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DE/FF-1052 Mark Bakara E-3 6/83-11/84 captbakara (AT) greatest time of my life! I try to tell other young men to join but there to busy playing games
DE/FF-1052 Bob Bennett EN3 1970-1973 Unclebob52 (AT) Do you remember the Knox Rocks
DE/FF-1052 Jeff Bosworth STG2 3/69-3/72 jbosworth (AT) Plankowner, Reunion Coordinator
DE/FF-1052 Steve Bumstead SM3 04/01/1969 to 1971 Clbumstead (AT)  
DE/FF-1052 Jim Hanks STG2 03/69 - 12/71 jimhhanks (AT) Plank owner, Ship's Assistant Enlisted Advisor, SONAR Secretary, Ship's Recreation Committee Secretary.
DE/FF-1052 Stanley Penrose SN 03/75-11/77 penrosestanley (AT) Home port in Pearl Harbor Hi we did the Hawaii 50 on our ship. years later i reside on Oahu,ret frm gov service
DE/FF-1052 Donald Rimer E-2 1971-1972 DONCAR36 (AT) HOTMAIL.COM Living in St Augustine, FL
DE/FF-1052 Dennis Ritchey RD3 5/69 - 3/71 Ritchey928 (AT) Plankowner
DE/FF-1052 Rombo Romberger E-5 1979-1980 Jrombo54 (AT)  
DE/FF-1052 Sid Sunseri PC3 4/70 - 3/72 Sidsunseri (AT) Anybody remember me?
DE/FF-1052 Rick Walton STG1 6/70 - 11/75 rwalton (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates. Check out the reunion!
DE-1052 Thomas (Tom) Baker EN3 1973 - 1976 Srchefs (AT) Part of A-Gang, we had the fastest Captain's Gig in the fleet.
DE-1052 Michael Blum MM3 2/69-6/70 meblumsr (AT) would like to here from old shipmates-Aux.1
DE-1052 Doug (Bo) Bullock RM3 6/71-6/72 sdbul (AT)  
DE-1052 Bill Burch ETR2 07/69 - 06/71 james_burch (AT)  
DE-1052 Vince Capparelli SK3 1970 to 1972 cobravpc (AT) Good bunch of Guys, I maybe should have stayed ???
DE-1052 Michael Chesterfield BT1 1972/1973 roaddancer2 (AT) Onboard to put her in com-worked on air controls for the boilers-good crew-they threw me over board when I left
DE-1052 Wilde Cody CS 1972 to 1975 wildebillcody (AT)  
DE-1052 Mike Coleman BM3 1974-75 colemanmike1124 (AT) would like to hear from some old shipmates
DE-1052 Jim Collvins MMCS 1969-70 jamescollvins (AT) I remember the fireroom fire and the great crew.
DE-1052 Dan Daily BM3 1972-75 dld52txg (AT) I would like to get some response through e-mail from some of the crew
DE-1052 Robert Danner FTG3 Plankowner iufan35 (AT)  
DE-1052 Curtis Dry EMCM(SW) retired 1975 to 1980 cdry (AT) Best of times in Pearl Harbor and Yokosuka.
DE-1052 Rene Estepa SK3 1971 to 1974 restpea (AT) onboard part of second westpac and a boot sailor then working on deck division and part westpac 1974
DE-1052 John Fleming HT3 2/73-11/74 jrksfleming (AT) Homeport, the Rock, Pearl Harbor
DE-1052 Roger Foote MM2 1969 to 1971 rwfoote (AT) Would like to hear from some of the Machinist Mates
DE-1052 Barry Frizzell BM3 1969 to 1970 fritz13 (AT) joined the ship in Pearl right after commission. deck apes?
DE-1052 Gary J. Fruits RDE1 1969 - 1970 gjfruits (AT)  
DE-1052 James H. (Jim) Hanks STG2 3/69-12/71 JimHHanks (AT) Plankowner
DE-1052 Roland Harr RM1 1967- 9/1968 rolly (AT) I really enjoyed being on the UDD Knox
DE-1052 Archie Roland Harr, Jr. RM1 1969-1970 rolly (AT) I am getting a reunion together for the USS Knox
DE-1052 Phil Hatch RM2 1970-1971 phill.hatch (AT) return from nam with uss chicago/fire was very scary
DE-1052 Karl Hildebrand CTRSN(YN) 1/73 - 8/73 karl_hildebrand (AT) Sea trials in 73. I worked in the Personel Office, Did the Daily Report, worked in the galley for 90 days.
