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DE/FF-1051 James Beatty BM3 12/74 12/76 jbeat6 (AT)  
DE/FF-1051 Virgil Burgess BM3 01/72-09/1973 virgil_93636 (AT) great times.
DE/FF-1051 Mark Campbell E-4 2/73 - ?/75 soup.campbell.1125 (AT) Anyone out there that remembers my nick name?
DE/FF-1051 Chris Clark E-4 1980 - 1984 428SHELBY (AT) GMAIL.COM  
DE/FF-1051 Sam Curcio, Jr. LT(jg) 7/73 - 10/76 curcio7937 (AT) Retired LCDR - U. S. Naval Reserve in 1993 without pay. Retired with pay LCDR USN-RET August 2010.
DE/FF-1051 James Davis FN 1968 to 1969 mrjamis (AT) It was the best time of my life. I was just a kid starting out in life, learned a lot about being a man.
DE/FF-1051 Jim Finigan MM2 12/73-12/75 jimfin100 (AT) Oh the fun on the Westpacks.
DE/FF-1051 Eddie Garcia E-3 08/69-02/71 edgarcia1249 (AT) My first ship from boot camp, and it was an experience, 42 years ago, wow, and I am honored to have served.
DE/FF-1051 Robert Gililland QM1 1969-1971 bncgililland (AT) US Navy Retired 1987 CWO-4
DE/FF-1051 Michael Healy MM1 1974-1979 wjww (AT) 6 years on board, then of to push boots at RTC
DE/FF-1051 Brad Knueppel RMSN 1988-89 no.1sportfan (AT) OC Div NORPAC 1988 - Alaska
DE/FF-1051 Ted Lahti OS3 1981 to 1984 lahtited (AT)  
DE/FF-1051 Gene Mazza E-4 1972-1975 Gmmazza (AT)  
DE/FF-1051 Jeff Messenger E-4 05/79 - 10/82 temessenger (AT)  
DE/FF-1051 Alan Moore   1979-1980 fiskyzgrl (AT)  
DE/FF-1051 Terry Piatt MM2 11/74 -5/78 tpiatt56 (AT) remember the good times
DE/FF-1051 Michael Pich BT1 7/80-9/81 pichmichael (AT) hey to all that new me wasnt onboard for long but met some great guys
DE/FF-1051 Douglas Powers BMSN 12/73-5/77 dlgpowers (AT) Widowed,2 sons,5 grandkids-went to cooking school on the VA-like to hear from shipmates-where is Mark Chapman?
DE/FF-1051 Bobby Skaggs STG2 1970 - 72 Bskaggs49 (AT) Had some great times !
DE/FF-1051 Michael Small RM1 4/72-6/73 colbyadam (AT)  
DE/FF-1051 Darold F. Smith IC2-IC1 9/68-2/70 daroldsmith (AT) My last in ship in USN.
DE/FF-1051 Jim Tuller LT(jg) 1969-1971 jatuller (AT)  
DE/FF-1051 Michael Vance FTG1 12/72 ?? - ??/1978 mvance52 (AT) I don't remember the actual date I reported onboard, but I had some great moments standing sound powered phone duty while refueling.
DE/FF-1051 Steven Williams E-4 1975-1979 willie354 (AT) Any shipmates email me during that time aboard.
DE1051 Bruce Sneen BTFN 1972-2/5/74  
DE-1051 Joseph Allen CS2 1968-69 rascal68 (AT) Plank owner - ship's cook
DE-1051 Orville Anderson DM3 1972-1973 orville.anderson (AT)  
DE-1051 Roger Balcom ETR2 1968 to 1970 SC7509 (AT) Looking for more 'plankowners'
DE-1051 Jeff Barsuli STGSN 1973-1974 fastpitchking (AT) Great times w/sonar gang-pic on O'Callahan web page (WespPac tours). Hope you take a look at them.
DE-1051 David Berry MR2 1/72-7/73 bpatch9999 (AT) Great bunch of men in R Division.
DE-1051 Ed Boruff RM2 4/68-7/71 edjere01 (AT) need to find all crew members that served onboard the O'callahan.
DE-1051 Ronald Boyce SN 1968-1969  
DE-1051 Steve Boyle E-4 1971 to 1975 reneboyle (AT) morgan,crazy man ersham, tom joseph, terry hunt,hope you are all doing well , what great times looking back
DE-1051 Carlos Brown BM3 1969 to 1970 carlos.brown (AT)  
DE-1051 Stephen Burch SN/E-3 1/73 to 11/74 burchsm1951 (AT) She was a wonderful ship, many good memories
DE-1051 Don Burns ETN3 3/70 - 10/70 dburns4 (AT)  
DE-1051 Victor Cambell LT(jg) 1971-73 vic (AT) A source for a lot of stories.
