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DE/DER-336 David Conklin IC3 1/57- 9/58 dwconklin (AT) Loved Paris, Portugal 40 out 15 in ,Newport
DE/DER-336 George J. Gendron GM3 12/56 to 12/57 Ggeorge1 (AT) Great Captain & Great Shipmates
DE/DER-336 David McCarthy GMG3 1/60 - 7/63 dmkm1960 (AT) Roy O. Hale association member. Enjoy the annual reunion and seeing my shipmates each year
DE/DER-336 Stephen Murray EN3 1957 to 1958 gloucestermurray (AT)  
DE/DER-336 James Sam Smith ET2 1961-1962 vtgunkie12 (AT)  
DE-336 Richard Bain SOG3 6/58 to 7/59 doogie111 (AT) On board for the boarding of the Russian Trawler. Swimming in Mid. Atlantic Ocean. Dew line duty.
DE-336 Walter Jablonski GM1C 02/44-01/20/46 mjab151954 (AT) Walter is my Dad. My name is Marc. Thank u
DE-336 Leonard Landry FC2 3/44 lsidingman (AT) Was on pre commission detail. Orange, TX
DE-336 Robert White ET1(SS) 1956 to 1958 bob (AT) I was on board for the re-commissioning.
DE-336 James Wynn SPF2 1962 jcwynn40 (AT)  
DER-336 Laurence Armour ET3 1959 to 1962 larmour (AT)  
DER-336 James Askham RD3 9/60-2/62 JimAskham (AT)  
DER-336 Allen Bowser SOG3 10/59 - 10/62 allenandginny (AT)  
DER-336 Richard Boyd ET3 7/62 - 6/63 richardhboyd (AT)  
DER-336 Alvin L. Breece SM1 7-1959 4-1961 ALnK910 (AT)  
DER-336 Dick L. D'Ostroph BT2 1956-1958 dostroph (AT) was on the pre-commissioning detail in Boston
DER-336 Jim Engeseth SOG2 1960-1962 jimbo (AT)  
DER-336 Lon Finnerty SN 2/58-8/60 dallas22 (AT) 1st Div-Paint Locker
DER-336 Donald Fuller QM2 2/60-8/60 fullercrustyone (AT)  
DER-336 Chris Galbreath FT1 5/1958-1960 cgalbreath (AT)  
DER-336 George Gendron GM3 1/29/57 to 12/21/57 Ggeorge1 (AT) Great Captain & Great Shipmates
DER-336 Jim Hale FTM2 1958 - 1961 jimhale (AT)  
DER-336 Kenneth Hays LT(jg) 1960 to 1963 kenhays (AT) saw several comments about roy o hale reunion. would like someone to contact me about how to join or attend
DER-336 George Hiddemen LT(jg) 1/61-9/63 aboard during the Norwegian Sea Storm through decommisioning
DER-336 Ken Johnson RD3 1960to1962 KJohn87899 (AT)  
DER-336 Charles Jordan RD3 1960 to 1962 Cmjordan (AT) The hale was squared away with 5 Es never missed a comittment !
DER-336 Charles Kerns EN3 1957-1959 CKerns1 (AT)  
DER-336 Duane Langer ET3 12/57-8/59 dlanger (AT)  
DER-336 Dennis Loiselle SN 1962 DENNIS.LOISELLE (AT)  
DER-336 Charles Manning AG2 1960 to 1961 chuman3 (AT)  
DER-336 Joseph Menegalli Cook 1957 - 1959 tobigjoe (AT) was on pre commissioning crew and school
DER-336 Richard Pattarozzi AG2 6/57-1/60 RAPUSN (AT)  
DER-336 Joseph Peters EN3 1960 to 1962 Joeheli1 (AT) Newport, RI
DER-336 Donald Polcaro ET3 61-62 pol1940 (AT) On North Atlantic cruise dew line, and the Cuban Crisis
DER-336 Gary Reichart RM3 1959-1962 splinterinflorida (AT)  
DER-336 David Ripa RD2 5/59 - 2/62 dar40 (AT)  
DER-336 Howard Rumph FT3 1/1958-5/1958 hnrumccaz (AT) Belong to ''Hale'' reunion group
DER-336 Charles Sanders SOG2 1/58-7/60 charluke1 (AT) Love to hear from former shipmates!
DER-336 Patrick Shyrer EN2 2/59-3/62 patrickshyrer58 (AT) worked engine room 1
DER-336 James Simon ETR3 1959 to 1961 jrsim2 (AT) Left for the US Navy's NESEP program.
DER-336 Dennis Warnick MM 2/61-1/62 warnick65 (AT) had a ball on her.great cruise to ireland
DER-336 Ken Wilson ET3 1/63 - 4/63 kaygee56 (AT) Out of Newport,RI
DER-336 Joseph Yokavonis ENFN 1/61-1/63 mrstinger (AT)  

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