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DE/FF-1074 Roger Couch BM3 1974 to 1977 Patskimit (AT)  
DE/FF-1074 Thomas Hawkins BM1 5/72-7/75 tet1968usn (AT) Great west pacs 1972-74. Great ship and a super crew.
DE/FF-1074 Marcus Hodge HT3 4/1/72 jjssbest (AT)  
DE/FF-1074 Carl T. Hughes Jr. YN3 01-73 - 05/74 chughes55 (AT) Looking for more guys for our reunions-I rem BTCM Tripp, Shorty, Skin, Tiny, Greasy & Diamond Jim Kistler.
DE/FF-1074 George Huttman GMG1 7/75-6/78 WINGRIDER_47 (AT) I'm in the yellow pages along with my shipmates J.C Ford Larry (Tigger) Cambell Polly and me
DE/FF-1074 Ramon Rosario STGSN 1989-1992 rmnrosario (AT) like to hear from some old brothers.
DE/FF-1074 Michael (Boo-Boo) Scott BT2 1975-1979 scottmi (AT) Great times on the Happy Harry, best people I ever knew in my life.
DE/FF-1074 Charles Webster BM2 1971 to 1974 bulpup42 (AT) We have a reunion every two years on the even number years. Our next reunion will be
DE-1074 Carl Alvers SK2 March 1969-July 1971 alvers (AT) As a plankowner, I would be interested in contacting anyone who is a brother plankowner
DE-1074 William Anderson LT 2/71-7/73 wna95 (AT) Plank owner, Vietnam, CIC, Navigator,
DE-1074 Don Baker OS3 72 to 73 dlbakehs (AT) Aboard for her first WESTPAC
DE-1074 Joseph Best EN4 1972-1973 jjssbest2GMAIL.COM Went ot San Antonio for reunion-great to be there and meet all the crews
DE-1074 Jeff Buchman 1/c 11/74 1/77 jbuchman (AT)  
DE-1074 Thomas Burrows FTG3 1972-1974 tburrows57 (AT) VietNam - First/Second Westpac
DE-1074 John Camire E-5 3/74 to 8/77 jgcamire (AT) Had some good years and made some good friends
DE-1074 John Carman BT2 71-73 JRC (AT) Plank owner-we painted MICKEY on the fireroom door
DE-1074 Tom Clements EN3 1971-1972 tomandgail_1 (AT) Plankowner, First WestPac
DE-1074 Dave Connolly BT3 5/75-5/77 Dave.connolly (AT)  
DE-1074 Charles Cox YN3 7/71-12/72 cox.c.d (AT)  
DE-1074 Bruce Crouch RM2 1971 to 1973 nexcominc (AT) Plank owner, first Viet Nam tour, fond and distant memories
DE-1074 Mike Dacosta GMT3   Deceased Deceased
DE-1074 Dan Dunlap HT3 9/74-6/75 dan (AT) need infor
DE-1074 Tony Edlin SN 10/72- 11/73 ptedpal24 (AT) My only WestPac-the guys were great. Bulldog, Virgil Quinlan, Mondick,Bill Ballaro,and rest-proud to serve with you.
DE-1074 Lynn Eilenfeldt BM3 1/74 1/76 celticsailor45 (AT) Was aboard for the Mayaquez affair..........
DE-1074 Neil Forsgren BT2 10/72 to 4/76 n.forsgren (AT) 3 westpacs, looking for medal info regarding mayaguez rescue
DE-1074 Mike (Pete) Graham MM3 1973-75 mg1074 (AT) partyed hard, good times.
DE-1074 John J. Hamrin GMT3 1973-1975 novascoty (AT) On facebook, will be adding to the Vietnam pictures folder eventually.
DE-1074 Mark Jake Jacobsen QM3 6/72 - 5/74 mcjake52 (AT) Punched needle holes in Donoho's Pall-Mall pack. No drag.