DE-1051 Thomas Carril BT3 8/72-8/74 tjtcarril (AT) anyone from engineering e mail me
DE-1051 Chris Carson RM3 1970 to1971 ccptcrz (AT) 1971 westpac cruize with my brother larry ICSN and had a great time..6 days with no duty in Hong Kong!!
DE-1051 John Charcho RD3 1971-72 jcharcho (AT) The place I went and people I served with will stay with me for the rest of my life. Good ship and good crew.
DE-1051 Dennis Clements PO2 12/70-10/75 dennis.clmnts (AT) Miss Navy-enlisted Army 97 w/my son-ret 06-infantry is wakeup for old sailor-last deploy 02-03 (Bosnia) say hello
DE-1051 David Cook RD2 3/68-3/69 davidcook01 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1051 Rick Croote STG3 11/71 to 5/73 Rick (AT)  
DE-1051 Joseph Diacovo SN 1970-1971 eileenandjoed (AT) happy veterans day to all who served.
DE-1051 Mike Doiron ET3 1969-71 mwdoiron (AT) Mostly great times. Still in San Diego.
DE-1051 Roland Dooley GMG3 11/1971-6/1972 r_l_dooley (AT) It was a great ship, but I wish I'd been on it longer.
DE-1051 Jack Dow MM1 1968 to 1969 wheels7 (AT) Plankowner. Would enjoy hearing from fellow plankowners.
DE-1051 Bob Dye HT2 1973-76 cvideo1 (AT) Anyone out there?
DE-1051 Mike Erickson FC2 1982-1985 mikee4 (AT) Matt Wildau(Mr.Fun), Steve Rowe(Mr. Potato Head) Joe Susan, (Joeba the Hut), Greg Caroll, Darwin Damp, Steve Berlinger, (Zippy Pinhead), Vic Brown, (Victim). Put into drydock by a tugboat, hit by a whale(drydock), ruptured hull in the Aleutians, the dire
DE-1051 Olando Gary IC3 3/70 to 7/71 ojgary (AT)  
DE-1051 Donald Gray BM3 1970 to 1972 dgray58 (AT) Great 2 years aboard with great guys.
DE-1051 Michael Hamilton MM2 1969 to 1973 bonscottbaby (AT) I would like to find any shipmates I served aboard with. Contact me through my email
DE-1051 Keith Hanson STG2 1968-1972 neuvu (AT)  
DE-1051 Mark Hawkins QM3 5/71-1/75 mdhawkeye (AT) looking for any correspondence from anyone! Still alive and well, there, by the grace of God I go.
DE-1051 John (Doc) Heltsley HM1 1968-1970 tiglongrp (AT) Great crew, bad engines!
DE-1051 Marvin Hicks MM2 7/72-7/75 marvh (AT)  
DE-1051 John Hunter TM3 & PN2 09/72 - 07/75 OPIE1954 (AT) 417-275-4766 PUGS Sibley,soleau,clements kittson, bufink,anyone else,-you guys were the best shipmates ever.
DE-1051 Eric Jackson PC2 8/72 - 7/75 ejacks3281 (AT) I would love to hear from all my shipmates from that historic period. What a time it was!
DE-1051 David Jernigan OS3 1972-1973 sallytaylor1481 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates. Anybody know Larry Westlock?
DE-1051 Thomas Johnson SN 08/72-11/73 tjomega85 (AT)  
DE-1051 Russell Johnson RD3 1968-1969 russ15654 (AT) Enjoyed this ship and it's crew, I was then transferred to the USS Halsey .
DE-1051 Tim Johnson STG3 72 to 76 silverhaird (AT)  
DE-1051 Duggan Johnson IC2 10/72-7/74 DUG712 (AT) CABLEONE.NET  
DE-1051 Terry Johnston GMG3 5/68 - 9/71 gopherhole55 (AT) plankowner had great times,
DE-1051 Glenn Kamm ETR2 9/72-8/75 g.j.kamm (AT)  
DE-1051 Gary Kearney STGSN 1973-1976 gkearney57 (AT) Looking for Oash, Tuck, Sully, and the gang.
