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DE-1027 Robert Adams RDSN 12/67-8/68 rwadamslaw (AT) The Willis was a small, but friendly ship. A good place to start learning how to be a real sailor.
DE-1027 William (Bill) Armstrong RD3 5/68-10/68 billa_1 (AT) Came onboard straight out of 'A' school-served till she went on ROS status & was trans-fond memories of 1st ship
DE-1027 Len Baptiste QM2 12/69 - 8/71 Len.baptiste (AT) Boston Shipyard, GITMO, South America (UNITAS)
DE-1027 Raymond Bell BT3 1960-1962 jrbell60 (AT)  
DE-1027 John Bolner SN/E-3 1969-1971 jbolner (AT) I'd like to hear from anyone, who may have served with me. Thank You!
DE-1027 Benny Bozeman E-4 1969 to 1971 bennybozeman (AT) Anyone whom remembers me, especially ASDivision, friend or not. Great crew, even Bucky.
DE-1027 Robert Breault BT3 1957 to 1959 ima_breault (AT) Best scronger on board the John Harlan Willis that's a fact!
DE-1027 Jake Brohel FTGSN 1/58-5/59 jbb1sg (AT) my first ship great esp. Like to hear from ship mates
DE-1027 Frederick Burke SN 3/61 - 12/64 yankeedallasfan (AT) I have fond memories of my time served on board , would love to touch base with shipmates from that period.
DE-1027 Bob Capozzoli SM3 1/68-7/68 RJC1269 (AT) Northern Europe Cruise
DE-1027 Raymond Chang EM2 2/60-6/62 Puhau1230 (AT) Great Years, Great Memories, Great Shipmates
DE-1027 Donald Cloud BM1 5/67-7/68 dcloud20 (AT)  
DE-1027 Raymond W. Coates BM1 1969-1971 w4-seafarer (AT)  
DE-1027 Robert Cole TM3 6/61- 5/62 rcole02 (AT)  
DE-1027 Lou Connell STG2 67-69 splitrim05 (AT) Cuba refresher, Port Rush Ireland, Antwerp, Bluenose, Shelbk
DE-1027 Mike Cornett SN 07/66 to 06/68 mike.cornett (AT) deck ape' . anti-sub training in cuba. cruise to med/norwa
DE-1027 Phillip Dwyer MM3 1960 to 1962 philliphdwyer (AT) It's hard to believe it's fifty years. Good ship, good crew. Good steamin'' guys.''
DE-1027 Glen Erickson STG2 1970-1972 gerickson6 (AT) Want to reconnect with AS Division/Sonargang esp.Sebi Midolo,Jim Kochanick,Bobby Schroeder,Benny Bozeman
DE-1027 Dale Flowers RD2 7/66-12/67 daleflowers (AT) Retired after 26 as LT.
DE-1027 Richard Fuess YN3 1964-1966 Cadjawpondkid (AT) Sailed on Two Unitas Cruises, South America
DE-1027 Kent Giese BT2 5/59 to 2/63 kagoose (AT) great experience, wouldn't trade it for anything
DE-1027 Warent Gilliems GMGC 1968 to 1969 allnav (AT)  
DE-1027 Richard Gobish ET1 12/67 - 10/71 Musicbuff12000 (AT) Im 1 of the children (Sheryl) of Richard Gobish adding his info for he paased 6/2003 id really appreciate anyone who served with him to xontact me via my email listed with some stories of their time spent with my father. Tyvm
DE-1027 Rick Handy FN 1959 to 1961 rickh14488 (AT) 2 yrs in ''the hole'' with Bart Moisan BT 2
DE-1027 Neil Hart STG2 Mid 1966 - Late 1968 nrhart1 (AT) Frist ship had some great times in the Med and Northern Europe
DE-1027 Lloyd Harter SFP3 1959 to 1961 ldharter (AT)  
DE-1027 Leonard Hill TM3 59-60 lhem (AT) She was my first ship, went on board in Newport R.I.
