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DE-341 Ivan Wayne Blueme. EM2 1981 to 1952 iwbpjb (AT)  
DE-341 Thomas Brannigan ? 1943 assistantchief52 (AT) My cousin-doesn't remember much but is in good health in Croydon,PA-call him at 215-788-4376.
DE-341 William Butler MM1 3/58 - 9/58 scpobut1 (AT) Left Ship to go to 2 yrs Shore Duty
DE-341 Clarence (Fergie) Ferguson   1952 - 1954 Tahoe55 (AT) My father-died-don't know much about his Navy service-have pics-love to find someone who remembers him
DE-341 Thomas Greb FN 1955 1956 tgreb (AT) any remember me
DE-341 Louis Hanson BT2 10/20/51to6/23/55 lnjhanson (AT) hope to hear from someone soon!?
DE-341 Charles Horrighs GM3 4/44- 1/46 Chstambaugh (AT)  
DE-341 Robert Keown MM3 1955-1957 tomkey68 (AT)  
DE-341 Frank J. Kinsley PN1 March 58 to Sept. 58 Deceased Died 12/29/07.
DE-341 Michael Lacanski SS3 1951 thru 1954 micklacanski (AT) Live in Peoria, IL. summer, Winter in Mesa, AZ
DE-341 William Lysinger LT(jg) 02/54 - 03/56 lysinger (AT) Wish we had more officers - you all are doing a great job!!
DE-341 Daniel Matter EM2 4/51-7/54 dwmatter2 (AT) Living in Ft. Wayne, IN
DE-341 George McCauley BM3 3/52-8/55 GMccau7596 (AT)  
DE-341 Frank Pulaski BM2 1953 to1954 frankbetty2002 (AT)  
DE-341 Frederick Scheerer MM3 1956-1958 dahlgren (AT) nicknamewas(rusty Ray)
DE-341 Arnold Smith RM1 1957-1958 thesirwilliam1 (AT) Transferred as ship was being transferred to Naval Reserves
DE-341 William Toth SH3 1955 jldavie (AT)  
DE-341 Paul Voorhis EM2 1951-1954 voorch (AT) Originally from the Detroit area, now living in Palm Springs
DE-341 William Weller     bullrack09 (AT) im triing to find out about my grandfather
DE-341 B. Kenneth West LT(jg) 1955-1957 kwest918 (AT)  
DE-341 John Wittwer EM2 12/52-4/56 jrwittwer (AT) From Wisc, living in Iowa now. have contact with 4 shipmates
DE-341 Edward Wojtaszek WT 1943 to 1947? edsautohouse (AT) (Deceased) Info added by his son.

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