DE-1051 Ronald Kobeluch TM3 10/69-10/71 skobe (AT)  
DE-1051 Jerry (Mouse) Kurbanoglu BM3 12/69-9/73 JERMAN51 (AT) What a trip
DE-1051 Steve Laurie SS3 10/71-10/73 nam_vet1972 (AT) I've just learned how to play on computer.
DE-1051 Douglas (Big Ray) Leider EM2 4/73 - 7/76 dougsrocks1 (AT) Just getting in touch. Hope to hear from some of you. 'Big Ray'
DE-1051 Ronnie Lowe E-4 68-70 ronniechad (AT) I am the son of ROnnie cleave LOwe on O CAllahan
DE-1051 Paul Manda SN 5/73-5/75 paulblaise (AT) I only remember the good times
DE-1051 Barry Martin QM2 3/68 to 7/71 theolderbear (AT) Plank Owner-Boarded her in Bay City Michigan. Departed in Subic Bay, Philipines. Loved the O'Callahan.
DE-1051 Gene Mazza MM3 72-75 gene (AT)  
DE-1051 George McKelvy E-3 1969 - 1971 grmjrfish (AT) Had some good times.
DE-1051 William Miller EN3 1968 to early 1971 wmiller841 (AT) plankowner
DE-1051 Peter Mischo STG3 11/68-1/72 peter_mischo (AT) Would like to hear from anyone from that timeframe. Awesome times.
DE-1051 Don Morgan E-4 1971 to 1974 don.morgan (AT)  
DE-1051 Tom Morrison SK2 1968 to 1971 plankowner68 (AT) Plankowner. Where is that varmint Jack Renner?
DE-1051 Larry Murphy LT(jg) 1976 to 1979 murphav8 (AT) Would enjoy hearing from shipmates
DE-1051 Jerry Myers ET1 1970-1974 jerry1joan (AT) What ever happened to the 35 foot whip we installed up forward with the AN/URC-32 in AUX Radio?
DE-1051 Thomas Nordmann RM3 1971-1973 nordtp (AT) anyone who remembers me drop me a line
DE-1051 David Patch LT 1968-1970 dapatch (AT) ASW Officer. Retired in 1986. Looking forward to hearing from shipmates.
DE-1051 Terry Piatt MM2 1974 to 1978 tpiatt3 (AT) Just keeping the good times and friends close
DE-1051 Patrick Pincher YN2   dam (AT)  
DE-1051 Mike Poncsak FTG2 9/69-8/73 qaz2ws (AT)  
DE-1051 Russel Poole RD3 1969 -1971 rwanddi (AT)  
DE-1051 Dick Popek STG3 1968-1972 rapope47 (AT) Great times and memories
DE-1051 Greg Quillinan LT(jg) 9/69-11/71 gregquill (AT)  
DE-1051 William Raymond MM3 1968-1969 wraymond (AT) Pre-comed with a lot of good guys, especially with 4 guys from Machinist Mate A school.
DE-1051 John Rhodes SF3 1969-1970 railrhode (AT) Anyone out there? Chaves?
DE-1051 Andy (Beaner or Dustin) Ruiz FN 11/71- 1974 Ruizas (AT) Looking for Bob Bolton, Rick Shneer, Phil Straverous, Frenchie,
DE-1051 Allen Schofield STG3 7/68-1/70 schofieldelectric (AT) plankowner
DE-1051 James C. Schrader BMSA/E-2 1971 to 1973 jamesvonschrader (AT) Lot of good memories (made up for a couple not so good one)family I will never forget and will always cherish.
DE-1051 David Scott RD3 1968 to 1970 davidjudyscott (AT) First command after Boot Camp. Possibly my best, retired CWO4 after 27 yrs service.
DE-1051 Bill Scroggins GMG3 1968-1971 scroggwe (AT) Plankowner, attended July 2000 reunion.
DE-1051 Richard Settle RM2 5/68-11/70 resettle (AT) Plankowner
DE-1051 Bob Sherrod STG3 1971 to 1972 rtsherrod (AT) I would enjoy hearing from old friends.
DE-1051 Stephen Smith FTG3 1/72 -5/74 Kayak461 (AT) Would love to hear from any shipmates serving 1971-74
DE-1051 Bruce Sneen FN 1973--74 sneenbruce (AT)  
DE-1051 Dennis Stuart EN3 1971-1973 stuart2621 (AT)  
DE-1051 Mike Sullivan STG2 1971 to 1975 sullivanmike (AT) Some great times.