DE-1074 Alan Jaroslovsky LT(jg) 1/71-12/72 falcon269 (AT) Plank owner, CIC Officer, first WESTPAC (Vietnam)
DE-1074 Hughlen Jones RM3 1971-1974 wookiam53 (AT) 1st, snd and 3rd Westpac, Mike R. I remember when we were mined
DE-1074 Jerome (Jerry) Keele FTG3 73-75 jerome (AT) Tom, Nick, Bulldog been looking for Cuke & Jack-man
DE-1074 Dave Lee LT(jg) 3/71-3/72 dave (AT) Plank owner, First Lieutenant
DE-1074 William Lotzow GMT2 1974 to 1975 wlotzow (AT) My time aboard the Holt was memorable and life changing.
DE-1074 Michael Lyon HTFN 12/74 to 1976 lyon820 (AT) good 2 yrs-wonder what happened aft thos westies in row got back-went thru the overhaul-first time passed OPPE
DE-1074 Patrick (PJ) Martin FN 12/71 - 6/75 twomartins (AT) In it to ''do my time'', not knowing the impact it made on me!
DE-1074 Dallas McKinsey RM3 1971 to 2/72 dallas (AT) wasn't aboard long got orders to vietnam
DE-1074 George Mendoza GMTC 3/71 to 6/74 gmendoza (AT)  
DE-1074 Gary Moffet CS4 1971 - 1973 A good ship and a great crew.. It was an honor to serve!
DE-1074 Mark Moseley OS2 1/74 to 1977 mosemark (AT)  
DE-1074 Tony (Bono) Mullins BM3 1974-1976 smullins1957 (AT)  
DE-1074 Robert Murphy LT 3/71 to 12/72 rjmurphyjr (AT) Plank owner, Navigator
DE-1074 Robert Nichols GMG2 71-75 nichols53 (AT) Long hours on the Gun Line but I still miss those days.
DE-1074 Larry Paul FN 1971 to 1972 misterorange50 (AT) plank owner. enjoyed my year aboard the holt. many great memories. would love to hear from my shipmates.
DE-1074 Ron (Pod) Podracky MM 12/72 - 6/75 rpod330 (AT) 2nd&3rd wespac and wish I could do it all over again.some of the best times of my life when I think back on it.
DE-1074 Tom Polito GMG3 1972 - 1974 tpolito (AT)  
DE-1074 Thomas Pugh IC2 1971-1974 tomcarol243 (AT)  
DE-1074 Eugene Radke E-4 1973-1976 Eradke (AT)  
DE-1074 Mike Rasmussen RM2 1972-1974 RasmussenMi (AT) Anyone remember the mine hitting us in the Gulf ?
DE-1074 Bergandi Robert BT3 7/73-6/76 Deceased  
DE-1074 Chuck Rogers BM3 1975 to 1977 chuckbm2000 (AT)  
DE-1074 Daniel Ryan E-4 1/73-6/75 djryan52 (AT)  
DE-1074 Tim Shira E-3 01/73 - 01/75 tomclancy57 (AT) Orig Elec-later Deck Div-crossed equator 12/20/73-like to contact shipmates-(K Morley,T Arendt,K Goodnow,etc.
DE-1074 Tony Stewart FTM2 1972-1974 anthony98290 (AT)  
DE-1074 Steve Stokes MR3 1971 to 1074 stokes547 (AT)  
DE-1074 Gregory Thomas EW3 1973 to 1975 gthomas15229 (AT) Onboard dur the Westpac that involved the rescue of USS Mayaguez-loved the PI-so many girls so little time.
DE-1074 Timothy Thomas SH3 1972-1975 TThomas2334 (AT) Served in Tonkin Gulf yacht Club with Sam Montoya, Dorian to good friends.
DE-1074 Mark Wagemaker FTGC 71-72 wagey (AT) Plank owner, sea trials, first WESTPAC
DE-1074 Keith Washburn OS2 5/71-8/74 keithwashburn (AT) Lookin for radar gang
DE-1074 Charles Webster BM1 1971 to 1975 bulpup42 (AT) I would like to hear from anyone who knows me.
DE-1074 JC White ENFN 4/71-8/71 whitej (AT) Just aboard for a few months before getting out of the Navy.
