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DE 1028 Don Hall RD3 1966-69 chall30971 (AT) I enjoyed my time at sea. South America was over the top! Looking for my old buds!!
DE-1028 James Acquavella SN 11/70 - 12/71 ackie1 (AT)  
DE-1028 A. Angeli MM2 1961 to 1962 barange216 (AT) Discharged April 1962
DE-1028 Pat Aube CS3 61-62 pataube (AT) was a cook aboard from 61 to 62 at time of the round the world cruise . lookink for shipmates
DE-1028 Peter Benedek AT2 10/66-6/68 petejane88 (AT) DASH Weapons System
DE-1028 Robert Bigoness HM1 7/59-7/61 robert_bigoness (AT)  
DE-1028 Harlan Blaisdell SK3 1961 to 1963 nygiantsfan11 (AT) Would love to hear from shipmates
DE-1028 Bill Braeckelaere BM3 3/64-4/66 wjbracklar (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmate.
DE-1028 Gerald Brewer SO3 1957 to 1961 Gerald_Brewer (AT) Great ship. We saw almost all the world.Would like to hear from any shipmate.
DE-1028 Doug Brown YN2 1963-1965 bgrandpa8 (AT) would like to hear from any shipmate - especfially the XO-Lt Reimann
DE-1028 Richard Burgholzer MM3 11/61-3/65 Rjburg (AT) anyone out there after 50 years and remembers me let me know how your doing
DE-1028 James S. Bush SN 1967-1968 jrebbush2 (AT)  
DE-1028 Robert Buss YN3 1968-1970 huntfish (AT) Seasick a lot!
DE-1028 John Connolly RD3 9/58-9/60 johnconnolly (AT)  
DE-1028 Martin Davis FN 1961-1964 onebadmd11 (AT) like to hear from boiler room guys 61-64 (Charles Price)for one
DE-1028 Jerry Day IC3 61 jerryday1 (AT) Looking for Chico, Henery or Hank Martinez
DE-1028 Frank DeNigris SOG2 1963 to 1964 facilitiesmaintsvc (AT)  
DE-1028 Frank DiMura EM2 5/66-2/68 fdimura1 (AT) Looking back this was some of the best times of my life
DE-1028 James Dougherty BT3 6/64 to 6/66 doctor1028 (AT)  
DE-1028 Robert Doyle SN 1969 connewray1 (AT)  
DE-1028 Michael George   1964 to 1968 dgeorge42 (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates.
DE-1028 Jim Gibson RM3 11/59 / 06/61 jimgibson2 (AT)  
DE-1028 Daniel Gillespie CS3 12/68-11/69 dangillespie117 (AT) jack of the dust
DE-1028 William (Bill) Hall SF3 6/64 to 6/66 wilkbillhall (AT)  
DE-1028 Andrew Hayes EN2 1965 to1967 drewsue2 (AT) weapons deptartment (DASH)
DE-1028 Dean Hoover FN 1/58 to 4/59 DE1029 (AT) Was in the Boiler room with my 2 brothers
DE-1028 Richard Hughes FN 12/59-10/61 otaa (AT) See me at the reunion in Norfolk September 01
DE-1028 James Isabell SOGSN 4/57-6/59 jrisri (AT) plankowner
DE-1028 Jim Johnson MM2 1965 to 1968 johnsonjim (AT) like to hear from anyone in my time era-we rode some heavy seas-only someone who was there could believe it
DE-1028 James Jones SK1 06/66-04/68 luvdixie4ever (AT) My 1st Ship, will never forget her!
DE-1028 Andy Kupiec BMSN 1962-1963 andykupsplace (AT)  
DE-1028 Frank Luiz SN 1958 to 1961 frankluizartlover (AT)  
DE-1028 Richard Marien SHB3/2 2/69-7/72 richardmariens (AT) Cut a lot of hair made a lot of friends see you all at the Dealy's reunion 2012
DE-1028 John R. McDonnell ETR2 January 61 - April 61 D25jorgejuan (AT)  
DE-1028 Edwin McDowell BM 1962 smcdowell (AT)  
DE-1028 William Mclaughlin, Jr. FN 1970 billmclau (AT)  
DE-1028 Steve Melloy BT3 4/68 to12/68 steve (AT)  
DE-1028 Donald E. Merrill BT2 70-71 ds1565 (AT) like to hear from shipmates
DE-1028 Dick Miller EN3 10/59 to 10/61 rmiller501 (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates
DE-1028 James Moore EM2 6/60-4/62 Picketeer (AT)  
DE-1028 Herman Thomas Morris SKSN 1965 to 1966 hrmorris22 (AT)  
DE-1028 Harold D. Napier FTG3 12/59-5/62 jonel (AT)  
DE-1028 Charles Nix EM3 4/60 - 7/61 lionhunter01 (AT)  
DE-1028 Paul Pasichnyk ET1 02/57 - 03/58 pppaulie (AT) Plankowner
DE-1028 Fred Prendergast EN3 1958-1962 fredpren (AT)  
DE-1028 Malcolm Robinson GMG3 2/61-11/64 tbirdterri (AT) solant amity iv was the highlight of my time aboard. would like to hear from former shipmates
DE-1028 Bill Schoeberlein SN 1967-1968 Fishernet21 (AT) 13mo on van voorhis great time jack of the dust
DE-1028 John J. Shaw MMFN 1964-1965 mrbagel (AT) liked to hear from shipmates
DE-1028 Marvin Smith SN 11/68-6/70 concie46 (AT)  
DE-1028 Bruce Tetrault SM3 1962-1962 pmb (AT) does anyone know ron petrie sm2 e-mail address on board 1962
DE-1028 Rob Thompson STG3 9/69 - 7/72 rthompson (AT) Good crew, many friends.
DE-1028 Jacob (Jake) Thorn PN3 08/65 to 01/67 highspire3 (AT) would like to hear from anyone that remembers me
DE-1028 Leslie VanNostrand BT3 1964 to1966 vengn (AT) would like to here from ship mates.
DE-1028 Robert Wallace EM2 1970-1971 fabo (AT) Good ship and a good crew.
DE-1028 Joseph Walsh EM2 1960 to 1961 jlw_web (AT)  
DE-1028 Ron Weaver RM2 1067 - 1970 rweaver1 (AT)  
DE-1028 William Wesseldine TM3 1959-1961 WESSELDINE (AT) Great Years -- Great Memories
DE-1028 Michael Wilkinson SN 1967-1969 michael.wilkinson (AT)  
DE-1028 Ted Williams FN 9/64-3/65 willie8973 (AT)  
DE-1028 Robert Zinkwich EM3 1/60-2/63 RZINKWICH (AT)  

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