DE-1051 Daniel Tauro HT3 6/71-12/73 dan.j.tauro (AT)  
DE-1051 James (Jay) Vennebush EM1 1968-1970 jjvennebush (AT) Plank Owner, Reunions are every year now contact Joe Allen (see above) 2011 Chicago, 2012 San Diego
DE-1051 Allan Votava QM3 1970-1973 suevot (AT)  
DE-1051 Larry Westlock EW2 3/70 -7/74 lwestlock (AT) Many fond memories (and some not so fond!!)
DE-1051 Duane Williams PN2 4/72 - 4/74 williamstax (AT)  
DE-1051 William Worthington BT3 1969-1973 bfnworthington (AT) Looking for BTs and MMs that I served with.
DE-1051 Wayne Wright OS2 1975-1976 wwright (AT)  
DE-1951 William Miller EN3 1968 to 1971 wmiller841 (AT) Plankowner-nice to see some guys at reunions-looking forward to hearing from some of you.
FF-1051 Michael Altringer BTC 1980-85 mikeret9 (AT) We are having a reunion in San Antonio 2-6 Oct. Go to Facebook for more details O Callahan site
FF-1051 Orville Anderson DM3 1971-1972 omanderson (AT)  
FF-1051 Rick Barrett FTG3 79-80 rickeb (AT) I served aboard two frigates, both Garcia and Knox class. The best years of my life were haze gray and underway. Who was smoking in my gun director?
FF-1051 Ryan Barron RM3 1985 - 1988 ryshkee (AT)  
FF-1051 Howard Bennett RM2 1976 - 1977 hbennett76 (AT)  
FF-1051 Donnel Bingham PC3 8/76 - 12/77 donnel87 (AT)  
FF-1051 George Bourdieu GMGSN 1978 - 1981 georgebourdieu (AT) I'm a bumper, he's a bumper, she's a bumper, we're all bumpers. Wouldn't you like to be a bumper too?
FF-1051 Dennis Boykin E-6 1984 - 1988 Dennis.F.Boykin (AT)  
FF-1051 Darren Brazier GMT SN 86-88 justdarren (AT) Who remembers Me?
FF-1051 Kevin Brewer BT2 3/83 - 3/88 americanlegionpost297 (AT) I would like to hear from former shipmates.
FF-1051 Robert (Bob) Brown LT 12/69-8/71 silfox (AT) Ops 12/69-6/70, Weps 70/71
FF-1051 Neil Brown STGCS 1970 ,71,72,73,76,77 ndb1 (AT) Other ships include USS Hopewell, DD781, USS Rowan, DD782, U
FF-1051 Tim Butterfield OSSN 10/80-9/83 pappaolif (AT) Lots of great memories...
FF-1051 Thomas Carril BT3 1976-1978 tjtcarril (AT) Hello would like to hear from any old friends. 1-618-691-8139
FF-1051 Mark Carroll STG3 09/1988 - decom mark.c.carroll (AT) Part of brooke skeleton crew: sonarman (AT)
FF-1051 Edwin Christilaw MMC 8/77 to 9/80 egchristilaw (AT) Looking to communicate with old shipmates
FF-1051 Patrick Cole FC3 86 - 89 pjcole (AT) San Diego, Todd Ship yard, Alaska
FF-1051 Bradley Cote E-5 1981 to 1985 coteusps (AT)  
FF-1051 Michael W. Cuff MMCM(SW) 1987-1988 ocopf (AT) President, USS O'Callahan DE/FF-1051 Reunion Committee
FF-1051 Shawn Davis GMGSN 4/82 - 8/84 shawnrebecca (AT) Steve Rowe, Greg Carroll, Mike Erickson, Darwin Damp, turn of a freindly card? great album.
FF-1051 Greg Donelson GMT2 1/78-11/79 donels6 (AT)  
FF-1051 Gregg Duppstadt E-4 1983 to 1987 gduppstadt (AT)  
FF-1051 Robert (Bob) Durbin MM1 05/73-10/78 durb (AT)  
FF-1051 David Duvall BT2 11/81 - 11/83 david.duvall (AT) Coming off a carrier, this was definetly the best experience of my Naval Career.
FF-1051 Dave Dymarcik EW2 5/81-10/83 dymarcik (AT) First ship.
FF-1051 Ralph Farris BT1 1968-1970 REF17 (AT) Plankowner
FF-1051 Chris Gallagher LT 11/77 - 11/81 chrisjgallagher (AT) A great part of my life.