DE-1074 Jim Wilkinson OS2 4/71 - 5/74 JimW396 (AT) Looking for any of the OS gang!
DE-1074 Mark Williams SK3 1971-1972 barbshouse (AT) first wespac cruise
DE-1074 Gordon M. (Woody) Woodall E-4 1971 gmwmagic (AT) Plankowner---Hull Tech.
FF-1074 Garrett Allen EW2 1985-1989 garrettoallen (AT) Wanted it sunk at times, but can't believe it really is now.
FF-1074 Louie Arias BM3 08/89- 06/91 larias44 (AT) Great times! Some of the best times of my life we spent aboard the Happy Harry! Great crew!
FF-1074 John Babb EW1 1984 to 1989 jrbabb (AT) What a great first ship and shipmates!!!!!
FF-1074 Jay Baker FTM2 1978 to 1980 jaybaker (AT) Can't believe they used the Happy Harry for target practice.
FF-1074 Don Baker OS3 4/71-4/73 dlbake (AT) Was aboard for her first WestPac.
FF-1074 Bill Bayes RM1 1970-1972 Deceased Bill Passed away 10/10/09
FF-1074 Chet Beates GMM1   srchiefchet(AT) The only American warshhip named after a foregn (Autralin_ prikev kij0ster
FF-1074 David Berlin EMFN 9/86 - 9/88 jaxnite (AT) I remember the XO from HELL!!!
FF-1074 Jim Boswell LT 1986-1989 boswell_jim (AT) The ''Stealth Battle Frigate'' lives on in our hearts.
FF-1074 Phil Brewer E-5 1984-88 drphilgood_808 (AT) remember yoda
FF-1074 Patrick Brien BT3 12/78 - 12/80 Pwbrien (AT) First of 5ships I was on. Best memories.
FF-1074 Terry Brines PN1 10/74 to 10/77 terryb67 (AT)  
FF-1074 Al Brooks STG1 6/77-10/79 anbrooks (AT)  
FF-1074 Robert Callahan BM3 10/83 - 2/87 robertsrealm (AT)  
FF-1074 Mike Cameron GMG2 8/76 to 12/79 mikelindacameron (AT) Lots of good times. Sad to see her go
FF-1074 John Camire BT2 3/10/74 to 8/28/77 jgcamire (AT) Had some good years and made some good friends
FF-1074 Tom Carol FTG2 79-82 tcarol (AT) What a long strange trip it's been.
FF-1074 Sean Cassidy QM 1984 to 1988 smcassus (AT) We did a West Pack and an IO cruise
FF-1074 Samuel Caughey ETC(SW) 5/85 - 12/89 slcaughey (AT) Miss the crew, best ship.
FF-1074 Mark Classick FC2 9/83-3/87 Indymac64 (AT)  
FF-1074 Dale (Head) Cofer OS2 6/85-11/88 dalecofer (AT) Great times on board the Happy Harry
FF-1074 Dave Connolly BT3 5/75-5/77 xiowan (AT)  
FF-1074 William Conrad BT3 1/80-1/83 loganvilbil (AT) aolcom What a time single paid twice a month slush funds standbys
FF-1074 Dwight Croom SN 4/71-6/72 cdwightcroom (AT) would like to hear from anyone that was on deck division
FF-1074 Michael Cross RM1 1987 to 1991 comsparks (AT) Still waiting for my 1991 cruise book
FF-1074 Kevin Dallas PN2 11/86-6/90 sting329 (AT) aboard for two deployments: 7/87-12/87 and 3/89-8/89
FF-1074 Martin Davis STG3 7/75 to 8/75 davis5 (AT) I was TAD during the I/O cruise in 75.
FF-1074 Gary DeBock STG2 8/75 to 7/77 d1028gary (AT) Great ship.. remember STG1 Buraczenski, STGC Dilmore, etc.
FF-1074 Mayo Dorsey LT 1986-1988 mayob (AT) Survived Hurricane Bob as Wepo
FF-1074 John Drost MM3 75-77 jonkou (AT) Worked hard but played harder. Lots of good times.
