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DE/DER-133 Fred Black ENFN 1959 to decom in 1961 applejackblack (AT) Great little ship some of the roughest seas I have ever been in. Stayed till the end of decom.
DE-133 Leo F. Blair TM3 1943 to 1945 ChopstikLB (AT) I am my father's son/ He died in 1976 and told many stories
DE-133 Charles Burke   01/42-01/44 gregory.c.burke2.civ (AT) My father served on the Pillsbury during the capture of the U-505
DE-133 Gary Hlavka E-3 7/59-6/60 bojajohn (AT)  
DE-133 Robert Wenzel EM3 4/45 -7/46 robtwenzel (AT)  
DER-133 Dick Beers LT(jg) 2/56 - 1/59 rbeers (AT) 3 long years. Many years ago!
DER-133 Thomas Burke SN 03/59-06/60 celticivoryworks (AT) anyone who played fastpitch softball in halifax in 1959
DER-133 Edgar (Gus) Causbie LT(jg) 3/57 - 6/58 egus.c (AT) Best tour of my 32 yr career, learned/got seasick more than on any other tour. Roughest ride ever.
DER-133 Tom Cummings RD2 7/57 to 9/59 thomas.cummings (AT)  
DER-133 Jim Deckert ETSN 3/60 to 8/60 rarepair (AT)  
DER-133 Elmer Fredd ET2 12/56-12/59 efredd (AT) three solid years of pride, education, fear (sometimes), fun
DER-133 Paul Friswold RD3 55/56 pfriswo (AT)  
DER-133 Jack Haight SOG3 10/59 to 6/60 jhaight (AT) Two pickett cruses then decommissioned her in Orange,Texas
DER-133 Gerald Jenkins ET2 1956 to 1959 dartus (AT) My First and only Ship, I live in Maiden, NC
DER-133 Michael Lambert ET2 3/56-3/59 Fivekiller1n (AT)
DER-133 John Lanese ENFN 1960 to 1961 johnlanese (AT) Trans From Pillsbury To Kretchmer DER-329 In 1960
DER-133 Chris Limerick LT(XO) 06/58-06/60 cjlimerick (AT) From Newport to Argentia and then the icebergs in the North Atlantic. It was fun ! And
DER-133 James MacDonough ENFN 1959 - 1960 jmacdouj2 (AT) Trans. to USS Cascade prior to Decom. Can recall 60 degree roll.
DER-133 James Mauk ME2 1956-58 naji (AT)  
DER-133 Clermont Park RMSN. ret RMC 1956-57 ewest6206 (AT) i remember we were covered with ice and our ships pix was in the newspaper when we docked.
DER-133 Everett Penny RM2 1957-58 epenny1 (AT) Anyone remember that 60 degree roll?
DER-133 Thomas E. Richardson TM2 3/55 - 7/56 jfowler770 (AT) Looking for anyone who knew my father during this time.
DER-133 John Salonia RD2 1956-1958 jsalo (AT)  
DER-133 Harold Treuer ETR2 Aug 1957-nov 1959 treuer (AT)  
DER-133 Robert Turocy AG2 ?/1957 thru 9/59 rturocy (AT) Rock and Roll most of the time-grew mature & gained many friends aboard-looking fwd to meeting with shipmates.
DER-133 William H. Voorhies RM1 1955-1957 bvoorhies (AT) Would like to hear from anyone and/or the old radio gang
DER-133 John Walters RMSN 1957 1958 krmd4 (AT) Good ship, good shipmates, bad duty.I still remember the 30 day pickets, although I would like to forget them.

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