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FFG-41 Donald Adams EN2 1983-1984 mawaj2 (AT) Plankowner- Great crew, good times. Drop me an e-mail.
FFG-41 James Anderson SK2 1991 to 1995 jimnpdx73 (AT) Hey to all the old shipmates that were on during my tour!
FFG-41 Jim Annis LCDR 1982-1985 eveniegas (AT) Commissioning Combat Systems Officer. Retired 1999 as CDR.
FFG-41 Joseph Barraco E-4 1988-1991 24934 23 Mile Rd, Macomb, MI 48045  
FFG-41 Anthony Bird GMG3 1983 to 1987 birdstx (AT) Plankowner
FFG-41 Daniel Brant QM2 (SW) 05/01 - 04/06 rdnck41 (AT)  
FFG-41 Russ Brown EMCM (SW) 88-91 badger138 (AT) Served as 3-M Cord and CMC, was relieved by BMCS Muckerheide
FFG-41 Edward Burger ETC 6/86 - 05/88 eburger1 (AT)  
FFG-41 Jeff Burns FC1 Jan 88 - Jun 90 jpdude999 (AT)  
FFG-41 Wilmer Cadd OS2 83-87 wlcadd (AT) Plankowner-good crew of men-good times/memories-thks for having a place to try & catch up with crew members
FFG-41 Donald Calloway LT 1983-1985 drcalloway (AT) I was the commissioning Supply Department Head.
FFG-41 Duncan Campbell ETC 1993 to 1998 KF6ILA (AT)  
FFG-41 Louis Cerasani EW2(SW) 1994-1997 loucoon (AT) My first and best sea tour! It was a lot of fun!
FFG-41 Steve Crum EN2 1984-88 stvcrum (AT)  
FFG-41 Dale Cruse ENC 1983 to 1987 DaleCruse (AT) Plankowner
FFG-41 Mike Dugan MS3 7/84-4/88 minnow321 (AT) my wife and I had the first west-pac baby(son)
FFG-41 Luis Eria EM1(SW) 9/83 - 4/89 mmm_guru (AT) The last of the Plankowners to leave!
FFG-41 Kenneth Farish OS1 1982 to 1985 kenneth.farish (AT) Pre-Com Crew
FFG-41 Peter Frothingham CDR   PeteFro (AT)  
FFG-41 Robert Gragg SM2 4/86 - 8/88 rgragg701 (AT)  
FFG-41 Richard Gustafson GSMC 12/81 - 7/85 yooperfinnsquid (AT) I was a Plankowner and Leading CPO in Engineering Dept. and EOOW during Sea Details.
FFG-41 Mark Harper LT 1983-86 EPHarper (AT) plank owner
FFG-41 Michael Hibbert FC1 4/94 -4/97 xfc1 (AT)  
FFG-41 Ricky Jackson GSCS(SW) 85-90 stretch548 (AT)  
FFG-41 Thomas Koerner E-5   Tom (AT)  
FFG-41 Benny Madrid OS2 5/88-11/91 bbthief (AT)  
FFG-41 Rob Matson SK2 1992-1996 cyberphlak (AT) Maddogg was here.
FFG-41 Scott Mertz E-5 2003 to 2006 smertz (AT) thanks for keeping afloat, guys
FFG-41 Thomas Morris BM2 8/83 - 9/86 cjtmorris (AT)  
FFG-41 Chris Northcott STGSN 1983-1984 bryon (AT)  
FFG-41 David Ostrander EM3 1990-1992 em2swoz69 (AT) Tigh crew, with lot of fun liberty ports times
FFG-41 Brian Queton OS2 6/96 - 6/98 bqueton (AT)  
FFG-41 Lyle Ramel SKSN/E-3 2/91-9/93 lramel (AT) Can't believe she will decom this yr-miss you guys-no regrets-will retire in 2016 just like the MA-I had a good run
FFG-41 William Roach   1982 - 1986 Wroach (AT)  
FFG-41 Brad Story LT 1995-1997 bradstory (AT)  
FFG-41 Carl Szoyka QM2 1982 to 1985 cdszoyka (AT) Plankowner
FFG-41 Donald Turner EW1 09/98-02/00 axiomofthefew (AT) My last sea Command, it wasn't much fun.
FFG-41 Chris Vansickle LT 1994 to 1996 cvansickle91 (AT)  
FFG-41 David Vaught BMC 02/82 - 01/84 mrdv2u (AT) Commissioning Crew, SC Division Officer, Ships Bo'son
FFG-41 Gary Warnock BM2 1983 to 1988 gcwarnock (AT) or fourenzsix (AT) Plankowner-miss her & her crew-some fun times-glad to see she is still afloat-hope all is well-drop me a line.
FFG-41 Gil Wilson E-3 1985-1987 gil (AT) Westpac 86 in deck division
FFG-41 Stephan Wolfe RM1(SW) 85 - 89 r4m1sw (AT)  

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