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DE1022 Gary Boyd YNSN 11/68 - 08/70 garymasterswimmer (AT) I liked to feed the fish in the north atlantic (Ralph)
DE-1022 Alvin Acosta IC2 3/63-11/64 alvinj11 (AT)  
DE-1022 Garry Anderson SN 69-70 garrywanderson49 (AT) was striker in sick bay for chief buddy lewis then sent to corpsman class A school in great lakes before Naples.
DE-1022 Marc Arsenault ET2 1/61-12/62 marc-a (AT) visit
DE-1022 Ray Art LT 6/66 - 6/68 Arayart (AT)  
DE-1022 Charles Atterberry E-3 12/69-3/72 Charlesatterberry (AT) Hello shipmates
DE-1022 Thomas Atwood E-3 1959 S.A. Cruise Mitzie44 (AT) I was an ET striker. Went on South American Cruise
DE-1022 Dan Baron SN 1972-1973 rotbaron (AT)  
DE-1022 Randolph Berry BT2 5/71-12/73 rhb_84 (AT)  
DE-1022 George Biles LT 8/63-12/64 georgebiles (AT)  
DE-1022 Robert Bonner QM3 1971 to 1973 rbonner48 (AT)  
DE-1022 Larry Bragg RM3 9/62-12/62 Helias49 (AT) Extended & transferred frm Cromwell to make Unitas III-Good crew,fun time,cut short by Cuban Missile Crisis
DE-1022 Michael Brophy BT3 5/62-4/64 michaelebrophy (AT) Anyone onboard 62-64. ESPECIALLY ''the black gang''
DE-1022 Paul Bryant STG2 2/68-8/68 bpbmooring (AT)  
DE-1022 Victor Caggiano E-3 8 /1/1971 to 1973 Caggianov (AT) It's been long time since i saw my ship
DE-1022 Anthony Calandrino EM3 1972/1973 ajcjr1954 (AT) also was on the USS GUAM LPH 9 after decommisioning Lester
DE-1022 Tony Carangelo QM2 1962-63 abcarangelo (AT)  
DE-1022 Richard Cegelis BTFN 1957 to 1959 richard.cegelis (AT)  
DE-1022 Douglas Condon FTG3 72-73 dougcondoncpallc (AT)  
DE-1022 Bruce Conning QM1 1967-68 bruceandgeri (AT)  
DE-1022 Jim Cook BT2 1965 1969 Cookdonna30 (AT) Would like 2 hear from any of my shipmates
DE-1022 Danny Covill SO3 1960-1962 gilmanexports (AT)  
DE-1022 Jerry Cullen RMSN 5/62-4/64 jcullen (AT) Looking for Bailey and LaCapra
DE-1022 Freddie Cummings BT3 2/69 to 10/70 fcumming (AT)  
DE-1022 Walt Cuppetelli MM2 12/64-5/68 amborgio45 (AT) DIW of Hatteras in high seas,Crypto off Cuba being chased by gun boatsin middle of night-mooning russians in Med
DE-1022 James Curylo ETR3 8/60-10/62 jwcurylo (AT)  
DE-1022 Larry Dailing FTG3 1961 to 1962 ldailing (AT)  
DE-1022 Bill Devlin FT2 12/57-12/59 wjjd (AT)  
DE-1022 Charles Di Lauro ETN2 01/62-08/62 akatosh16 (AT)  
DE-1022 William Dombroski TE3 6/57-9/57 bobbiebill (AT) plank owner then broken ankle
DE-1022 William Doyle PC3 1/65-1/66 billmar04 (AT)  
DE-1022 Raymond Dunlap MM2 4/57-8/59 yardcat60822 (AT) plank owner
DE-1022 Richard Egelis FN 1959-1961 pandrcegelis (AT)  
DE-1022 Thomas Elifritz BT2 1971-1973 tefritz24 (AT)  
DE-1022 James Euclide LT(jg) 2/61 - 3/62 jimdoteuc (AT)  
DE-1022 Bill Faulds TM3 7/66 - 6/68 articblue3 (AT)  
DE-1022 Claude Ferrell BM3 1957 to 1959 deanief1 (AT) current address: The Residence Alive Hospice Claude Ferrell 1710 Patterson St. Rm. #139 Nashville, TN 37203
DE-1022 Ed Garrity RD1 7/61-7/63 egarrity55 (AT) If only I knew then what I know now
DE-1022 Frederick (Rick) Giesemann SM2 1970-1972 walker8543 (AT) Was aboard when in Newport and homeport change to Naples
DE-1022 James Hampton MM2 12/59 - 7/64 jhamp (AT) First ship of a 30 yr. career
DE-1022 David Hares RD3 10/69-10/71 diharesesq (AT) I left her when stationed in Naples.
DE-1022 Michael Harlach QM3 8/61-8/63 skyliner3 (AT)  
DE-1022 Louis Hayes MM2/E-5 09/63-03/67 lphchevron (AT) Served in Engine room and A Gang
DE-1022 Earl Heath RD3 1961-1963 Earl.r.heath (AT)  
DE-1022 Jim Hocking BM3 1970 j.hocking (AT) Aboard in E. Boston (prep for Naples) and for Gitmo
DE-1022 Robert Hoke SK3 1966 1968 Elainemarie (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates during this time frame
DE-1022 John (Dick) Holsten RM2 1957-02/1959 jrho (AT) Plank owner Clearwater, FL
DE-1022 Jay Jacoby GMGSN 1960 / 1964 luj2 (AT) Like To Hear From Anybody Who Remember,s Me. Hay Bob Goodwi
DE-1022 Tom Jahnke FTSN 1966 jajahnke (AT) Was part of the Newport hurry up and train 'um schools
DE-1022 Scott Johnson MR3 1/73-Decom scottjsr (AT)  
DE-1022 Michael Kelley MM3 6/71-6/73 suny359 (AT)  
DE-1022 Robert Kitchen MM3 3/57-4/59 TrimbleL (AT) Hope to hear from shipmates, or see them on Reunion
DE-1022 Lawrence Kocher RD2 4/69-4/71 lkalden (AT) I have some beautiful B&W glossy 8x10 photos of Lester. I could scan and send out if anyone is interested.