DE-1027 Robert Hill MM1 3/61-8/62 bobandnanci (AT)  
DE-1027 Michael Hobbs MM2 1966 - 1969 michaelhobbs925 (AT) Milford, MA
DE-1027 Daniel Hogan BMC 10/56-4/59 POPSHOGAN2004 (AT)  
DE-1027 John Kennedy E-3 5/66 - 4/68 jnjkennedy (AT)  
DE-1027 Kenneth Koerner EN3 64 to 66 Quickdrawbuddy57 (AT) aol. South America cruise Unitus V crosses Equator twice ShellBack for sure what a day that was
DE-1027 Ronald Kozak RM2 1962 to1964 kozakdownsouth (AT) Just trying to see if anyone remembers those days. One in particular is P J Mikalchek(sorry if I spelled it wrong)
DE-1027 Harold Kruse ETN3 7/69-7/70 khb17r (AT) worked in DASH division,Boston shipyard,Gitmo,Key West
DE-1027 James Larrivee SMC 1967 to 1969 yankee34 (AT)  
DE-1027 John Lemieux MM2 1966 - 1968 john.lemieux (AT) Great ship great shipmates
DE-1027 John Leonard GMGSN 11/67 - 8/68 Jackleonard66 (AT) Remember bouncing around like a cork in heavy weather
DE-1027 Dale Lloyd SFP2 5/63 to 3/66 shortie751 (AT)  
DE-1027 Ronald Loto RD2 1970-1971 l5rona (AT) Love to hear frm shipmates-only takes a thought,then I hear,''Shift colors-underway!'' and Iím back on watch.
DE-1027 Tom (TC) Love SK3 02/69-09/71 Ardenbank (AT) My first ship, always a fond memory.
DE-1027 Dave Mack RD3 9/58-8/61 melamack (AT) was it really 50 years ago?
DE-1027 Richard Miller MM2 1962-1963 rmiller21 (AT) In charge of engine room
DE-1027 Michael Nacosyn RD3 7/66 - 9/68 knucklesnacosyn (AT)  
DE-1027 Jim Nunes STGSN 1969-1970 jamesnunesb (AT) Served on board through training excercises at Gitmo
DE-1027 Clyde Parnell GM5 1966-1969 Jolparn (AT)  
DE-1027 John (Jack) Pero SK2 6/66-10/69 jpero (AT) Hope to see my shipmates at the next reunion
DE-1027 Sid Prosser EM2 4/66-10/69 Sidpro (AT)  
DE-1027 Jerry Rafus ET3 8/58-9/61 J.Rafus (AT) Best duty in the Navy. Looking for any shipmates, especially, Hertwick, Vadnais, Mack
DE-1027 Phillip Rayer RDSN 1966-67 phillip.o.rayer (AT) would like to hear from some of the RD when I was in.
DE-1027 Thomas Ridenour QM3 1961-1962 tridenour (AT) Would like to hear from others who served with me.
DE-1027 Ronald ''Dutch'' Rinck FT2 2/58 to 12/59 rjrinck (AT) phone cell 570 350-0033 on med cruise 6 mo. dry dock in Boston and Brooklyn
DE-1027 Michael Robbins BTFN 1969-1972 ruthmike01 (AT) was called robbi by most shipmates.
DE-1027 John Rodgers DK2 1960 to 1961 jrodghale (AT) One of these das when sched don't conflict i'll make a reuio
DE-1027 William Rosamond BMSN 1963-1964 Williamrosamond (AT) Please add my name to roster
DE-1027 Robert Schroeder STG2 3/70-8/72 Bobmailman (AT) Unitas XI and lots of Russian sub chasing in the Carribean
DE-1027 William R. Speck SN 1970-1971 airbrushwillie (AT) Just a short note to all WILLIE Boaters. Like my boss Ray Coates
DE-1027 John Stewart IC3 1/63-7/66 lagerhap (AT) Have fond memories servicing aboard the Willis.
DE-1027 Jim Stiles RD3 1970 to 1971 jdstiles (AT)  
DE-1027 Jim Tannous RM2 2/1/57 (904) 923-1407 Onboard at comm-plankowner-from allentown-now in Jax,FL-served under Capt Anson & Ens O'Keefe from phila
DE-1027 Lee Terrell RD2 1957 to 1959 a.l.terrell (AT)  
DE-1027 James Toms RD2 6/66 - 12/68 jtt.cwo3 (AT) Retired after 22 in USCG as CWO3
DE-1027 Charles Verkade EM3 10/60 to 10/62 oakhill01 (AT) Looking for Busby IC3 or Hudson IC3 or any one from Engineering Dept. Transferred to Yosemite 10/62- 3/64
DE-1027 Lou Wack RM3 12/69 - 07/71 loujan621 (AT)  
DE-1027 Albert Wheaton STGSN 8/71 - 8/72 puffyvt (AT) Azores, Tampico, Halifax, Polaris shoots..........
DE-1027 Richard White SN 1/59-861 jackpot624 (AT) I'd like to hear from some of the crew
DE-1027 Robert Windsor EM2 1968-1971 yenoh (AT)  
DE-1027 Fred Witte SN 1960-1961 tincanbosun (AT) Dick White, glad to hear you're around.

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