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DE/DER-397 Bobby Rider BM2 1960-1961 canerday (AT) Just wanted to change email address.
DE/DER-397 Donald Shuck SN 1961-1962 donaldshuck86 (AT) I was stationed on the Wilhoite during deepfreeze 61
DE-397 Donald Bryan E-3 1960-1962 dlb (AT)  
DE-397 George Friedland SM 1943-45? Hispddrill (AT) In loving memory of my dad, from a Navy son
DE-397 Raymond Gargano   1943 to 1944 ray (AT) This listing is for my father, he passed away in 1992
DE-397 Fred Howland M2 1943 thru 1944 reddog1sah (AT) In loving memory of my father who served on this ship.
DE-397 Peter Hubbard CT3 1964? peterhubbard (AT) TAD team from Navcommsta 85, Wahiawa, Hawaii
DE-397 Russell H. Plumb Radar Operator 1943-1946 COGIT8R (AT) Dad was part of the original Wilhoite crew. He died in 6/82.
DE-397 Clarence Ray 1/c 1943-1945 flaraysun (AT) For my father who passed away in 2003, he always talked about his days on this ship.
DE-397 Walter Sooy SN1 12/43 - 3/46 denverhenley (AT) Hello to all the old shipmates of that era
DE-397 Paul L. Stanley SO2   jackbomb75 (AT) Paul passed away in April of 2003, looking for crewmates
DE-397 James Thompson   1956 - 1959 JRThompson1004 (AT)  
DE-397 Jim Thurston SN 1944 blueridgejjt (AT)  
Der397 David Brevard QM3 9/64-3/67 davidbrevard (AT) need help with prostrate cancer/agent orange
DER-397 Thomas Arledge SH3 1967 to 1969 jlamouse (AT) Lt Paine, I would like to hear from you.
DER-397 Larry Arnold FTG2 1966-1969 techman52 (AT) Hoping to hear from shipmates during above time period
DER-397 Roger Beed EN3 1967 to 1969 sandhillsarabians (AT)  
DER-397 Dennis Bettin E-3 1959 to 1962 DBETTIN (AT) ASPENDISTRIBUTION.COM Hello
DER-397 Charlie Breitbach RM3 61 - 64 searebee42 (AT) a wild ride hotel st, louie's log cabin ,trade winds ,block arena ,midway is ,adak ,yokosuka,sea stories
DER-397 David Brevarf QM-3 9/65 - 4/67 dbrevard (AT) Calling all shipmates for the Reunion in Omaha in Sept./ 09
DER-397 Russell Brown QM2 8/60-6/61 oldprospectors2 (AT) Operation Deep Freeze, 60/61 Oh what a ride!
DER-397 Edward Bunker RD3 1959-62 eddiegolf40 (AT) Would like to hear from RDs and ETs that served around 60-6
DER-397 Raymond Candor IC1 1954 to 1958 moose 7b (AT) looking for shipmate
DER-397 Nicholas Carl SN 60-63 nickcarl2003 (AT) Looking for friends whom I served with aboard the ship.
DER-397 Dennis Carnagey ETR3 61 to 63 dcarnagey (AT)  
DER-397 Robert Caron RM3 1960 to 1962 boblc (AT) Operation Deep Freeze 60-61
DER-397 John Clancy RD2 55 - 56 jason (AT) Remember ''Bogey Jack?''
DER-397 Lee Cleghorn ETN2 05/62-12/64 leecleghorn (AT) ETCM ret.
DER-397 Bobby Crosswhite EM2 1968-1969 levi (AT)  
DER-397 Jim Danek SOG3 59 - 8/61 jamesdanek (AT) operation deep freeze and lonely ocean station plane guard
DER-397 James Devlin MR1 9/65-5/67 Jdevl (AT) Whole lot better after ''BigFoot'' left.
DER-397 Ray (Black Jack) Digiacomo E-4 10/64 - 10/66 rayraysliverfox (AT) procissi whats happening? good old Hawaii! we had a lot of fun there
DER-397 Troy Dooley HM2 06/64-2/65 troygolf99 (AT) My first ship: My first Independent Duty Corpsman assignment. I remember we were always underway.