DE-1022 Bob Kohn SOG3 1961 to 1963 rk (AT) Where's the Sonar gang?
DE-1022 John Kuck BT/E-5 1966 to 1970 JEK8893 (AT)  
DE-1022 Joe Landry SN 11/1969 to Oct/1970 impala (AT)  
DE-1022 Joseph (Joe) Lepak, Jr. MM1 7/73 - 10/73 jmljr2001 (AT) Reported aboard in Naples in July, met the Dept Hd and was told I would be transferred back to the States as the ship was rotating back to the States. Told him I would like to stay in Italy and was transferred to the Cascade AD-16 after taking the Lester
DE-1022 Jerry Leveille SM3 3/67-3/68 Jerry.leveille (AT) Enjoyed the Lester boat.
DE-1022 Michael Mayhew STG3 7/66-5/68 2mmayhew (AT) looking for photos of Lester to show my grandkids
DE-1022 Dave McKeon RD2 6/59-8/61 tismslf (AT)  
DE-1022 Rick McKinnon HT3 1970-72 cmckinno56 (AT) Gitmo, E. Boston, Naples such fun
DE-1022 Joseph McLarney STG3 1965 - 1966 jdm (AT) Spent a lot of time TAD at Fleet Sonar School, Key West,Fla.
DE-1022 Robert Messenger SN 5/60-11/61 bobm (AT)  
DE-1022 Robert Moffatt LT 1963-1966 johngalt (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who knew him--he was my dad.
DE-1022 Jim Moore LT(jg) 6/57-12/58 jmoore19939 (AT) DCA / Engineer Officer
DE-1022 Terry Myers SM3 1968 tmyers (AT) Med & Artic cruise 1968
DE-1022 Rudy Navarro RD3 1/60 - 10/63 rudyn40 (AT) A great time in my life.
DE-1022 James Nelson EN2 1/69-10/71 jimbob85746 (AT) in charge of A-Gang, w/the Gas Turbine Emerg. Gen. In Newport, Boston, and Naples, Lived in Licola
DE-1022 Robert Nolan RD3 1960-1962 icando12 (AT)  
DE-1022 John Oakley RM3 1963-1964 oakleysuri (AT) Lots of good memories.
DE-1022 Henry Perez BM3 1969-1970 harry.rotulosferrer43 (AT) I also served on USS Boston CA-69, and on USS Charles P. Cecil DD-835.
DE-1022 Andy Prevento CS3 1962 thru 1965 AP4954 (AT) Surfin' through
DE-1022 Robert Reinhard YN3 6/64 -1/65 Reinrudd (AT) II remember the fall '64 north Atlantic storm well ... 3 or more of water on the mess deck and 45 deg.
DE-1022 Richard Rempel RM3 1971-1974 repairichremp (AT)  
DE-1022 John Ross EM2 1970 to 1971 papa232 (AT) on bboard for her transfer from Newport, R.I. to Naples, It.
DE-1022 Joe Rossano SK3 1958-1960 red67ford (AT)  
DE-1022 Thornton (Tony) Sanders LT(jg) 1963-1965 tg_sanders (AT)  
DE-1022 Frederick Schalek   1959-1961 lonestar87 (AT) This is my father's info. Contact me if u served on the ship
DE-1022 John Shaski BT3 1967 John_shaski (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates
DE-1022 Donald Shields YN3 1971-1973 rndshieldsduck (AT) Served aboard as new YN in 71 until decom in Norfolk. Worked in ships office. Stationed in Naples for 2yrs. Currently reg nurse living in Chicago.
DE-1022 George M. Shirley, Jr. YN2 1960 - 8/60 gshirley (AT)  
DE-1022 Arthur Smith M3 8/1962 - ? kaesky (AT) My father-died 01/03/09-looking for pictures/info of my dad's time of service-please email me!
DE-1022 Robert Steinmiller MS2 1970 to 1973 workingman4951 (AT)  
DE-1022 William Sullivan MM2 10/65-03/68 sullivanfive (AT) Sorry it took so long boys.
DE-1022 Stephen Taylor SK3 1966-1968 sntaylor (AT)  
DE-1022 George Theetge RM1 1963-1965 theetgeg (AT)  
DE-1022 Rich Umlor STG2 1970 - 1972 rjda48 (AT) Was on the lester when chnging homeports from Newport to Nap
DE-1022 Skip Urbati QM3 1957 to 1959 skimarhingham (AT)  
DE-1022 Richard Wagener YN3 9/61 to 9/63 rcwagener (AT) Where are Gallo,Courchesne,Hayes,Tuttle,Finn,Black,Hughes,Goebel,Clements,Crosby,RudyNavarro?
DE-1022 Jack Walker BT3 1966-1968 Jw02324 (AT) Looking for shipmates.
DE-1022 Darryl Watson FTG2 12/62-5/63 DARRYL.WATSON (AT) DELTA.COM  
DE-1022 Philip Welch E-3 10/64 to 7/65 welch.philip (AT) Remember storm in N Atlantic in 65-lots of sea sickness-vomit everywhere-anyone remember the Phantom Shitter.

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