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FFG-40 Richard (Tony) Anthony BM2 11/91 to 12/95 rambo200138652 (AT) One of my best duties-great port calls/wonderful friends/exciting times-shipmates,email or call me (662) 534-4181.
FFG-40 Andrew Barrett MSSN 1991-1992 zorin0814 (AT) Live in Baltimore,MD-my father just had his ship reunion-wondering if we can get something going on the halyburton??
FFG-40 Jeff Black STG1(SW) 10/92-02/93 jblack257 (AT)  
FFG-40 Frank Boyle SK2 8/83-7/85 ravenfrank (AT) Plankowners, Unite!
FFG-40 Jason Brooks STG3 1992 to 1994 rchecks (AT)  
FFG-40 Alex DeSantis SN 1984-1987 shemp63 (AT) Performance, Not Promises?
FFG-40 Christopher Devich E-3 3/1991 to 12/1992 ChrisDevich (AT)  
FFG-40 Jay Eichenberg EN3 1996-2000 bigikediesel (AT) smile and the world smiles with you, fart and you stand alon
FFG-40 Greg Fedorowicz MS2 MED 1988 gfedorowicz (AT) Desert shield-upon transfer & reenlistment 5/88- the plaque I received is gone- would be proud to get replacement.
FFG-40 Joseph Florio GM2 8/99-8/03 jmflorio1 (AT)  
FFG-40 Isaac Galford GSM3 4/00 - 12/01 hillbilly_4x4 (AT)  
FFG-40 Michael Harris YN3 4/91-12/93 babyboy2106 (AT) Hope all of my old shipmates are doing good. Hope to hear from you soon.
FFG-40 Mark Ide FC1 1992-1995 wizard_of_id (AT)  
FFG-40 Charles C. James BM2(SW) 12/89 - 01/95 1chuck.james (AT) Best years of this ol' Sailors life were onboard-I actually cried as I watched her get towed out, right after Decom
FFG-40 Jay Joyner   81-86 thegramster (AT)  
FFG-40 Chris Krueger BM3 02/97-9/01 april9799 (AT)  
FFG-40 Joe Langer GSE1 10/83 - 1988 joenoresco (AT)  
FFG-40 Josh Martin QM3 2001-2003 Jpzlmartin (AT)  
FFG-40 Casey McFadden FC2 1987-1990 casey.mcfadden (AT) Persian Gulf......Again!
FFG-40 John Mears GMM3 1983 to 1986 jsecmears (AT)  
FFG-40 Russell Peterson SK2 1986 to 1989 STICKYSLICKS (AT) Hello, what a great ship USS Hlayburton is.
FFG-40 Kevin Pingor PC2SW 1/89-11/ 90 kevin.w.pingor (AT) Hope this finds you all well. Fair wind, following seas.
FFG-40 Tim Rice PCSN 1992 to 1995 timothy.j.rice (AT)  
FFG-40 Steven Schulwolf QM1 (SW) 03/04 - 06/08 steven.schulwolf (AT) some of the best times in my career so far were onboard that ship!!
FFG-40 Samuel Smith IC2 6/90-09/95 sam.smith (AT) Best floating ship ever...
FFG-40 Rick Springman FC2(SW) 8/89-8/93 fionarick (AT) The best group of friends i've ever had
FFG-40 Craig Thompson GSE3 1984-1986 craig (AT)  
FFG-40 Jose Torres E-4 01/84-6/85 torro40_6 (AT) It was the best years of my life.
FFG-40 Matthew Walker E-3/RM 1/90 - 5/93 matthew.c.walker (AT)  
FFG-40 Raymond Watts OS2 1995-2000 rwatts5 (AT)  
FFG-40 Leroy Wood FC2 1/83 - 5/86 leroywood (AT) plankowner, order of the ditch , blue nose

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