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Hull Number: DD-323

Launch Date: 09/02/2019

Commissioned Date: 03/10/2021

Decommissioned Date: 05/15/1930






Scrapped and materials sold.

USS CHASE DD-323 Ship History

Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (Published 1963)

The first Chase (DD-323) was launched 2 September 1919 by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., San Francisco, CA; sponsored by Mrs. J. A. Annear; and commissioned 10 March 1921 Lieutenant Commander C. E. Battle, Jr., in command.

Cruising primarily along the west coast of the United States, Chase took part in training operations and fleet maneuvers through which the Navy developed the modern techniques of naval warfare practiced in World War II. She took part in the Presidential Fleet Review at Seattle, WA, in 1923, and in 1927 cruised in Nicaraguan waters to protect American interests while civil war raged through that country. In 1928 she cruised to Hawaii with members of the Naval Reserve on board for training, and in 1929 she operated off San Diego with Saratoga (CV-3) and Lexington (CV-2) aiding in the development of carrier aviation.

Designated for scrapping under the provisions of the London Naval Treaty, Chase was decommissioned at San Diego 15 May 1930, and broken up during 1931.