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FFG-60 Rick Angers IT1(SW) 1996-2001 rangers (AT)  
FFG-60 Terry Beadles E-4 8/91 - 7/95 surfer232268 (AT) The only ship I served on had a lot of good times meet a lot of good poeple
FFG-60 Ed Beck OS2 3/93-8/96 edbeck19 (AT) email me!
FFG-60 Scott Blahnik DC3 1/90-4/94 WWW.bluedyna02 (AT) I made alot of friends and hope to one day sit back and talk to them again.
FFG-60 Wayne Blodgett FC2 8/90 - 6/93 ussrmd (AT)  
FFG-60 Keith Cahill EW2 1998 to 2000 kcahill59 (AT)  
FFG-60 Ron Carrier ETC 6/88 - 9/89 ron.carrier (AT) RMD was known as the ''Demonyo Barco'' in Baretto
FFG-60 Dave Clemens LT 1991-1992 mail (AT) Combat Systems Officer
FFG-60 David Cullen EMC (SW) 4/01-6/04 davemarie_ (AT) Great crew and a lot of good times.
FFG-60 Bruce Davis YN2 11/04-Present bruce.s.davis (AT)  
FFG-60 Ryan Davis HM3/E-4 10/96-10/99 ryandaviskatana1 (AT)  
FFG-60 Chip DeVoe OS1 3/94-5/97 cpmdevoe (AT) One of the best ships and tours I had!!
FFG-60 Michael Divoni E-3 1989 1991 divoni.mike (AT)  
FFG-60 Mike Dorr EW3 1997-2000 arizona_newt (AT) Couldn't stand being in the Navy but miss the good times/great port visits-ow a metallurgist-email me
FFG-60 Barry Elmore STG2 precom-1990 barry.elmore (AT) I was the next to last plankowner to leave the ship. Had some great times with some great friends.
FFG-60 Michael Fazio LT(jg), USCG 5/97 - 5/99 michael.a.fazio (AT) As Chris Peterson said, potentially the best ship of all time for a short period of time!
FFG-60 Daniel French CTT2 5/08-6/11 d.french60 (AT) cant wait to leave one year left
FFG-60 Frank Fulton STG2 9/95 - 10/96 frankiefulton (AT) hey shipmates. drop me a line
FFG-60 Robert Guest OS1 1998 - 2001 parabguest (AT)  
FFG-60 Ted Guevara ENFN 1986 - 1989 enswcc (AT) Plankowner and ran AMR 3. Whats up Vic, I still have those patches we made.
FFG-60 Carveth Hall OS2/E-5 Precom - 1989 sealops (AT) Plankowner. Fair winds and following seas!
FFG-60 Jim Hernandez HM1 1996-1998 jhernandez626 (AT) Highlight of my career!
FFG-60 Steve Ibanez EMCS(SW) 5/96 - 5/98 snyibanez (AT) Best tour of my career!
FFG-60 Louis Johnson CSSN 02/00 - 08/00 plaidblooded (AT)  
FFG-60 Louis Johnson MSSN 02/03/00-08/11/00 Plaidblooded (AT) RMD is the club med of the fleet.
FFG-60 George ''Emit'' Johnson GSCS(SW/ATS) 2001-2003 rtasp (AT)  
FFG-60 Eric Jones OS3 1997 to 2001 eric25jones (AT) Did it for the salt
FFG-60 Scott Koladycz QM2 01/90-06/92 skoladycz (AT)  
FFG-60 D. Tracy Lane EW1 1994-96 kc5rbq (AT) Retirement ceremony aboard USS New Jersey BB-62 in Feb 1998
FFG-60 Dwayne Lynch, Jr. PS2 02/10 - 11/13 hangman0418 (AT)  
FFG-60 Rolando Main RM3 5/89 mainr25 (AT) Like to re-unite with old Radioman friends.
FFG-60 Ryan Miller FNEN 2001-2003 ryan.miller007 (AT) life is good..