FF-1074 Denis Duncan ETR2 12/76 - 6/78 Swapped to USS Ouellette FF1077, 6/78-3/80
FF-1074 John Erickson LT 8/85- 1/88 jferickson (AT) Only Department Head not relieved or career destroyed by XO
FF-1074 Doug Evans ET1 10/84 - 10/87 video360 (AT) Connect with me on LinkedIn!
FF-1074 Mike (Huck Boy) Flynn FTG3 01/77-02/79 michael.flynn (AT) West Pac. Let's go again.
FF-1074 Scott Forister MM3 1/78-1/80 scottforister (AT) Hey guy's. Really liked that ship and all my old shipmates.
FF-1074 Mark Foster EN2 5/81-2/83 mfoster55 (AT) good ship,
FF-1074 Steve Franks STG2 2/78-2/80 fairmountbank (AT) The Harold E. at the bottom of the Pacific? Sad end to one of 3rd Fleet's Finest.
FF-1074 Scott Fulton BT2 8/77-4/81 popps235 (AT) had a great time.wish we could all get together soon
FF-1074 Cory Gibson MM3 1978 to 1980 cory4570g (AT)  
FF-1074 Michael Gonzales TM1 1989 to 1992 mikeg1983 (AT) Decommissioning plankowner
FF-1074 Phil Green LT 5/86-9/89 stukastuka (AT) How can you sum that crazy experience up on just one line?
FF-1074 Robert Gregory FCCM 88-90 bob.gregory (AT)  
FF-1074 Donald Grey HT2 79-82 CID (AT)  
FF-1074 Robert Haerm STG1 1971-1975 rhamer5150 (AT) They just sunk our ship 7/2002
FF-1074 Melvin Harston RM2 1981 to 1983 m_harston2000 (AT)  
FF-1074 George Henderson STG2 1980-1984 wijwi (AT)  
FF-1074 Bruce Hill RM1 1980-1984 bhill68 (AT)  
FF-1074 Daniel Huestis BTFN 1978-1981 gpaulpridmore (AT) info on 80-81 Westpac, specefically Iranian tanker incident?
FF-1074 Patrick Johnson STG3 9/81-9/83 viper9559 (AT)  
FF-1074 Eric Jones ET3 1/90-decom theusc_2001 (AT) Best and worst times of my career, hate to hear it sunk!
FF-1074 Patrick Keller BT2 1/83 to 6/87 bigsteam (AT) did anybody see that little green man?? ha
FF-1074 Jeff Kemble ET1 02/85 to 02/88 PurdueCyclist (AT) After working for Corporate America, I sure miss the Navy.
FF-1074 Rik Kennedy BT2 84-87 rik_kennedy (AT) Happy Harry, steamin demons
FF-1074 Joe King FTM2 1/81 - 3/82 kingjoe (AT) hey now looking for those old ship mates
FF-1074 Ken Knodt EW1 82-85 knodtk001 (AT) Best Damn EWs on the Waterfront
FF-1074 Ed 'Woodstock' Kohanek IC3 1984 to 1987 mr_ed (AT) had XO mast with the XO from Hell
FF-1074 Timothy Koop GMG2 5/78 to 10/81 TKoopal81 (AT) Just looking for shipmates that served during my tenure!
FF-1074 Randy Koser BM3 9/80-7/83 rekoser (AT) Great crew and loved those west pacs
FF-1074 Darrin Lane EM3 88-92 darrinm.lane (AT)  
FF-1074 James Lant MM3 6/85 - 1/87 pitsnipe1 (AT)  
FF-1074 Jeff LeRoss PC3 01/77-8/80 jkleross (AT)  
FF-1074 Thomas Martinson E-5 10/79 to 10/82 rockomartinson (AT) Anybody remembers me please E- Mail me!!!
FF-1074 Charles Matuke PO3 05/89-06/92 CMATUKE (AT) AUSTIN.RR.COM The best time of my life
FF-1074 Chris Maule ET2 1988-1992 christopher.maule (AT) Had fun and learned a few things along the way.
