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Hull Number: DD-1

Launch Date: 08/27/2001

Commissioned Date: 11/24/2002

Decommissioned Date: 07/03/2019

Class: BAINBRIDGE (1902)

BAINBRIDGE (1902) Class

Data for USS Bainbridge (DD-1) as of 1912

Length Overall: 250' 0"

Beam: 23' 8"

Draft: 6' 6"

Standard Displacement: 420 tons

Full Load Displacement: 592 tons

Fuel capacity: 181 tons/coal


Two  3″/50 caliber rapid fire guns
Five  6 pounders
Two  18″ torpedo tubes



3 Officers
72 Enlisted


4 Boilers
2 Vertical expansion engines: 8,000 horsepower

Highest speed on trials: 28.4 knots



Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (Published 1959)

Born in Princeton, NJ, 7 May 1774, William Bainbridge was appointed Lieutenant in the Navy 3 August 1798. He performed distinguished service in the war, with France and commanded the frigate Philadelphia when she ran aground and was captured in the harbor of Tripoli 29 December 1803. Bainbridge was held prisoner by the Tripolitans until 3 June 1805. During the War of 1812 he commanded Constitution and, on 26 December 1812, he engaged and captured HMS Java. Between 1824 and 1827 he was a Navy Commissioner. Commodore Bainbridge died in Philadelphia 28 July 1833 and was buried at Christ Church, Philadelphia.


Sold 01/03/1920 to J.G. Hitner, Philadelphia. Scrapped.


Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (Published 1959)

The second Bainbridge (Destroyer No. 1) was launched 27 August 1901 by Neafi and Levy, Ship and Engine Building Co., Philadelphia, PA; sponsored by Mrs. Bertram Greene, great-granddaughter of Commodore Bainbridge; placed in reserve commission at Philadelphia 24 November 1902, Lieutenant G. W. Williams in command; towed to Norfolk; and placed in full commission 12 February 1903.

Bainbridge departed Key West, FL, 23 December 1903 and sailed via the Suez Canal to the Philippine Islands, arriving at Cavite 14 April 1904. Between 1904 and 1917 she served with the 1st Torpedo Flotilla, Asiatic Fleet, except for a brief period (17 January 1907-24 April 1908) when she was out of commission. From 24 April 1912-1 April 1913 she was in reserve.

On 1 August 1917 she departed Cavite for Port Said, Egypt, where she joined Squadron 2, US Patrol Force, 25 September 1917. Bainbridge served on patrol and convoy duty until 15 July 1918 when she departed for the United States. She arrived at Charleston, SC, 8 August 1918 and participated with the fleet in activities along the Atlantic coast until 3 July 1919 when she was decommissioned at Philadelphia. She was sold 3 January 1920.