Spruance-Class Destroyers

This release for the USS Spruance (DD-963) class destroyers covers the two basic configurations of the class; with the ASROC system and with the VLS system. The VLS was a retrofitted system replacing the ASROC system. Please specify the ASROC or VLS with your order. A profile with the VLS is shown here. Note: the DD-968 may be ordered with or without the enclosed electronics mast - please specify, if you do not, the profile without the enclosed electronics mast will be sent.

USS Spruance (DD-963) VLS
USS Paul F. Foster (DD-964) VLS
USS Kinkaid (DD-965) VLS
USS Hewitt (DD-966) VLS
USS Elliot (DD-967) VLS
USS Arthur W. Radford (DD-968) VLS
USS Peterson (DD-969) VLS
USS Caron (DD-970) VLS
USS David R. Ray (DD-971) VLS
USS Oldendorf (DD-972) VLS
USS John Young (DD-973) VLS
USS Comte De Grasse (DD-974) ASROC
USS O’Brien (DD-975) VLS
USS Merrill (DD-976) ASROC
USS Briscoe (DD-977) VLS
USS Stump (DD-978) VLS
USS Conolly (DD-979) ASROC
USS Moosbrugger (DD-980) VLS
USS John Hancock (DD-981) VLS
USS Nicholson (DD-982) VLS
USS John Rodgers (DD-983) ASROC
USS Leftwich (DD-984) ASROC
USS Cushing (DD-985) VLS
USS Harry W. Hill (DD-986) VLS
USS O’Bannon (DD-987) VLS
USS Thorn (DD-988) VLS
USS Deyo (DD-989) ASROC
USS Ingersoll (DD-990) ASROC
USS Fife (DD-991) ASROC
USS Fletcher (DD-992) VLS
USS Hayler (DD-997) VLS