FF-1051 Michael Goodwin E-4 1981 - 1984 mike-goodwin (AT) I would like to hear from some old shipmates
FF-1051 Phillip Gutierrez BM3 1979-1980 gutierrezpgf32 (AT) had a great time on west pac always stoned on my refuel station,best way to unrep,haze gray and underway
FF-1051 Anthony Guzman BMSN 1979-1982 Nochitchatmon (AT) shellbacks intiated on the Wespac/Southpac80cruiseE-Me
FF-1051 Aaron Hammers STG3 9/87 to 9/88 abhamm (AT)  
FF-1051 Ralph Handley PNC 71-74 rhandley (AT) Great Ship and crew!
FF-1051 Jeb Hann MM2 1986-Decom jeb_mechanic (AT) A-Gang in the yards, Alsaka, and Decom.
FF-1051 Joseph Hargadon E-5 12/76-12/78 cotajoe (AT) Nothing but fond memories of ship board life and the crew.
FF-1051 Eric Hickman BMSN 85 to 87 erichickman47 (AT) good ship, great people
FF-1051 Pat Hill OS2 11/77-3/80 pdhill76 (AT) Love to hear from my old steaming buddies! Didn't we rock the South China Sea, boys?!
FF-1051 David House HM2 7/87 - 9/88 dfotn (AT)  
FF-1051 Norman Htchinson, Jr. MM3 1981 to 1985 j_n_hutchinson (AT) would like to hear from any one I served with.
FF-1051 Dennis Ingraham FTGC ?/80-9/83 ingymontene (AT) Enjoy hearing from shipmates
FF-1051 Terry Johnson BT2 1/79 - 8/82 swabbey (AT) Looking for old friends.
FF-1051 Timothy Jones E-4 12/77-8/81 timothyljones (AT) Enjoyed my time onboard the 1051,Westpac especially,also noticed many familiar names on list.
FF-1051 Darryl Jones RM3 06/79 10/82 Best years of my life
FF-1051 Gary Kearney STGSN 1973-1976 pugs42 (AT)  
FF-1051 Tom King OSSN 1979-1981 King2003 (AT) Nostalgia..I can't believe its been 25 years..Who'd a thunk?
FF-1051 Stephen Knox STG3 1979 WYOARKIE (AT) GMAIL.COM  
FF-1051 James Leach MS2 10/82-4/86 jel.bahalana (AT) Looking for shipmates in Supp Div-84 WesPac was awesome-good Subic Bay memories-remember Typhoon Ike ?
FF-1051 Richard (Rick) LeMoine OS3 1975-76 jomama49835 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates. Hey Wayne you got the car
FF-1051 Michael Levey E-4 1981 to 1985 michaellevey (AT) the best part of my life
FF-1051 Ken (Kenny) Martinez BM3 07/85 - 10/87 KEN.MARTINEZ1 (AT) After 23 yrs I found my best drinking buddy. Eric Hickman. TG!
FF-1051 Gary Mason GMT1 82-85 gary.mason40 (AT) love to hear from booter,hippy or roger. mike cloud still living on cokes i'll bet
FF-1051 Michael McAndrews EM1 3/76 - 3/81 mjmcandrews (AT) I can't believe it has been so long.
FF-1051 Jim McCullough GMG1 1980 - 1983 jimjan (AT) Good times would like to hear from some of the guys.
FF-1051 Danny McFadden OS2 12/76 - 8/80 mcfaddendmc (AT) Great memories, Ship and Shipmates.
FF-1051 David McFann HN 84-85 david.mcfann (AT) Served with HM1(HMC) Balogh as corpsman-loved that ship! Got hurt & trans to naval Clinic Treasure Island.
FF-1051 Robert Monroe E-3 1982 to 1983 robert_monroe89 (AT) I hung out with Elvis in Australia. Those were good times. LOL
FF-1051 David Montague SM2 1977-1980 drmontag (AT) Members of After Steering band?