DE-1052 Gary Holtzman SNBM5 5/71 - 10/71 g.holtzman (AT) boarded ship after a tour in Vietnam on riverboats.
DE-1052 Millard (Howard) Hughes BT3 1/73-8/76 mhughes (AT)  
DE-1052 Thomas Kielty BM2 1973 to 1974 tjkielty (AT)  
DE-1052 Robert (Arlo) Kraus MM3 4/69-5/71 arlo69sporty (AT) Plankowner-onboard for shock tests-3 times in drydock (Knox on the blocks) & the fire-love to hear from shipmates
DE-1052 Bob Landrigan SH3 4/69-3/72 blandrigan (AT)  
DE-1052 Roberto (Bob) Lara SN 08/71 to 11/74 virginialara (AT) I'm looking to talk to shipmates during this time. You can e-mail, or call me at (575) 887-1417
DE-1052 Samuel Lattin BT2 1968 to 1970 sdlattin81844 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1052 Ron Livingstone PO3 4/69 - 11/72 rliving13 (AT) When is the next reunion. I would Love to attend!
DE-1052 Daniel Lucero STG2 1969-1972 gri (AT) Plankowner
DE-1052 Terry Lyon YN2 Nov 68 - Apr 71 tllyon00 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1052 George Morrison TM/E-3 3/73-4/75 smorrison_54 (AT)  
DE-1052 Mark Naysnerski E-6 12/72-9/75 mnaysnerski (AT)  
DE-1052 Thomas (Moped) Ray STG3 75-78 1304tray (AT)  
DE-1052 Don Rimer E-2 12/71-12/72 DONCAR36 (AT)  
DE-1052 Michael Roe DC3 6/70 - 1/73 gunslinger069 (AT) Proud Snipe-1st on scene at Fire rm fire-homeport Pearl-2 WestPacs,Double Shellback-proud serve und 2 Capts
DE-1052 Jon Rose E-3 12/72 8/74 jonrose31 (AT) I I would like to hear from anybody from the time i was onboard.
DE-1052 Fred Schwyhart EM3 1/69 - 3/71 maiaka (AT) I helped commision the ship in Bremerton.
DE-1052 John Seaman CS2 1/71-2/72 stortstuff (AT)  
DE-1052 Bob Simonson LT 1969-1971 bsimosd (AT)  
DE-1052 Donald Snider STCS 2/70-2/71 elroy1 (AT)  
DE-1052 John Stakes MS3 1970-1972 stakeshome (AT) a great time
DE-1052 Roy Strolin EM3 1974-1976 rrstrolin (AT)  
DE-1052 Mike Thomas ET2 70-72 thomas (AT) OI Division, first two Wespacs.
DE-1052 David Todd LT 12/71 - 10/73 david.todd (AT) Knox Reunion Association President
DE-1052 Ernest Todd SF2 9/68 to 8/69 swtodd (AT) one of the first shipmates on board work todds shipyards.
DE-1052 Dan Torretta SH1 1969-1970 Dantorretta (AT) Plank owner
DE-1052 David Volk SN 1969 - 1970 dvolk7 (AT) Proud of/loved time onboard/crew-ordered 2 hats/shirts-tried to order bumper stickers frm website but no reply
DE-1052 James Warren BM2 69-72 warren121 (AT)  
DE-1052 Denny White RM2 1970 to 1972 tugg (AT) 2011 Reunion chair
FF-1052 Dan Ahlfeld FTM2 4/78 to 4/80 dahlfeld (AT)  
FF-1052 Frank Amos IC3 OCT 75- DEC 77 fdamos (AT) Great ship she was, many memories of good times with some fun guys. God Bless all who made her great!
FF-1052 Ben Arnett DC1 1989-1991 decom makahason1966 (AT) great r-division and best west-pac- hello Chief Burns
FF-1052 Brian Avelsgard OS2 01/1988-04/1990 Bavelsgard (AT)  
FF-1052 Kenneth Batten MM3 1986 to 1990 kennethbatten (AT)  
FF-1052 Don (Doc) Benton HMC 1979 to 1982 donbenton (AT) This was one of my best duty stations, and had a very positive effect on my life. BZ to all who served on her
FF-1052 Roy Berron SA 11/76-7/78 seadog76us (AT) Anyone heard from GMG3 Mike Amara 77-80
FF-1052 Keith Black MM3 1981-1984 kblack (AT) Great way for a kid to grow up...Yokosuka and new freinds
FF-1052 Jay Bodeker GMG3 6/77- 79 life's best lessons learned as a young sailor. Missed Honolulu but lived Yokosuka.
