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DE 634 Gene Avery RD2 1952-1955 GBJLAVERY2 (AT)  
DE-634 Herman Anderson BM2 68-69 HERMANDGLO (AT) I helped decommission the old lady
DE-634 Alfred K. Baroa RD2 5/55 - 12/58 kenbaroa (AT)  
DE-634 Ray Bradbury E-2 1963 bradbury (AT) 1st ship-best ship
DE-634 Charles Casper EMFN 11/53-4/55 richard (AT) Great crew, and interesting patrols and ports-of-call
DE-634 Rodger Clement QM3 1958-1963 Silicone (AT) Res Crew
DE-634 Albert N. Crawford QM1 1950-1951 Bigalcrawf1 (AT)  
DE-634 Richard (Dick) Cromer MM2 Oct 55 to Sep 57 betdixie (AT)  
DE-634 Max Crow FT2 Jan 1952 Sept 1955 crowmax (AT) Yeoman for Whitehurst alumni and Webmaster DE634 site
DE-634 Robert Danderson SA 4/1951-10/1951 approx. bob1934 (AT) They were right the first ship was the best
DE-634 Jim Dempsey RM3 12/55-1/58 golfnejd (AT) looking for all mates who served in any years.
DE-634 Timothy Dorgan SM2 7/58 - 10/69 dorganid (AT) On board both Active & Reserve time
DE-634 Fred (Jay) Dunham ETSN 6/53-11/53 dataz33 (AT)  
DE-634 Chuck Eads FN 4/57 to 58 chuck_cannonball (AT) Played wounded sailer in the movie
DE-634 Roger Ekman LT(jg) 6/52-6/55 rekman532 (AT) Great memories
DE-634 Bud England GM3 6/52 4/54 bengland (AT)  
DE-634 Adrian V. Filipiak RM1 4/55-6/58 flipde634 (AT)  
DE-634 Charles Finley SN 4/56-7/58 sewnsew3 (AT) Watch out (Enemy Below) Starboard lookout.
DE-634 Thomas Frazier BT2 1966-1968 tdf2267 (AT) Spent my USNR 2yrs active duty on this fine old lady...great times...even greater shipmates!
DE-634 Clyde Fry SH 3 Oct. 56 / July 57 cfry (AT)  
DE-634 Dean Griggs RD2 Sept 1956 - July 1957 griggsdean (AT)  
DE-634 Jean Howard 3/C 1945-1946 jlandjb (AT) My Dad-died-found out he was aboard Whitehurst-am documenting as I learn-TY-youngest child Dana Howard
DE-634 James E. Howe QM2 Aug 1954-May 1958 raehowe (AT) First and best ship
DE-634 David Jensen GMSN 4/58 - 10/58 jensen-d (AT) Was my very first ship.
DE-634 Tim D. Lake GMCS 1961 to 1962 tdlakeii (AT)  
DE-634 Bill Lambdin LT(jg) 9/50 to 2/52 wlambdin (AT)  
DE-634 Stephen Loop SN 1965 to 1967 sloop (AT)  
DE-634 Mike Lynch SF1 4/60-6/62 ramlyn4432 (AT) It was one of the best ships I ever served on the best of 9
DE-634 Robert Matz SK3 1966 to 1967 Rjmwindwalker (AT) Back from westpac was part of caretaker crew of 30/40? Great food bad weather, good home port over all
DE-634 John McCawley MMFN 1951 to 1952 Exfirecapt (AT) Worked in Engine Room MM2 Tom Perkins
DE-634 Stanley Paulsen IC2 1967 to 1968 o.paulsen (AT) In the lower office below the food table
DE-634 Rudolph Phillips LT(jg) Sept 1950 -Sept1951 RUDYPHIL (AT) Anti-Submarine Officer
DE-634 Steven Robinson SN 10/66 - 04/67 Bigman1947 (AT) I was assigned along with 6 other guys out of Boot Camp awaiting ET/A School. Only ship assigned too.
DE-634 John R.(Randy) Rockhold RD3 9/50 - 3/53 JRockhold (AT)  
DE-634 John Scott PO2 3/51-10/54 jandmreed617 (AT) Nickname - Scottie BT After fire room Wife-Lavera
DE-634 Norm Siford GM2 Aug 1952 - Nov 1955 omaha77 (AT)  
DE-634 Steven Smith YN3 12/65-9/66 Cataye (AT) Great duty compared to my previous ship (the Aegir AS 23) in San Diego.
DE-634 Orazio Ross Sobania SN1 1954 oraziosobania (AT) From T.I. Ca. Went to Vancouver Canada. Then on the way back we joined in the Seafair parade in
DE-634 Mike Sweet RD2 5/56 thru 12/58 michaelesweet (AT) anxious to hear from my former shipates
DE-634 Russ Thomas EM1 1951-1955 lbrdr92 (AT) Ret. fr NY Tele., Raising Guide Dog Pups for Guiding Eyes
DE-634 Arthur Thompson STG1 1961-1962 northernflyer1 (AT) reserve crew
DE-634 Dave Wade EM1 03/69 - 06/69 wades (AT) LT USN Retired
DE-634 Jim Walker RD3 06/63 - 06/68 jbwalk (AT) served my enlisted time aboard as rescrew. Capt. (O-6) Ret.
DE-634 John Watt BM1 12/63 - 09/65 oneillghost (AT)  
DE-634 A.J. Wichita LT(jg) 5/10/53 to 5/20/55 ajwichita (AT)  
DE-634 Elwood (Woody) Winters 2/c 5/52-8/55 imjustplainsue (AT) Looking for reunion Washington D.C. info crowmax (AT) need phone number
DE-634 Bill 'Woodie' Woodward RD2 Sep-56 / Jun-57 billin (AT)  

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