DER-397 Gerald Dougher, Jr. RM2 10/59-5/62 dougherg (AT)  
DER-397 Thomas Douher E 4 Stores 04/62 to 03 1966 doughertbsenior (AT) The First Cruise Viet Nam
DER-397 Rupert Ellis ETNSN 1960 to 1963 rupert1 (AT) Lots of good sea time
DER-397 Robert Enyeart TM2 05/10/65 to 06/10/66 robert9w (AT) have came down with asbistios, need info on others from the wilhoite with the same
DER-397 Tommy (Mouse) Farris ETR3 11/66-11/68 tomrfarris (AT)  
DER-397 Darell Fell IC2/E-5 11/59 to 10/60 approx dfell (AT) Any shipmates still around-ray candor-if you're out there, email me. the last I heard you were still in Masury, OH.
DER-397 Fred A. Fewin FCTC Oct 56 to Apr 57 ffewin (AT)  
DER-397 Gary Frederiksen RD2 61-63 cbdanegf (AT) Like to say hello to my fellow shipmates, share stories and news.
DER-397 David Goodwin EN2 1957-58 bar45 (AT) Looking for buddies aboard ship during this time.
DER-397 Bob Gray MM2 68-69 jgray5000 (AT) great site
DER-397 Joe Griffith EM2 1963 to 1965 jgatstelizabeth (AT) Catcher for Doc Doley the Great Softball Pitcher
DER-397 Rick Grubb EM3 4/67-9/69 rickgrubb (AT)  
DER-397 Dave Hanon AG3 04/58 to 01/59 dhanon1 (AT) I was the only guy on the ship with green stripes. write me
DER-397 Sidney Hazlewood SN 1960 to 1962 sshazle5769 (AT) I was on The Wilhoite during Operation Deep Freeze,
DER-397 Kenneth Hinkle SH2 01/56 to 06/58 chinkle (AT) Pier 91 Seattle, longest pier in the world.
DER-397 Gerald (Jerry) Hoagland STG1 1955-1956 hoagland (AT)  
DER-397 Peter Hubbard CT3 1964 hbbard (AT) With TAD team from Navcomsta, Navy 85, Wahiawa, Hi
DER-397 Roland Huff FN 3/1957-9/1958 rlhsr913 (AT) also served on USS Badoeing Strait CVE-116 1/1/1956 to 3/1957 & USS Forrester DER 9/58-9/59
DER-397 Donald E. Johnson RM3 9/56 - 9/58 W7TRA (AT) Good duty at pier 91 in Seattle. Missed the guys.
DER-397 Jules Karasik TE2 1955 to 1956 jaykarasik (AT) Any one rember J.O. Meyer RM1
DER-397 Ray Kelly DC2 10/63 - 3/66 raykelly1944 (AT) lots of sea time anyone know were mack e sinclair or marshall matberry is
DER-397 Craig Kennedy RD3 10/62 - 4/64 Roadrunner1 (AT) Good Captain and some good times with good friends
DER-397 Ed Koester EN3 1962-1966 ed.koester1234 (AT)  
DER-397 Donald Jay Krupp YN3 2/65 - 3/67 djkrupp (AT)  
DER-397 Paul La Fave IC2 1962 1965 pmlafave (AT) 212 Stockton Ave Santa Cruz, CA. 95060
DER-397 Don Landwehr RD3 1958 - 1960 dlandwehr (AT)  
DER-397 Geoffrey Layton LT(jg) 1968-1969 writergwl (AT) Like to hear from anyone who served during this time.
DER-397 Thomas LeVar QMSN 1954-1956 toeps (AT) Great Duty, Bad Weather
DER-397 Mike Lewis RD2 8/66-868 defuniak4 (AT) RD1 Vincent are you out there?
DER-397 Robert Lingo E-3 11/65 - 1/67 myseatoy (AT) Filed a claim which may chg status of ship frm blue to brown water navy frm Vietnam patrols-will notify VA decision
DER-397 Wesley Lyons BMSN 1967-1968 lyonsw001 (AT) Home Base Pearl Harbor, deployed to Vietnam 1967
DER-397 John Mauldin EN1 10/64-5/68 cporetrn (AT) Not bad duty except for being underway all the time.
DER-397 Gene (Eugene, Mac) McKenna EN3 5/65 - 4/67 gene (AT) Good friends/crew & dedicated-good liberty,good Wikiki living & college girls-Oh, to be young again!