FF-1052 Jason Bowen BM3 1989-1991 bowens111 (AT)  
FF-1052 Darrell Bradley IC3 1977 to 1979 dwbdkb (AT)  
FF-1052 Allen Breitner FC2 1986 to 1989 Ajabber64 (AT)  
FF-1052 Rick Brockmeyer BT3 01/83-05/85 frate_1 (AT)  
FF-1052 Robert Brooks OS1/E-6 84-90 dsludwig67 (AT) the email address above is a friend's email. Email him, and he'll give you my phone number. His name is Dave.
FF-1052 Robert Brown EN3 1984-1986 bobby.lemonade.brown (AT) A-Gang
FF-1052 Chad Browning OS3 10/90-02/92 CBRO69US (AT)  
FF-1052 Raymond J. Coache EM1 08/81- 07/83 Matrosen74 (AT)  
FF-1052 Samuel Cox FTM2 5/76-9/82 chainwolf1955 (AT) Looking to find old shipmates
FF-1052 William Edgar Coxe BT3 7/89 - 11/91 e.coxe (AT)  
FF-1052 Dan Daily BM3 1972-75 DLD52TXG (AT) Anybody on board-know me or not-send email, if nothing but ''hi''.
FF-1052 Tom Deatherage ICC 10/83 to 10/86 deatheraget (AT)  
FF-1052 Terry Dempewolf FTM3 12/82-11/84 tjdconstinc (AT) new email address
FF-1052 Chris Drennan STG3 9/89-2/92 acad54 (AT) Had a lot of fun with the people on that ship.
FF-1052 Curtis Dry EM2 1975 to 1980 cdry (AT) First ship. Onboard in Hawaii & Japan.
FF-1052 Gerald Elam BT3 5/73-11/76 salthheart77 (AT) Yipes Snipes!!!
FF-1052 Howard Eubanks STG2 12/75-06/77 ABigCwby (AT)  
FF-1052 Michael Fleming SN 1986 to 1988 mmike2885 (AT) Home ported in Yokosuka, Japan
FF-1052 Curt Fosdick FTG2 12/81-11/84 curtisfosdick (AT)  
FF-1052 Dave Fox STG3 2/76-7/77 davefox19 (AT)  
FF-1052 James Freiband LT 1968-71 JFREIBAND (AT) Looking for shipmates for Sept 2015 reunion
FF-1052 Joe Geisler IC3 6/87-9/89 spearfishinkona (AT) from Japan to California shipyard what memories.
FF-1052 Brian Gomes OS3 1983 to 1986 Phantaz40g (AT) Still remembering about the good times
FF-1052 Mike Hangaard STG2 1979-1981 michael.hangaard (AT)  
FF-1052 Randy Hanson EN3 1/90- 2/92 r1611hanson (AT) Looking for some old Knox shipmates.
FF-1052 Michael Hawalka ET1 1980-1983 michaelhawalka (AT) First and only ship.. Loved PI so much I will retire there soon with a young Filippina
FF-1052 Patrick Heinz BT3 09/86-09/88 pheinz (AT)  
FF-1052 Jesse (J. D.) Hillis BT2 1980-1984 2fastnaz (AT)  
FF-1052 Jason Hubbard YN3 2/90 - 2/92 Hubbardjl (AT) YN1(SW) Hubbard stationed at NUWC Keyport, WA
FF-1052 Chris Kirkwood STG1 11/86 to 6/90 chilly1k (AT) Always on the lookout for old shipmates, anyone heard from Kevin Flaherty or Michael Wentworth?
FF-1052 Joe Marigliano EW1 1980-1984 joemarig (AT)  
FF-1052 Brad McDowell BT3 1976 - 1978 bemc04 (AT) good ship, good crew, lot's of fun
FF-1052 Richard McVean GMGC 9/74 -1/77 mcveanrichardl (AT) Great web site. I'm looking forward to hear from old shipmates
FF-1052 Pablo Melendez MM3 1981-1983 pmelen1 (AT) I should have never left the knox or Japan
FF-1052 Ora Miller MM2 precom-70 moose (AT) Great crew for a great ship
FF-1052 Michael Milner MM2 1/76 - 7/79 gratefulhead56 (AT) Great times Great Crew Hawaii to Japan & then some!
