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DE/FF-1073 David Wood BT1 71 to 75 daveluvsliz (AT) MMC Harvey, I'm Still here!!! Barney is gone. Norman in Texas..
DE-1073 Dennis Anderson QM3 1973 to 1975 dgljanderson (AT) Plank Owner. It was so much fun. I enjoyed Navigation.
DE-1073 John Corrigan EM3 1973-1974 jonnyzhome (AT) Looking back, it was a great way to start out.
DE-1073 Francis Joseph (Joe) Fouts BT1 1974 to 1976 lcrane2 (AT) Semi-retired, living in New Lenox, IL
DE-1073 Larry Harvey MMC Plankowner-1974 seadog41 (AT) I retired as a MMCM in 1981
DE-1073 Patrick Hoy MM/E-3 74-76 PHOY (AT) Skip had me working in the bilges most of west pac. If I wasn't on K P. with Marteniz.
DE-1073 Aaron Jackson PC3 9/72 aj.outlaw69 (AT)  
DE-1073 Steve Law MMFN 1972-1974 haulingbysteve (AT) I would like to connect with all the rest of my fellow plankowners of the Peary.
DE-1073 Roy Lupo OS3 09/72-01/74 young2go (AT) Plank Owner, now retired. Looking for old shipmates.
DE-1073 Chris (Ski) Malnofski MM3 12/73 - 9/75 skidog (AT) WesPac 73 - 74 - Alaskan Goodwill Cruise 74 - WesPac 75
DE-1073 Harold McPherson FTG33 1972-1975 Harolds_mail (AT) Aboard in San Diego-Ref Train-homeport Pearl Harbor,WestPac,Thailand,Kenya,H Kong,Taiwan-have photos.
DE-1073 Jesse Sanders HT2 1972-1975 superdog1980 (AT) commissioning crew in bremerton, washington homeported pearl, west pac, africa,crossed equator
DE-1073 Fernando Santos MS3 08/72-04/75 None Phone number 954-601-6057
DE-1073 Alan Vancil HT1 1973-1974 seadog_44 (AT) Nucleus Crew Member/Plank Owner
DE-1073 Eugene Yuncker E-4 75-76 ejyogi (AT) wespacs,great bunch of guys in B div.
DE-132 Fred Harder   5/43 10 /45 shocknawe (AT) I am trying to find anybody that was on ship with my father
DE-132 Clarence Honeycutt EM3 1944 - 1945 carmelhoneycutt (AT) I did convoy duty during 1944 and 1945. I still have one of the flags (48 stars) flown on Robert
DE-132 Robert Wilson RDM3 1944 to 1946 rcwilson2 (AT) looking for shipmates
FF-1073 Rick Ales STG2 5/72-5/75 Rick.ales (AT) Plankowner
FF-1073 Clyde Alspaugh HM2 1988-1991 clyde42483 (AT)  
FF-1073 Brian Anderson GMG3 9/76-2/79 Brian072756 (AT)  
FF-1073 Jerry Anger MM3 11/79-06/81 mmcsw (AT) Southpac,Shellback,Boatpeople
FF-1073 Greg Bahr OS/E-2 1/77-7/77 greg_bahr (AT)  
FF-1073 Paul Baker ET2 12/87- 03/91 baker14snow (AT) hi I'm still alive
FF-1073 Rick Barrett FTG3 77-79 rickeb (AT) Served aboard 2 frigates, both Garcia and Knox class-best years of my life were haze gray and underway-Southpac 79 & soft sands of HI-stuff dreams are made.
FF-1073 Matt Bauer OS3 1989-1992 D-COM BBAUERK (AT)  
FF-1073 Daniel Belisario MMFN 8/86 to 9/89 dcbelisario (AT) It was definitly an adventure
FF-1073 Dennis Bence ICC 1978 to 1980 D_BENCE (AT)  
FF-1073 Doug Benjamin FC2 8/86-11/90 Dougbenjamin1 (AT)  
FF-1073 Charles Berg DK3 1988-1992 dk3 (AT) Looking for old friends that served with me onboard the BobE
FF-1073 Gene Bobrowski EW2 1/83 - 12/85 GeneJB51 (AT) The Battlin' Bob E...... Finest Frigate and Crew in the Fleet!!!
FF-1073 Hammitt Bruce E-5 7/85-5/88 bruce.hammitt (AT) Looking for ol shipmates from the Bob E.
FF-1073 Mark Buckson EM2 1977 to 1980 mdb4142 (AT) Best ship ever!
FF-1073 Scott Cerecke BT3 1981-1983 Scrotchy (AT) Served aboard one awesome tincan
FF-1073 Craig Clark ET3 1979 to 1983 mudman (AT) Grinning and LMAO! McGlasson, Winnie, hope ya'll are well!!!
FF-1073 John Cummings FTGC 1972 to 1974 abzerokt (AT) The best of the one gun one screw tin cans.