FF-1051 Billy Moon IC2 73-74 bcmjr (AT)  
FF-1051 Alan Moore FTG3 1975-1979 xsquid9 (AT) looking for old friends
FF-1051 Craig Mueller ET3 04/88-decom zone5_sea (AT) Still in the Navy-would love to talk to old shipmates
FF-1051 Richard Mulherin E-3 5/86 to Decom rich_mulherin (AT) Still remember first day at sea-S Diego to Seattle-Persian Gulf to Seattle to San Diego-like no other
FF-1051 Lester Nash TM2/E-5 3/78 to 6/79 lnash (AT) After Steering Band
FF-1051 Chris Neff LT 8/78-10/80 neffck (AT) Suppo - great memories - Brisbane, Sydney SOPAC
FF-1051 Douglas (Nellie) Nelson MM2 1974-1978 grampadygramapdy (AT) Living the dream in Florida, raising my nephew, still with my loving Bette
FF-1051 Brad Newberry BT3 01/84-07/87 brad.newberry (AT)  
FF-1051 Bruce Newland STG2 12/85 - 4/89 bnewland (AT) First ship I was assigned to-for the next 22 years all ships I was assigned to were/will always be compared to her.
FF-1051 Jay Newman MM2 10/76 - 5/80 jaymichael_1 (AT)  
FF-1051 Bobby Nobles E-4 1974 to 1978 jnobles56 (AT)  
FF-1051 John Obermeier BT1 1982 to 1985 btcret (AT) Best FF in the fleet
FF-1051 Brian O'Donnell EN3 7/76 - 1/80 brian (AT)  
FF-1051 Gary Olsen LT 81-84 gwolsen (AT) Great ship and shipmates. Served with Capts Bunnell, Frick and Skoog
FF-1051 Kenneth Osborne ET1 1979-1983 KOsborne5 (AT) looking for old friends
FF-1051 Charles Page E-5 1981-1985 cpage48 (AT)  
FF-1051 David Patch LT 1969-1970 dapatch (AT)  
FF-1051 Robert Patterson ETN2 05/75-07/78 rrpatterson2003 (AT) Some of the best times of my life. Remember trips up to Seattle for Sea Fair and WESTPAC.
FF-1051 Carl Reedy BM3 1986 - 1988 carlreedy (AT) Awesome friends made. Gun mount capt. Roving Patrol - Fire Team - LSE certified
FF-1051 Dan Roberts BM3 74-77 roberts.dan13 (AT) more fun than not
FF-1051 Steve Roderick MM 3/82 8/85 squire61 (AT) Remembering all the good times with the hole snipes.
FF-1051 Carl H. Rosemiller, II BTFN 1974 to 1976 carlrosemiller (AT)  
FF-1051 Steve Rowe FTG3 5/82 - 7/84 srowe5409 (AT) Gregg Carol, Shawn Davis, Joe Smith, Mike Erickson, Darwin D
FF-1051 John Shaffer LT 81-85 john.shaffer (AT) Three great cruises with the most amazing crews in the navy. Remembering CO's Frick and Scoog.
FF-1051 Robert Shinaver OS3 11/86-decom robert.shinaver (AT)  
FF-1051 Scott Soleau GMT3 1971-1974 SSOLEAU (AT) Would like to hear from fellow shipmates .
FF-1051 John Stein QMC(SW) 1/79-12/83 johnstein0692 (AT)  
FF-1051 Filipo Thompson E-3 1976 to 1980 fsthompson (AT) steamed with some good buds some good times.......
FF-1051 William Tilton MM1 1981-1984 tiltonwp (AT) Where did all the real holesnipes go. BT and MM
FF-1051 Frank Tremont EWCS 1/73 - 1/76 f_tremont (AT) Great tour, Great ship.
FF-1051 Joseph VanDeMark E-2 1978 to1979 BooBooMdc (AT)  
FF-1051 David Vaught BM2 1972 to 1974 mrdv2u (AT) BMCS USN Retired.
FF-1051 Matt Wildau FC2 1980-1983 matthew.wildau (AT) Had a great time, sometimes too good...lookin for Weps folks
FF-1051 Donald Willis BT1 1968-1971 donald_willis (AT) Where the heck is Jack Dow?
FF-1051 Jeffrey Winkler E-3 1/79-11/80 redrider7774 (AT) awards citatation for saving 14 lives from the admiral
FF-1051 Clyde Wisdom HT2 03/78-09/81 htcero4 (AT)  
FF-1051 J. W. Woodson E-3 summer '85-fall '85 jwwdsn (AT) I was an MR striker in the HT shop. My first ship. Where I learned to play spades with the deck guys hahaha
FF-1051 Bernard Wygant BTC 07/77 - 08/79 bewygant (AT)  
FF-1051 Michael Zavala E-3 1988 to 1989 mikekiss69 (AT) we cruised to Alaska and I was a bad boy :) but got to see some of alaska

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