FFG-60 Forrest R. Moore CWO3 11/88 to 10/91 fnmoore (AT)  
FFG-60 Richard Odette ET2 8/87-06/90 rc.odette (AT) One of the best times in my life!
FFG-60 David Olson LT 7/86-5/89 david.olson (AT) A lot of work, a lot of fun, the RMD was a good ship with a great crew.
FFG-60 Reggie Ondrak GSEFN 11/01-02/04 ondraks (AT) Good/not so good times-Hambone,Sideball,Jonesey,Ch Parkin,Coup, Zabreckie, Hunter, Stroble,others-email me
FFG-60 Jeffrey Per EN 1994 to 1996 dive2deep AT  
FFG-60 Jeff Persons SN 1994 to 1996 dive2deep AT  
FFG-60 Christopher Peterson LT(jg) 1996-1998 thatkidchris (AT) For a brief time, maybe the best the best ship in the Navy
FFG-60 Matt Picketts EN2 12/99-08/01 plowmann (AT) hail to the vikings
FFG-60 Rockell Powell OS2 1994 to 1998 r0ck_31 (AT) Too many good memories to list.
FFG-60 Erik Romsttad GSE2 1995 to 1998 scottbamboni (AT) Wish I was there
FFG-60 Julius Sagun SN 06/04 to 10/05 tabs197002 (AT) proud to be a part of davis' history
FFG-60 Rafael Saladin QM3 1992-1994 rafael.saladin (AT) Lots of great memories. I served on four more ships after and RMD was by far the best! We had a tight crew.
FFG-60 Joe Schiffel ET2 4/1997 - 5/2001 j_m_schiffel (AT) I loved it so much, I joined the WA Air National Guard!!!
FFG-60 John Schnekel CSC (SW) 09/2002-06/2005 jschenkel (AT) That was some West Pac in 03
FFG-60 Robert Scott BM1 1988 to 1990 scottslll (AT)  
FFG-60 David Seabock OSC (SW) 8/93-9/96 lrcmba05 (AT) Retired off RMD in Bahrain!
FFG-60 Ron Sears OS1 7/88-11/89 searsr3 (AT) Joined the ship after home port shift to Yokosuks, JA
FFG-60 Sean ''Spitz'' Spitler BM3 96-99 SSpitler (AT)  
FFG-60 Joseph Stroup MS3 10/91 to 6/93 jstroup (AT) wardroom cook
FFG-60 Patrick Sullivan QMCS(SW) precom to 6/88 snipewheels (AT) Plankowner
FFG-60 David Tima IC3 09/97-05/98 david.tima (AT)  
FFG-60 Richard Tuck E-3 1993-1995 tuckrichard (AT) Still to this day, over 20 years later, I have such great amazing memories of my time with RMD.
FFG-60 Keith Ullman LT 3/86 - 10/88 ka.ullman (AT) Good Ship, Great Sailors. Retired 1999.
FFG-60 David Webb SHSN 1994-1996 hyperthreadz (AT) Affirmative action prevented me from making E-4
FFG-60 Garrett White E-4 2002-2006 garrett_white (AT) Best time of my life!
FFG-60 Brian Wingfield GSM3 99-01 briantheblank (AT) anchors away!
FFG-60 Brian Wood OS2 08/93-03/97 bkjwood (AT) too much fun
FFG-60 Gregg Woodworth GM1 9/99-12/02 gwoodworth (AT) was the command that made my mind up to join the Coast Guard
FFG-60 Victor Wright E-3 1986-1990 vwright13 (AT) Good ship, good crew, good memories. E-2 DIVISION kept her running smooth. What's up Ted.
FFG-60 Rick Yauch PC2 12/95-04/99 ev9d901 (AT) I work at the US Embassy in Manila-- yauchre (AT)
FFG-60 Michael J. Zink RM2 5/87-6/90 zink-4 (AT)  

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