FF-1052 Stephen Mitchell GMT1(SW) 03/89-10/90 mitchellstephen629 (AT)  
FF-1052 Ebb Morris FTG1 05/79 - 09/83 djjaz_ebb (AT)  
FF-1052 Daniel Murray E-3 10/74 - 6/76 dkmurray90 (AT)  
FF-1052 Michael E. Myers BT1(SW) May 1988- Jan 1990 Michael.Myers (AT)  
FF-1052 Mike Neal ET2 12/82 - 05/85 nealml (AT) Any 82-85 shipmates, write! That's YOU Polland and Wilborn!
FF-1052 Mike Nelson MM3 3/89-2/92 69.cuida (AT)  
FF-1052 Cliff Nelson STG2 9/75 - 3/77 noslenffilc (AT) First ship as a pushbutton third. I will never forget it.
FF-1052 Jack Nix STG1 05/81 - 05/84 Jackenix (AT)  
FF-1052 Charles Patterson LT(jg) 1984 - 1987 normacap (AT)  
FF-1052 Paul Peloquin E-3 1979-1981 pelopr (AT)  
FF-1052 Jim Piilola MM2 9/76-4/80 jgpi (AT)  
FF-1052 Jody Polland E-5 1981 - 1985 Best boat I was ever stationed on.
FF-1052 James Presson GM3   jepresson1 (AT) aol.comm  
FF-1052 Michael Randolph RM3 2/78 - 4/80 michael.e.randolph (AT)  
FF-1052 Terry Raye E-3 1981-1983 traye07 (AT) Great memories of Yokosuka.
FF-1052 Robert Rich OS2 06/84 - 06/86 robert_rich (AT) My first ship-great introduction to what it means to be a REAL sailor, a tin can sailor.
FF-1052 John Romero MM 1982-1983 jromero2 (AT) one of the best times of my life , I even miss steaming through rough seas !!
FF-1052 Mark Scott GMG2 1977-1979 mwscott1999 (AT)  
FF-1052 Robert Sherman BT2 1978-1983 robertsherman143 (AT)  
FF-1052 Vitold Silevicz EW3 11/76-10/78 vits53 (AT) Looking for shipmates.
FF-1052 Ron Snow E-4 1977 to 1979 ron195349 (AT) just seeing if i can connect with old navy pals email me
FF-1052 Michael Tarantino BT2 3/83-3/85 boilerman (AT)  
FF-1052 Dempewolf Terry FTM3 12/82-11/84 dempewolf (AT)  
FF-1052 Wayne Terry BT2 1/87 - 2/92 gordonrules (AT) A Great Boat
FF-1052 Cyrus Toogood QM1 10/87 to 10/89 xxplore (AT) The Knox was the best outstanding Crew
FF-1052 Timothy Wayne Vann BT2 09/83 - 10/ 86 twvann1 (AT) This was my first ship. I have some great memories
FF-1052 Guadalupe Vargas, Jr. PN3 3/80 - 04/82 gvjr0526 (AT) What a great ship she was, my first duty station and my most rewarding
FF-1052 Brian Welch GMM3 1988-1990 3jacked (AT) looking for AS div shipmates
FF-1052 Joe Welsch STGS 1/87 to 11/89 jnwelsch (AT)  
FF-1052 Joe Wilborn RM3 10/82-7/84 JWILB88281 (AT) Any Shipmates from the early 80's out there, look me up!!
FF-1052 James A. Willson STGC 11/72 - 7/76 kyoko1 (AT) A fine ship and great crew.
FF-1052 Jeff (Zak) Zakula HT2 9/83-8/86 lowrider44us (AT) Been back to subic a few times since 07-Barrio Barretto still business as usual-Midnight Rambler still there
FF-1054 Jean Earp MM2 11/82-5/83 jlearp50 (AT) TAD from Badger to A-gang/M-div
FF-1054 Sam Shelton SK3 4/70-9/72 bevshelton (AT) plank owner
FF-1075 Chuck Robichau EM3 12/75 Chuckrobichau (AT) Roy, Curt Hope all is well.

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