG-22 Douglas Scott EN2 81-85 dscott1 (AT)  
FFG-22 Kevin Simmons ET2 1998 to 1992 kevine (AT) What a ride she was, from the Persian Gulf to Hurricane Hugo
FFG-22 Bruce Smith BM2 Plank owner brruser13 (AT) Ready for next reunion!
FFG-22 Derrick Stevenson SN 6/81-6/84 Dasteven (AT) I'm a Plankowner first Crew
FFG-22 Ken Styles OS1 8/92-1/94 teachstyles (AT)  
FFG-22 William Terrill SM2 1987-1992 william (AT)  
FFG-22 Al Till QM2 01/81-01/84 aldagator2013 (AT) Plankowners drop me an email.
FFG-22 Travias Torrence E-3 1989-1991 ttorrence36 (AT)  
FFG-22 Virgil Tucker HT1 12/80 -9/86 svtucker (AT) Plankowner HT-1
FFG-22 Frank Verbeke TM1 (SW) 9/87-4/92 verbekefww (AT) Glakes cruise 90,Super great shipmates
FFG-22 Sid Watson SH3 1/80-1/81 Usskennedy67 (AT) Rock and roll
FFG-22 Russell Williams GM2 7/93-8/96 russell7386 (AT) Worked hard Played hard

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