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DE-442 Leonard Amann RM2 1944-1946 suenelson705 (AT) My father-deceased-looking for info on his time aboard-I never heard any of the stories of his experiences.
DE-442 Beryl (Bob) Bos EM3 4/57-9/58 bemgmtb-90 (AT) I would like to hear from you that served during this time.
DE-442 Edward Brady BM1 1951-1952 bradyr (AT) Son, Ret Army Col - Dad deceased, 4 July 64
DE-442 Charles Evans SK3 3/51 to 10/52 anniemc9 (AT)  
DE-442 Luther Godbey YN3 1955 to 1956 wvfan28469 (AT) Would likr to hear from any one who served with me on the MOORE
DE-442 Thomas Gorzycki PO2 04/1952 - 02/1956 TOMMY353 (AT)  
DE-442 Alan H. Guard LT(jg) Sept. 44 to May 46 alabet1 (AT)  
DE-442 Winston Guthrie YN3 10/53 to 9/55 winstonjudy (AT) Would like to hear from any of my shipmates.
DE-442 Hurschell Joslin EM3 11/51- 4/54 hpjoslin (AT) Wondering about my shipmates
DE-442 Jack Kampf RM3 1953 - 56 jackkampf (AT)  
DE-442 Edward McIntire QM3 1950 to 1954 Mcintire.Ed (AT) would like to talk to any one who served with me during those years
DE-442 Garth Menges QMS 1953-1954 garfman11 (AT) I hope to see you in Sept.
DE-442 Roger Morgan FT2 11/55 - 8/58 rmo436 (AT) current member of TCST and DESA
DE-442 Mike Mrazik QM3 1944-1945 Mraziks (AT) Was my dad. I want to find out more about his time aboard.
DE-442 Eldon Northrup MM3 1951 - 1953 Jodi.Northrup (AT) Eldon does not have email - Daughter will forward
DE-442 Delbert (Del) Owen SO2 4/55 - 7/57 dgowen (AT) Reunions in Albuquerque '12(?) & Myrtle Beach '13-DESA Reunion Portland,ME '16-plan in Albany,NY '17
DE-442 Ken Patterson RM2 06/55 - 11/57 pattersonkr36 (AT)  
DE-442 Glen Reed RM2 1944 to 1946 BDFaulks (AT) (707) 442-8363
DE-442 Don Rollins GM3 1956-1957 DonRollins36 (AT) Served with Bill Silvilla TM-3 & Abe Lincoln Seaman 1st
DE-442 James Strickland GM3 5/52 - 2/56 james.strickland135 (AT) AKA : Brew 102
DE-442 Orvie L. Townsend BT3 1953 to 1954 orviet (AT)  

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