FF-1073 Bob Davis HM1 1991 to 1992 BobRNEMT (AT) Decomm Crew
FF-1073 Darrell Eson FTG3 1976 to 1980 dgeson (AT)  
FF-1073 Brad Friske IC3 4/77 - 6/80 gleaner222 (AT) Hope to hear from shipmates, from the Bob E. As the years
FF-1073 Curt Gottardi OS1 1979-1982 csgottardi (AT)  
FF-1073 Stephen Greene E-4 1989-1992 bilgerat1073 (AT)  
FF-1073 Harry Greenwood E-7 1970 kodoc_99 (AT)  
FF-1073 Scott Guillory MM3 1990-1992 Luckyjp1612 (AT) Looking for fellow shipmates with the Decommissioning Crew aboard the Robert E Peary
FF-1073 Tom Haley ET3 1/73 - 1/76 haley90091 (AT)  
FF-1073 Bruce Hammitt IC3 7/85 - 5/88 bhammitt123 (AT) Still looking for shipmates on the Bob E
FF-1073 Jerry Hampton BT2 1982 to 1984 jerrydhampton (AT) Mainly worked the Oil Lab
FF-1073 Uwe Heck BT3 1975 to 1977 Uheck55 (AT) Hard times and good times earning our E on the stack
FF-1073 Greg Heft OS2 88-91 GWHEFT (AT)  
FF-1073 Tony Holland STG3 90-92 decom ncred (AT)
FF-1073 Nick Horelick E-4 91-94 nicholas00793 (AT) would love to hear from some shipmates
FF-1073 Foster Howard BT3 com-1974 fhowie54 (AT) Looking for the old guys in engineering
FF-1073 Bill Jacobs MM2 1972-10/74 waccamaw01 (AT) Commissioning crew
FF-1073 Joe Johnson E-4 1990-1992 chaneedra (AT) Looking for DesertStorm crew
FF-1073 David R. Jones FTM3 6/76 - 8/79 Sunsetjones (AT) No comment
FF-1073 Anthony Krula MM2 3/77-6/80 Tonyk201 (AT)  
FF-1073 James Lilko E-5 6/78 - 5/81 jimlilko (AT) We were the best for four years and had ALL the GOLD
FF-1073 Steve Lominac SM2 1/79-8/82 stevelominac (AT) Retiring as a Master Chief at end of 2005. Believe that!
FF-1073 Kenneth Manni LT 12/73-03/76 manni (AT) OPS Officer
FF-1073 Dan Marshall RM3 1977 to 1980 MrshD502 (AT) Southpac, Westpac, Shellback, Rescue of Boat People
FF-1073 Brian McCanon MS3 3/77 to 1/79 diversq (AT) By far one of the best ships at Papa Hotel. SouthPac 79 with Captain Mathis and one hell of a great crew.
FF-1073 Anthony McKinnis ETSN 5/77 - 5/79 skcma3 (AT) souith pac cruise to pago pago, australia,new zealand,
FF-1073 Dennis Mealey EMCM(SW) 1978-1981, 1986-1989 xxkomaxx1 (AT)  
FF-1073 Bill Mei STG3 88-90 bkmei69 (AT) shoot me an email, like to hear from ya!
FF-1073 Lee (Gator) Noble QM3 89-92 - decom none/ PH# 941 218-8323 give me a call, would like to hear from old friends.
FF-1073 Mike Ore BT2(SW) 1987- 1990 dustylizard1 (AT)  
FF-1073 Lindy Ottinger BM3 1978 to 1981   Look up on facebook.
FF-1073 Alan Presley EM2PO 12/79-01/81 alpres1 (AT)  
FF-1073 Clifford Rankin OS3 1990-1992 mr_cerankin (AT) Yeah that's right it's me Crankin' Rankin! Great crew wonderful turn two shipwrecks!
FF-1073 Jeff Reyes BT2 (SW) 8/84-3/88 jpreynp (AT) In her class there was none better!
FF-1073 Trent Reynolds OS1 1988-1992 Trentrey (AT)  
FF-1073 Donald Ruby YNSN Feb75 - Dec76 Beachhawk44 Looking for old shipmates!
FF-1073 Michael Ryan STG3 1975-1977 michaelr_41 (AT) 2 WestPacs
FF-1073 Jesse Sanders HT2 9/73-5/75 us966 (AT) commissioning crew,plank owner deployed to africa , subic bay, guam, alaska, man what a ride
FF-1073 Michael Schoeffel OS2 01/83 - 06/86 mkscds (AT)  
FF-1073 Robert Sessamen MM2 1975/1977 Ramblerman1 (AT) Any snipes out there that can still party???
FF-1073 John Simpson E-3 9/91-7/92 (decom Crew) johnnylocks2003 (AT) Looking for more fellas from the Decom Crew
FF-1073 Greg Smith BTFN 77-79 smit2339 (AT) SOUTHPAC '79 None Better!
FF-1073 Richard Starbird BMSN 2/80-10/82 Parrotedge (AT) Great ship, great crew
FF-1073 Kurt Stecco FTG2 Precom to 1974 knsprr (AT) Great ship and crew! We had MANY good times. West Pac was a blast!!
FF-1073 Tim Tooker TMO2 1974 ~ 1975 skimmertm (AT) Cross decked from Harold E. Holt in 1974 upon her return from WESTPAC-retired in 1999 as CMDCM of CVW-11
FF-1073 Erik Vetang STG2 01/85 - 10/89 evetang (AT) Looking forward to hearing from my old shipmates.
FF-1073 John Waddell CDR 1981-1987 cap10john (AT) XO/CO
FF-1073 Scott Walker (McGlasson) RM3 1980-83 acu1629 (AT) Fantastic ship! Thailand! Retired as an RMC.....believe it.
FF-1073 Stephen Whiteaker FN 1975-1977 dgh311 (AT) Looking for other machinist mates from the Perry 75-77
FF-1073 Gerald Williams EM3 1988-1992 w2hvac (AT) (901) 674-1001 Old Peary dogs-call me-IC3 Rroderick,Mitchell,David Hill,Carlock,Eggerson,Mack,Rob,Boofly,Whitcomb
FF-1073 Don Winfield ET 1981-1983 Dwinfield11 (AT) I have made many BobE contacts - love to share & get more!
FF-1073 Paul Woodcome BT3 1987-1992 plwjr (AT) Looking for old friends, also part of decom. crew
FF-1073 Wayne Wright OSC(SW) 1989-1991 wwright (AT)  

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