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DE-1036 James Ansley LCDR 3/74-12/74 ansleyj001 (AT) Great ship and crew!
DE-1036 Brian Arnett YN1 05/71 - 07/73 corvettebrian (AT)  
DE-1036 Norman Austen ET2 1962-63 mgaistem39 (AT) Great cruise to Burma.
DE-1036 Mark Bathke ENFN 11/71-08/73 markg.bathke (AT)  
DE-1036 Duane Baumgartner ENCS 11/69 - 6/71 DuaneBaumgartner (AT)  
DE-1036 Bob Branch IC3 7/66 to 8/68 revbob.branch (AT) First attempt to find shipmates-been in contact w/Joe Williams IC3 & with Wayne Shriner who is now deceased
DE-1036 Dennis Burns EN2 12/69-09/71 burnshawaii (AT) Mike Malloney where are you?
DE-1036 Scott Carlson IC3 1971-1973 scarlson4 (AT)  
DE-1036 Michael Conti CS4 1963 to 1965 contimichael44 (AT)  
DE-1036 Steve Crate EM2 1973-1975 crater (AT)  
DE-1036 Thomas Crow EN2 12/60-6/63 rtsnest (AT)  
DE-1036 Woodrow Dalahite E-4 5/62-12/64 jonrude3 (AT)  
DE-1036 James (Jim) DiRenzo RMSN 1974 to decom myhous99 (AT) Memories of the way we were
DE-1036 Patrick Emerson E-3 6/74-12/74 malewolverine2 (AT) I was stationed at Pearl Harbor 6/1/74 until 12/74 when we decommisoned her-then the Navy sold her to Indonesia
DE-1036 Neil Eney STG1 3/60-4/62 neile18 (AT) Commissioning Crew
DE-1036 Michael Fisher RM3 3/72 - 12/74 fisherm1953 (AT) Travelled places i would probably never see again. Great Radio crew we had
DE-1036 Earl George E-4 2/72-74 mrearlgeorge (AT)  
DE-1036 Mike A. Gonzalez SK3 1966-1969 726 flanders san antonio,tx 78214 became 'golden shellback' on the 'mighty mac'
DE-1036 Erich Grosse STG 1972-1973 erichgrosse(AT)  
DE-1036 Ernest Gumm BM3 8/64 -2/68 leroygumm (AT)  
DE-1036 James Horwitz FTG3 12/64-08/67 snoopytoo (AT) Home port Pearl
DE-1036 Doug Jernigan SOGSN 1962 to 1963 doug_jernigan (AT)  
DE-1036 Randall Kuhn SFP2 May 1964 - Jan. 1965 rgkuhn (AT)  
DE-1036 Craig Lohner SDSN 6/73-12/74 sailor1 (AT)  
DE-1036 Steven Lord EN3 8/67-8/68 stevelord1 (AT) Searching for shipmates.
DE-1036 Tommy Lyons RMSN 4/64-03-65 Good ship-great skipper LCDR Lewis-I have him to thank for keeping me in line-the whole crew was exceptional.
DE-1036 John Mihich OS2 1969-1971 j.mihich (AT)  
DE-1036 Nelson Miller BM3 1965-1967 nelsonmiller1944 (AT)  
DE-1036 Mike Milligan GMGSN 1973 to decomm Milligan.mike (AT)  
DE-1036 Lloyd L. Morris FN 11/61-62 lm0843 (AT) 2 nd of 17 ships in 21 yrs retire as EN1
DE-1036 Brent Papineau E-2 1973 to 1974 pappys1509 (AT) looking for old friend
DE-1036 John Penland ETN3 1961 - 1962 jcpenland (AT)  
DE-1036 Gary Phipps MN1 1972-decomm gerald.phipps (AT) Would like to hear from all.
DE-1036 Skip Reynolds SN 10/70-2/72 skirey (AT) Reunion Coordinator / Next San Antonio Oct 12-15 2006
DE-1036 Roger Roupe EN2 (A-gang) 68 - 71 roupe82 (AT)  
DE-1036 Wade Schneider ENFN 1974 kd7ixf (AT) TAD in engineering for 3 months
DE-1036 Gordon (Jack) Shepard SK3 1969-1972 JACKROSES (AT)  
DE-1036 Robert St. John STG2 2/61-5/64 robertsj0 (AT) Check out for sonarman
DE-1036 Jack Urcheck SGT3 1962 to 1964 gp6656 (AT) My brother Jerry, IC3 (deceased) was aboard 1961 to 1963
DE-1036 Scott Vliek OSSN 1972 to 1974 greywarrior (AT) Visit the USS McMorris Site at
DE-1036 Bill Walker EN3 08/64-01/65 12mrbill (AT)  
DE-1036 Jim Wall BM2 10/66 -7/70 jrwall (AT) Had some fine liberty aboard that ship
DE-1036 James E. Wheat   1962 to1964 flounder241 (AT)  
DE-1036 Don M Wilkerson BM2 3-67-3-69 dmwilk3537 (AT) At 82I STILL REMEMBER THOSE BAD TIMES,,,WE Recive nothing for doing for what we done in 1968

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