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FFG-7 Joe Byrnes GSM1 01/77-05/80 HIBATH (AT) Plankowner GSCM(SW) USN (Ret)
FFG-7 Dino Cantillo EM3 1/91-10/93 dcantillo (AT) What's up boys? Peace!!!
FFG-7 Philip Chambers EN2 1980-1982 phancy86 (AT)  
FFG-7 Craig Cook GSM3 1984-1989 solkid1 (AT) Great Lake Tour,Cuba,Canada (beating the captain bad in 5 games of pool in Cuba)
FFG-7 Daniel Costello MS2 6/95 - 2/96 dancny (AT)  
FFG-7 Rick Creed GSE2 2/81 - 7/82 matt2006dad (AT)  
FFG-7 Christopher Dagg E-2 1984-1986 cadagg (AT) anyone remeber me
FFG-7 Clemens Duda ENFN 4/89 to 12/90 zip54824 (AT) cleanest ship in the fleet
FFG-7 Les Ellrodt RMC (SW) 01/96 - 12/96 ellrodt (AT)  
FFG-7 Carey Graham HT3 12/79 - 01/81 carey.graham (AT)  
FFG-7 Welton Grooms BM3 1987 to 1990 geedog44 (AT) Retired a BMC
FFG-7 Philip Grosskurth MS1 1989 - 1992 ohperry7 (AT)  
FFG-7 Keith Hill EW1 6/90 to 5/92 hillk (AT) Law enforcement ops. Lost billet when ship moved to Staten Island.
FFG-7 Alex King RM1 1983 to 1986 (USNR) alexking19422 (AT) Joined ship in Mayport for final voyage to Philadelphia turnover to USNR.
FFG-7 Charles Kletz GSMC(SW) 1986 to 1992 cwocrkletz (AT) Homeport- Philladelphia
FFG-7 Wendell Langston HM2 05/91-05/92 dellangston (AT) Left the ship to play in the dessert with US Marines-been squid,then grunt-now I'm a Scrunt(half squid half grunt).
FFG-7 Jim Locke STG3 1989-1990 James.Locke (AT)  
FFG-7 Elroy Mariapen E-3 8/82 roymariapen (AT) Anyone remember me
FFG-7 Pete Mascarenas FTG3 01/83 - 05/85 petboat (AT)  
FFG-7 Larry Mattfield GMG1 4/77 - 5/79 TailGunner50 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-7 Mark McCormick LT 1988-1992 mark (AT)  
FFG-7 Kevin McMackin PNC 6/84-9-87 mackmcmack (AT)  
FFG-7 Joseph Miele HT2 1993 to 1994 Magoopigtown (AT)  
FFG-7 Donald Murrell SH1 07/93 to 05/96 dmurrell102004 (AT) gmail. com I retired on this ship. Great memories
FFG-7 Jack Pickle GMG1 6/84-6/92 jpickle43 (AT) I was part of reserve crew in phila. that drilled monthly and 2 weeks per year.
FFG-7 Douglas Pratt LCDR 12/84 - 7/87 Corpsportc (AT)  
FFG-7 Jeff Pulcher HT2 1979-1981 lpulcher (AT)  
FFG-7 William (Bill) Rhames LT 10/70-10/80 ctytra (AT) Served as MPA, Also Pre-commission unit, and FFG-7 Hot Plant, Philly.
FFG-7 Michael Roberts E-4 4/04 - 12/87 michael.roberts (AT)  
FFG-7 Jed Rodriguez SH3 12/77-4/81 rjed29 (AT) i see clemens duda is on list-I was his recruiter-I did recruiting duty in Kearny, New Jersey(87-91)
FFG-7 Bruce Rogan FC2 1987-1989 rogan_tn (AT) Home Port Philadelphia, PA
FFG-7 Fred Rouleau QM3 06/77-08/80 fredrouleau (AT) love to hear from anyone thank LIC/QM3 Retired plank owner
FFG-7 Ron Rudisill HT2 1984 to 1988 rrudsill119 (AT) Selres when she was in Philly,served with a bunch of good eggs in HT shop
FFG-7 Rick Schultheis BM 1980-1981 Rick (AT)  
FFG-7 Mike Slobe GSE2 1983- 9/1986 gsec_usn (AT)  
FFG-7 Harvey Smith BM3 78 to 81 harvey9260 (AT)  
FFG-7 Jeff Stroot E-3 1984-1985 navyvet1990 (AT)  
FFG-7 Stewart Van Vliet QM2 1977-1981 seafoxv (AT) Plankowner
FFG-7 Bruce J. Wixson STGCS (SW) 1982-1987 bjmcsdpjusn (AT) STCM (SW) USN (Ret).
FFG-7 Joseph Zoob FTMC 4/78 - 10/78 jrzoob (AT) Division Chief

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