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FFG-19 Charles Alden BM3/E-4 9/98 2/00 charles.scott.alden (AT) One of the best times of my life. Than you to the crew of John A. Moore.
FFG-19 Todd Andrade STG2 Plankowner to 1982 beansdadd (AT)  
FFG-19 Charles Boyd BM1 Plankowner-1983 wauna (AT)  
FFG-19 Vance Brahosky LT 6/86-12/89 vance.brahosky (AT) 05 in the Reserves; Fed Civil Servant at NAVSEA
FFG-19 Mark Bullard HMC 3/83 - 5/86 mhmcs41 (AT) Good ship, sometimes, bad leadership, especially when CDR Swinger left
FFG-19 Michael Buxton OS2 (SW) Plankowner - 11/86 sprinklermichael (AT) gmail good ship and crew. probably one of the last plankowners to leave
FFG-19 Marc Cannizzaro RM2 1/83-12/84 cannizzaroma (AT) great ship-were some negative people who tried to ruin your day but I had a blast with the many positive people
FFG-19 Alan ''Ace'' Clarkson EN2 Plankowner - 6/82 blue_tahoe1 (AT) Hope crewmembers are doing well. I live in Columbus,OH-D Allen,B Verner,P Kelley-BEST bunch of snipes.
FFG-19 Wayne Cook EM1(SW) 1985 to 1991 wayne327fi (AT) I loved ECCET Drills
FFG-19 Kirby Dickerson GMM3 04/90-05/94 kldickeson (AT)  
FFG-19 Arne Eastlund AW2 1982 eastlund (AT) Plankowner
FFG-19 Brian Farmer EN3 09/85-09/88 BF9347 (AT)  
FFG-19 Gary Farris GMG2 1981-1982 exffg7gunner (AT) Plankowner
FFG-19 Griffith Fuller E-4 Twice-E-5 01/95-01/99 jahfit (AT) The best US Frigate that ever sailed all around the World.
FFG-19 Diego Gamboa BM3(SW) 12/98- 9/00 DGAMBOA (AT) Decommission crew
FFG-19 Rick Graham SK2 1981-1985 Rickgraham777 (AT)  
FFG-19 Philip Hayward SN 06/86 to 12/89 mobleracefan (AT) Very proud to have served and very much look forward to hopefully finding some of my shipmates.
FFG-19 Bruce Helart LT 1980- Aug 82 b.helart (AT) Plankowner, CIC Officer
FFG-19 Hal Douglas Hildebrand E-5 83-89 impulsehydro (AT)  
FFG-19 Kirk Hornburg LT 1986-1990 khornburg (AT)  
FFG-19 Daniel Hunter HT3 1993-95 danmhunter (AT)  
FFG-19 Robert E. Johnson STG1 1986 - 1989 TINCAN734 (AT)  
FFG-19 Harold Julius MS2 1987-88 harold432 (AT) peanut butter and jelly-a must-at mid rats.
FFG-19 John Keltner GSM2 1980-1985 John (AT) Haze gray & underway !!
FFG-19 Ken Klarfeld ET2 plankowner - 1982 kklarfeld (AT) Still kickin
FFG-19 Roy Koenig GMG2 1984-1988 gm1koenig (AT) the 85 cruise was a blast, who could ask for a better place for a SRF period than subic...
FFG-19 John Landon LCDR 1990-1992 CAPTJML2 (AT) Operations Officer/Navigator, Combat Systems Officer
FFG-19 Ted Laurila STGC precom - 1982 DD716TED (AT)  
FFG-19 Travis Lush EN3 1993-1997 itsa77 (AT) best crew and ship in the fleet!!!
FFG-19 Mac McCormick CWO3 10/82-10/85 mactree90 (AT) Great Tour of Duty
FFG-19 Robert Medill BMCS 5/89 - 8/90 pamedill (AT)  
FFG-19 Phillip Miller MS3 11/85 - 10/88 A2015annabelle (AT) The best crew i knew. Hello jodi and morgan , remember the good times & dan.
FFG-19 Tony Mills QM2 1981-1985 tonymills1101 (AT) Never Give In
FFG-19 Dale Mortensen FC2 10/82 - 11/86 mortensen (AT) Great crew, great tours, great ship, Swinger was great Skipper.
FFG-19 Matt Nemmers PN3(SW) 4/95-11/97 matthew.nemmers (AT)  
FFG-19 Tracey (Ozzy) Osbjornsen EN2 1986-1990  
FFG-19 Nelson Pacardo EMC 6/84 - 5/89 nelson.h.pacardo (AT)  
FFG-19 Virgilio Pascua HM2 1997-2000 virgilio.pascua (AT) Decom crew...fastest frigate in the waterfront!
FFG-19 Michael Phillips E-5 1981-1986 nshore00 (AT) Plank Owner, 83 and 85 cruises and Central America
FFG-19 Mike Poreda OSC(SW) 10/86 - 10/88 mporeda (AT)  
FFG-19 Keith Ricketti FC3 9/83-9/85 keithricketti (AT) Sitting in Bosn hole when collision alarm sounded-''What alarm is that-who slammmed into us-the Meyercordz?''
FFG-19 Julius Robinson MS2 8/95-10/98 jrobins4 (AT)  
FFG-19 David Rodgers STG2 Pre-Com - 1983 david236 (AT)  
FFG-19 Mark Ross LT 1982 to 1984 mark (AT) Ordnace Officer. WestPac and Nicaragua
FFG-19 Robert Schuknecht OS2 6/84 - 3/88 schukyboatman (AT) 1st command of my career and a memorable one. The Subic Bay cruises will never be matched!
FFG-19 Eric Simon E-5 01/02/1997 - 08/06/2000 ericsimon78 (AT)  
FFG-19 Rick Spiger GSM3 83-85 Rspiger (AT)  
FFG-19 Doug Stucker BM2 01/84 - 10/89 revbbq (AT) Those were sure good times.
FFG-19 Earl G. Sullivan BMC/E-7 precom-1982 sullisan929 (AT) Great experiance, good crew and outstanding skipper and xo, too bad it was near my career end
FFG-19 Paul Sward RM2 11/83 - 4/87 pwsward (AT)  
FFG-19 Don Swisshelm BM2(SW) 06/85-10/89 donisaacs (AT)  
FFG-19 Roger Tims SH2 Plank owner to 12/83 crazyokie6250 (AT) Great command to serve on
FFG-19 Billy Truett FC1 5/83 to 6/87 bctruett (AT)  
FFG-19 Cesar Trujillo GSM 1992-1995 Cesar_Trujillo (AT) Home sweet home. Best crew I served with
FFG-19 Tom Turrentine STG2 1984-1988 tomgturp (AT)  
FFG-19 Felipe Villasante HM2(SW) 1996-2000 felipe.villasante (AT)  
FFG-19 Freddie Ward SMSN 12/96-02/99 freddie.ward (AT) Best FFG on the waterfront miss the crew and the southpac deployments. Miss the SM life.
FFG-19 Louis West EW2(SW) 6/94-1/99 louwestcountry (AT)  
FFG-19 William Wigginton ET2 Plankowner - 11/83 williamrebecca (AT) Woof!
FFG-19 Dale Williams E-3 11/81-9/83 dalespatriotnation (AT) plank-owner
FFG-19 Tim Williams EN2 Plankowner - 1982 tdwilliams860 (AT)  
FFG-19 Russ Wills BM2 01/84-09/87 rwills (AT) Still haven't given in !!
FFG-19 Kirk (Skin) Wilson BM3 precom 1981 kirkh144 (AT) i miss my mates but not the navy FTN

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