FF-1074 Matthew McGuinn, Jr. QM2 03/85-04/88 usn59 (AT) Fair Winds and Calm Seas
FF-1074 Steve Meyer MM2 9/76-9/79 steviemeyer57 (AT) Sure do miss you guys!!!
FF-1074 Bob Mismass GM3 70-71 ptriplet (AT) any shipmates remember me ?
FF-1074 Russell Mitchell YN4 08/87-09/91 russellmi36 (AT) aol.ocm looking for mines during golf war.
FF-1074 Kurt Moogk MM3 1980-1983 kmoogk (AT) Looking for anyone that was on board when I was.
FF-1074 Tony Mooney ET3 4/90-decom tony.mooney (AT) innovative-protection.c Are you kidding? This is the ship that I cut my teeth on...;
FF-1074 Michael Murrell OS3 1987 - 1992 tenacious_54 (AT)  
FF-1074 Jim Norman FC3 8/84 - 5/88 jrnorman6 (AT) Was a great command to start my navy career........
FF-1074 Eugene Radke E-4 1973-1976 eradke (AT) Have good memories and life long friends from those days
FF-1074 James ''Tex'' Sanders BT2 1979-1982 hkarmored (AT) Just looking for anyone who was there while I was.
FF-1074 Danny Saunders E-6 1989-1992 danraldo (AT) Hopefuly it was sunk!
FF-1074 Mark Schmidt PC3 10/84-4/88 mjschmidt (AT) Everyone love to hear the word passed ''mail call''
FF-1074 Joe Smethurst SK3 3/86-10/89 sk1smethurst (AT) Still looking for an 89 cruise book
FF-1074 Robert Snyder EW2 1989 to 1991 ru18qtpi (AT) Had fun till I broke my leg in Malsaia on West Pac!
FF-1074 Jerry Socall GMG1 01/77 - 8/79 Jerry1961a at Great Crew. Running mate was TM1 Fisher.
FF-1074 Mansfield Stuckey, Jr. E-3 1977 s.mansfield29 (AT) cant believe she's at bottom of ocean!!! Kudos Howley command
FF-1074 Dave Suminski STG2 1987 - 1988 suminski (AT) Retired in 1989
FF-1074 John Taylor BM3 85-89 bballfan (AT) Remembering almost missing Ships movement in Subic Bay!!!!!!
FF-1074 Michial Trayler STG3 4/75 to 8/76 michialtoo (AT) Been a very long time since the Holt. Looking for my shipmates.
FF-1074 Bill Umbarger ET1 1983 to 1987 wtumbarger (AT) Fair winds and following seas to all shipmates
FF-1074 Barry Vitez OS2 86-90 sheri1020 (AT) remember partying downtown and at G. Lamors
FF-1074 Dan Voigtlander E-5 1985-1988 voigtlander (AT) I remember the short XO from hell, Hurricane Bob Flanigan
FF-1074 Richard Wegrzyn STG3 87-89 rwegrzyn (AT)  
FF-1074 Rich White LT 2/87-12/89 whiterp (AT) Recall we were always in the ''penalty box'' by PHNSY
FF-1074 Jeff Wiegner ET1 8/87 - 9/90 jwiegner (AT) The Happy Harry was my favorite tour!
FF-1074 Matthew Williams LT(jg) 5/77 - 9/78 mgwilliams723 (AT) USCG officer-Navigator/X Div Off under CDRs Howley & Mayo-superb assign-exceptional officers/enlisted personnel.
FF-1074 Bob ''Ernie'' Williams ET2 3/87-7/90 tincansailor (AT) If I'd known, I'd have gone to Pearl to watch 'em sink it.
FF-1074 John Yazzie E-5 01/86-09/89 johnyazziejr (AT)  
FF-1074 Benjamin Young MM1 1986 to 1988 Vikesfanben (AT) Cutting off power and water to the ship during Movie call.
FF-1074 Michael Zearley TM1 1986 to 1989 michael.zearley (AT)  
FF-1074 Chris Zmecek PC3 1987-1991 Hawaiianjrson (AT) Had a great time, to bad she is at the bottom of the ocean.

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