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Hull Number: DLG-12

Launch Date: 03/16/1960

Commissioned Date: 04/08/1961

Decommissioned Date: 07/31/1992

Voice Call Sign: WHIPLASH

Other Designations: DDG-43

Class: FARRAGUT (1960)

FARRAGUT (1960) Class

(Data for USS Dewey (DLG-14/DDG-45) as of 1981)

Length Overall: 512' 6"

Beam: 52' 4"

Draft: 19' 0"

Standard Displacement: 4,853 tons

Full Load Displacement: 6,124 tons

Fuel capacity: 810 tons


One 5″/54 caliber guns
One ASROC Launcher
Two 12.75″ triple anti-submarine torpedo tubes
One Mark 10 Mod 0 Guided Missile Launching System (Terrier)
Two Harpoon Missile Launchers


30 Officers
364 Enlisted


4 Boilers
2 Allis Chalmers Turbines: 85,000 horsepower

Highest speed on trials: 33 knots



Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, February 2016

John Adolphus Dahlgren, born 13 November 1809 in Philadelphia, Pa., was appointed a midshipman 1 February 1826, and early became interested in the problems of ordnance. He developed the famous Dahlgren gun, perfected howitzers for use afloat and ashore, organized the Naval Gun Factory, and wrote several significant books on ordnance. From the outbreak of the Civil War until July 1862 he served as Commandant of the Washington Navy Yard where President Lincoln often conferred with him. He then became Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance and on 7 February 1863 was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral. In command of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron (7 July 1863-17 June 1865), he participated in the bombardment of Fort Wagner and cooperated with Sherman in the capture of Savannah and Charleston. After a tour of duty in command of the South Pacific Squadron (1866-1868), he returned to Washington again as Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance. Rear Admiral Dahlgren resigned this job a year later to return to the command of the Navy Yard and Gun Factory. He died in Washington 12 July 1870.


Stricken 11/20/1992.

USS DAHLGREN DLG-12 Ship History

Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, February 2018

The third Dahlgren (DLG-12) was laid down on 1 March 1958 at Philadelphia, Pa., by the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard; launched on 16 March 1960, sponsored by Mrs. Katharine D. Cromwell, granddaughter of the late Rear Adm. Dahlgren; and commissioned on 8 April 1961, Cmdr. Cary E. Landis in command.

Dahlgren was decommissioned on 31 July 1992 and stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 20 November 1992, and was disposed of by scrapping.

Dahlgren was awarded three Meritorious Unit Commendations (as DLG-12, 8 March-20 August 1967, 5 September 1969-30 Jun 1970, and 5-18 October 1970), two Navy “E” Ribbons (one as DLG-12, 1 July 1974-30 June 1975, and one as DDG-43, 1 October 1989 -31 December 1991), Navy Expeditionary Medal (as DLG-12, Cuba, 25 September-27 October 1961), three Armed Forces Expeditionary Medals (one as DLG-12, Quemoy-Matsu, 27 October-11 November 1962, two as DDG-43, Persian Gulf, 20 May-30 July 1988 and 1 March-3 August 1990), two Vietnam Battle Stars (10 April-17 May and 5 June-13 July 1967), and one U.S. Coast Guard SOS Ribbon.