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Hull Number: DD-285

Launch Date: 09/21/2019

Commissioned Date: 12/08/2019

Decommissioned Date: 10/22/1930






Sold on 01/17/1931 to Boston Iron and Metal Co., Baltimore, MD. Scrapped.

USS CASE DD-285 Ship History

Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (Published 1959)

Case (DD-285) was launched 21 September 1919 by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., Squantum, MA; sponsored by Miss A. R. Case; commissioned 8 December 1919, Commander C. S. Joyce in command; and reported to Destroyer Division 43, Atlantic Fleet.

Between January and July 1920, Case operated along the east coast, and on winter maneuvers in the Caribbean, during which she obtained tactical data for Naval War College study. From July 1920 through December 1921, she operated in reduced commission with fifty percent of complement. Beginning in December 1921, Case was permanently assigned to Destroyer Division 25 for a regular schedule of operations designed to keep her operational readiness at its maximum. Along with gunnery and engineering exercises and competitions, she joined the fleet annually in maneuvers and war problems.

From 1924 to 1925 Case was flagship of her division, and with it in April 1926 sailed to the European station, where the flag was shown and goodwill created by visits to various British and Mediterranean ports. Returning to the United States a year later, the destroyer resumed operations along the east coast and in the Caribbean. Designated for scrapping in accordance with the London Treaty in 1929, Case was decommissioned at Philadelphia 22 October 1930, and sold as a stripped hulk 17 January 1931.