DER-397 Bruce Mickelson RM3 1965 to 1967 brucedad3 (AT)  
DER-397 Duane Moe EN3 3/65- 3/67 drmoe1942 (AT) Now living in TX.
DER-397 Richard Montgomery BM3 4/66-1969 rickmontgomery (AT)  
DER-397 Thomas Morrissey RD2 5/66 to 7/69 adtomorrissey (AT)  
DER-397 James Nelson ENFN 10/67-5-68 jimbob85746 (AT) was only aboard a short time, went to Viet Nam on the River boats, worked in B-3 and was the Log Room Yoeman
DER-397 Dale Nicol RD2 2/61-2/64 dnicol (AT) Brings back 40 year old memories. Great communications tool.
DER-397 W.E. (Bill) Northrup RM3 1966-1969 logmgmt (AT)  
DER-397 Daniel Onofrey ETC 9/66-3/69 danonofrey (AT)  
DER-397 Ed O'Quin FTG3 1962 to 1964 eoquin (AT) Spent many days at sea chasing Russian Missle Tracking Ships.
DER-397 Alvaro Paez SN 03/69 - 07/69 aop (AT) Kicked out of bridge by capt en route to Bremerton for going on circles-Frank Roach was the officer of the watch
DER-397 Dave Payson RD2 1964 to 1967 payson4 (AT) The Willy''--scrappier than any tin-can in the fleet''
DER-397 Johnny Payton ICFN 1960 to 1962 37chevy (AT) Would like to hear from anyone that was on the ship with me.
DER-397 William Polk STG2 6/65-8/68 wepolk (AT) that was the navy i remember
DER-397 Earle Price RD3 10/57-12/59 egprice (AT) Remember how watermelons from refers used to get into CIC?
DER-397 Tom Procissi FM 1964-1968 bjpro_83 (AT)  
DER-397 Robert Rice EN3 1960 to 1963 rdrice1 (AT) would like to hear from shipmates from that time period
DER-397 Bobby Rider BMC 1960 canerday (AT) ''Chow Calls'' and watch station. Would love to hear from some of the guys that remember me!
DER-397 Frank Roche BM2 1/67 - 7/69 frank3971033 (AT) Treasurer of Reunion Committee
DER-397 Jack Rohde RM3 8/60-12/62 rohdejd (AT)  
DER-397 Michael Snavely SM1 9/63-7/65 armchairsailor1 (AT) Got off on first cruise to Viet Nam
DER-397 Roger Stansberry ETN3 5/60 - 6/62 rstandor (AT) DF 60
DER-397 Alan Streitman RD3 05/68-07/69 alans77 (AT) Served with Tom Morrissey and Bill Northrup
DER-397 Eugene ''Gene'' Strickland RDSN 1960-63 gene.strickland (AT) Operation Deep Freeze. How's the CIC crew?
DER-397 James R. Thompson ET2 5/57 - 6/59 jrthompson (AT) Seattle/Pearl Harbor
DER-397 Timothy Thompson RM3 12/64 - 1/68 tetjr.1 (AT)  
DER-397 Paul Toombs SK 1/62-10/63 phtoombs (AT) I am looking for a quality picture of the Wilhoite
DER-397 Paul Torriglia EN2 1/64-6/67 paultorriglia (AT) food was good!
DER-397 William Trammell FN   banddtrammell (AT) Assigned to B-2, stood main engine watch in B-1 And thottle watch in B-4
DER-397 Richard Welsh RD3 12/59 - 4/61 wakancehecel (AT) Love the small ships--best way to go to sea
DER-397 Wallace ''Dubs'' Wilson RD3 1958 - 1959 triwwilly (AT) Still in Walla Walla
DER-397 Charles Wolner EN2 2/58 - 10/58 Whitey102065 (AT) Worked in the Aft Engineroom (B-3) Loved Seattle Washington, That was a great lib. port.
DER-397 Urey Woodson RD2 2/62 - 9/64 uwoodson (AT) or uwoodson (AT) In Roswell, Ga now and it would be good to hear from any of you who may see this.
DER-397 Lou Yess EN2 3/61till 5/63 jdyess (AT)  
DER-397. Robert Rice EN3 1960 to 1963 Rdrice1 (AT) looking for Mike Farber and David Parker

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