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DE-361 Larry Bales MM1 03/63-08/64 mtntop9 (AT) Great ship and crew. Like to hear from any fellow crew members but especially fellow snipes.
DE-361 Albert Banks EM3 9/44-12/45 albanks7 (AT) I am 83 now and remember the 200 guys that served abord the Walton during 2nd war
DE-361 Art Bennett TESN 3/56-11/56 artb132 (AT)  
DE-361 Louis E. Bodiford SHSN 1961-1963 LouBodiford (AT)  
DE-361 Leroy Bostic MM 1958-1960 leenan (AT)  
DE-361 Bud (Moose) Brickell SN 1960-1964 WBrickell (AT)  
DE-361 Vic Brown EN3 3/62 to 8/64 victors_computers (AT) Anybody on board for our Wes-Pac Cruise, or Viet Nam
DE-361 Edward Brown BTC 1967 edbrown (AT)  
DE-361 Bob Casagranda ETN2 4/62 to 12/63 bopacasa (AT) Let's swap stories or remembrances
DE-361 Gene Castain SN 61-62 Geneocas (AT)  
DE-361 Ray Choiniere SN 1961-62 rfcee (AT)  
DE-361 Frank Coffey SM3 9/55 to 9/58 fcoffey_jr (AT) If you remember me send me a message
DE-361 Earlie (E. G.) Collins EM2 10/51-1/53 egcmke (AT) If you remember me, please correspond.
DE-361 Winford (Smokey) Cox BT2 04/57 - 04/59 betwin (AT) I had a lot of good times on the old Dirty-W.
DE-361 Vernie Joe Daffern BT1 1958 jjdaffern (AT) we deconmissioned her san fransisco
DE-361 James Eakin MM3 1956-1960 Mjc91741 (AT) Anybody still around?
DE-361 Maurice Eggeman QM3 1944 to 1946 the (AT) Would like to hear from any of the OLD TIMERS out there!!!
DE-361 Robert Erickson FTG3 4/65 - 10/66 rmerickson424 (AT)  
DE-361 Albert Fenley CDR 1952-1954 lindajoy (AT) Want to hear from all who served with my father
DE-361 Geral Foglesong FC3 05/54 - 11/56 geralf (AT)  
DE-361 Ron Franchi SK3 1964-65 rfranchi (AT) I was stationed at Treasure Island--aboard the uss walton from 1964-1965--as ship storekeeper
DE-361 Thomas Frazier BT3 1962-1966 tdf2267 (AT) Served w/4th Section (res) bef trans to USS Whitehurst-pls email if you were part of tha crew to swap sea stories
DE-361 Robert Harkness SN 1965 raharkness (AT) Reservist Summer cruise San Francisco/Vancouver
DE-361 Boyd Hemmingson PF3 8/57-12/59 BOYDNBETTY (AT)  
DE-361 James Hillaker MM 54-57 jhillaker (AT) Best years of my life. e-mail me
DE-361 James (Jim) Holder RD3 1/60-12/60 jholder2 (AT) Skipper was John Mcgill. Served w/ Willie Nelson also
DE-361 James Hopson FT2 64-3/65 jimhopson (AT) I was deputy dog
DE-361 Orlando Hornung MM1 1945 to 1946 sdhornung (AT)  
DE-361 Jerry R. Hudson BTC 56-61 marjer67 (AT)  
DE-361 Richard Hyland QM3 1962-1963 rhyland (AT)  
DE-361 Tidwell Jeffers S1 1944-1946 tammykelley20 (AT) My grandfather-died 1/12-I am looking for anyone who knew him-would love to hear about his time in the Navy.
DE-361 Donald Kuhn FTM3 6/60 to 8/60 dkuhn7 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me. I pitched fast pictch softball.
DE-361 Odell Lee RMSN 6/57-8/58 OdelllLee1 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DE-361 Tom Loftis SF2 1955-1959 LoftisUSN (AT) Homeport Pearl Harbor, TH--55-58, San Francisco, 58-59
DE-361 Ted Martin LT 6/66-1/68 tj-cl.martin (AT) Last Chief Engineer
DE-361 Ross McElroy LT 1/64 - 6/65 Rodmcelroy58 (AT) Served under LCDR Harry B. Knecht, training Naval Reservists in ResDesRon 27.
DE-361 Robert Merrick LT 1961-2 bobmerrick (AT) Navigator
DE-361 Herb Mesler RMC 1961-1962 meslershome (AT) Great Web Site...keep up the good work!
DE-361 Ray Metzger ST1 6/44 to 3/46 RAYSTELMET (AT) Any old timers around buzz me.We mothballed the ship in '46
DE-361 Michael Moore E-3 1967 - 1968 moore-mail (AT)  
DE-361 Paul Naples RD3 1961 to 1962 paulolly (AT)  
DE-361 Michael Nicholls FN 1965 nicholls68m (AT) Reservist Summer Cruise
DE-361 Ignacio Remis destroyer 4/44 to 9/45 pabremis (AT) I am writing this to let his shipmates know that my grandfathered passed away in 2003
DE-361 Ken Sayers LT(jg) 9/65-9/67 halyardp (AT) I was aboard when she was an NRT in San Francisco
DE-361 John Scott BM3 1962 to 1965 scottpass (AT)  
DE-361 Thomas J. Sheehan MM2 1961-1962 Renosheehan4 (AT)  
DE-361 Howard Shorthill MM2 10/59 - 8/63 howards (AT)  
DE-361 Charles Sills FN 1955-1958 cjsls (AT)  
DE-361 Jon Simpson   11/45 simpsonjon (AT) Looking for info about granddad's time aboard-trying to put together patches,etc-pls email/call 803-230-0577 tks
DE-361 Doyle (DJ) Smith GMGSN 1960 to 1964 doymicstmartin (AT) Great site. Like to hear from any old shipmates.
DE-361 James W. Smith RD3 61-62 destroyer361 (AT)  
DE-361 Richard Trickey BM3 1962-1964 joanne12 (AT) Died in 1968 from brain hemmorage-2 daughters would like to have any old crew photos that you may have-Thx.
DE-361 John Van Dusen FN 1953 -1954 J.aandusen (AT) looking for other shipmates i was called van sometimes van the man
DE-361 John VanDusen FN 1953-1955 jvandusen (AT) If on the ship during this time I would like to hear fromyou
DE-361 Daniel Wall SN 3/64-4-65 bulkhed (AT) Left USS Edmonds. Changed Rate to AN in 65
DE-361 Clarence Weatherby E-3 1957 - 1960   399 Lees Mill RD Fayetteville Ga 30214 Atlanta GA. 30214
DE-361 Charles Whisnant GM2 1953-1955 cew040334 (AT) Trans frm USS.Bremerton CA-130 mid 53 to USS Walton-dischg while in Hawaii 5/11/55-flew to San Francisco
DE-361 Ed Whitehead SN 9/61-10/63 efwhitehead (AT) I served as a snipe, a deckape, then in CIC. Email me.
DE-361 Kirk Young CS3   kirkusn (AT) Nick name Stew

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