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FFG-13 Michael Adams SM3 3/81 - 9/84 maddog1960 (AT) Great to have found site-miss canoe club,good times & ports we hit on Med cruise 82 & 84-called Splash.
FFG-13 Efstratios (Pete) Alexiou HT3 5/85 to 11/88 navhfd1317 (AT) had a great time on board and met some good friends and seen nice places.
FFG-13 Jeff Anglemyer STG3 94-96 anglemyerjeff (AT) Lots of good times and good friends.
FFG-13 Jaysen Binegar OS3 1993-1997 JBinegar (AT)  
FFG-13 Lee Budd STG2 1982-1984 sporto999 (AT) Had a great time in many parts of the world.
FFG-13 Dale Chaplin ET2 1982 -1987 DChap7 (AT)  
FFG-13 Lenny Clairmont EM3 1982-1985 lenny.clairmont (AT) Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii
FFG-13 Beverly Clemmons Ombudsman 6/94-4/95 bev8362 (AT) It was my honor to serve as the family Ombudsman and take the phone calls when the ship was deployed.
FFG-13 James Cocroft OS2 08/1991 - 10/1993  
FFG-13 Emanuel Cruz Romero E-4 1999 to 2002 ecruz_929 (AT)  
FFG-13 Patrick Dobson RM2 07/89-02/93 pat_rickd (AT)  
FFG-13 John Dornellas GSEC 1990 to 1994 John1885 (AT)  
FFG-13 Moses East EN2(SW) 98-02 Moses7880 (AT) Great crew Great ship! Lots of great memories!
FFG-13 Eric Emery CMDCM 12/99 - 7/02 eric.w.emery (AT) Last CMC to sail SEM and then took crew over to the EST.
FFG-13 Clifford Esmiol GSE2 1981 to 1984 cfe03 (AT) Great Ship , Great Shipmates
FFG-13 Tom Farrell E-3 92-94 tmasterfarrell (AT) Best times of my life
FFG-13 Darrel Gillman PN2 09/86 to 04/91 drgillman88 (AT)  
FFG-13 Douglas Haase SKCS(SW) 11/87-4/91 scdolt (AT)  
FFG-13 Max Jackson STG2 01/00 - 07/02 max.jackson (AT) Forward and Aft, the best frigate the U.S. Navy ever had.
FFG-13 Rick Kincaid SM2 Precom-82 rick.kincaid (AT)  
FFG-13 Steve Lacks IC3 11/92-12/96 stevelacks (AT) Didn't know it then but that was some of the best times in my life. I would love to hear from any of my old shipmates. Contact me and we will swap sea-stories.
FFG-13 Brian Langenberg QM3 01/82 - 5/84 BKL6313 (AT) Would love to hear from anybody.
FFG-13 Jerry Lewis HT1 precom to 2/82 jrlewis (AT) Where's the old Pre-com bunch
FFG-13 Ken Madaris HT3 6/86-4/90 gramedb (AT)  
FFG-13 Mickey McLean SK1 1981-1982 mclean.mick (AT)  
FFG-13 Mark Nadobny SM3 4/92 - 2/94 mnadobny (AT) After college, I enlisted for 2 yrs & served onboard-met some great people-did some traveling-many fond memories.
FFG-13 Tim O'Leary ET3 12/93-11/95 tpoleary33 (AT) t-dog still a dog. best times ever onboard this ship.
FFG-13 Brian Oneal E-3 10/93-12/96 boneals996 (AT)  
FFG-13 Dean Pittman E-5 6/87-9/90 pittmanenterprises (AT) Great Times!! (E-mail me)
FFG-13 Mark Pomory, Sr. ET1 (SW) 1090 to 1984 mpomory (AT)  
FFG-13 Dave Potter HT3 Nov 81-Oct83 mmzd60 (AT) contact me for reunion information...thanks
FFG-13 Robert Rothen DS1(SS/SW) 10/91 - 12/96 rothenra (AT)  
FFG-13 Daniel Soto STG2 93-96 BORIQUA1969 (AT)  
FFG-13 Guy Steelman SA 1983-1984 steelmanguy (AT) Was kicked out for being gay!
FFG-13 Leroy Thompson LCDR 2/97-6/98 thompsol (AT) XO
FFG-13 Ronald Thorns ET1(SW) 06/88-06/92 Brothor1 (AT) My last sea going platform. CS04 LPO.
FFG-13 Michael Tuck SM1 12/87-3/95 mwtuck (AT) Was a JAFR (Reservist) during tour, great boat.
FFG-13 Lawrence Wise LT 5/86-4/90 cdrwise (AT) ASWO/AUXO/MPA/NAV
FFG-13 Roosevelt (Rick) Wright, Jr. CDR 6/92 - 9/92 rrwright (AT) 992 great lakes cruise-to all my shipmates-stay navy strong

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