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Hull Number: DD-767

Launch Date: 02/24/1947



Data for USS Gearing (DD-710) as of 1945

Length Overall: 390’ 6"

Beam: 40’ 10"

Draft: 14’ 4"

Standard Displacement: 2,425 tons

Full Load Displacement: 3,479 tons

Fuel capacity: 4,647 barrels


Six 5″/38 caliber guns
Two 40mm twin anti-aircraft mounts
Two 40mm quadruple anti-aircraft mounts
Two 21″ quintuple torpedo tubes


20 Officers
325 Enlisted


4 Boilers
2 General Electric Turbines: 60,000 horsepower

Highest speed on trials: 34.6 knots



Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, November 2015

Seymour Dunlop Owens, born in Peking, China, on 21 February 1910, was appointed Midshipman in June 1927 and commissioned Ensign on 4 June 1931. Prior to World War II, he served in Pennsylvania (Armored Cruiser No. 4), Ashville (PG-21), Cincinnati (CL-6), and Gilmer (DD-233). In 1941 and 1942, he served in Ludlow (DD-438); and, in October of the latter year, he became commanding officer of McCormick (DD-223). Appointed Commander on 1 November 1943, to rank from 1 November 1942, he became commanding officer of Norman Scott (DD-690) at her commissioning on 5 November 1943 and, in that ship, participated in the Marshalls and Marianas campaigns. During the latter, his ship escorted heavy bombardment ships and conducted fire support missions.

On 24 July, while shelling Tinian in support of a feint landing south of the assault area, Comdr. Owens maneuvered his ship close in shore in the face of heavy fire from Japanese coastal guns to provide accurate and effective fire support for the boat waves. He continued that support until the ship was hit by enemy counter fire. Comdr. Owens and 21 others were killed; 50 were wounded. For his daring tactics and devotion to duty, Comdr. Owens was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.


Construction cancelled 01/07/1946. Delivered incomplete for layup on 02/28/1947. Bow removed 11/1951 for use as replacement for ERNEST G. SMALL (DD-838). Hull sold on 03/23/1959 to National Metal and Steel Corp.

USS SEYMOUR D. OWENS DD-767 Ship History

Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, November 2015

DD-767, a Gearing-class destroyer, was laid down on 3 April 1944 by the Bethlehem Steel Co., San Francisco, Calif., and was assigned the name Seymour D. Owens on 8 January 1945. Since she was incomplete at the end of the war, further construction was cancelled on 7 January 1946, and the incomplete ship was delivered to the Navy on 28 February 1947. Portions of her hull were used to repair Ernest G. Small (DD-838). The remainder of her hull was then berthed with the Pacific Reserve Fleet where it remained until sold for scrapping to the National Metal and Steel Co., on 23 March 1959. The name Seymour D. Owens was struck from the Navy list on 9 June 1958.