Wickes (DD-75) Class flush-deck four-stack Destroyer Color Profiles

We now have full color profiles for the Wickes (DD-75) Class destroyers as originally built between 1918 and 1919. Future Tin Can Sailors newspapers will have modifications made to the class such as mine sweepers and fast transports.

Specifications for the Wickes (DD-75) Class destroyers were taken from Ship’s Data U.S. Naval Vessels, 1 January, 1938. Displacement: 1,149 tons (trial), Dimensions: 314' 4"overall, 30' 6" beam, 8'84" max. draft. Speed: 35 knots. Armament: four 4-in./50 cal. guns, one 3-in./23 cal. gun, twelve 21-in torpedo tubes, two depth charge tracks.

USS Wickes (DD-75)
USS Philip (DD-76)
USS Woolsey (DD-77)
USS Evans (DD-78)
USS Fairfax (DD-93)
USS Taylor (DD-94)
USS Rathburne (DD-113)
USS Talbot (DD-114)
USS Waters (DD-115)
USS Dent (DD-116)
USS Dorsey (DD-117)
USS Lea (DD-118)
USS Buchanan (DD-131)
USS Aaron Ward (DD-132)
USS Hale (DD-133)
USS Crowninshield (DD-134)
USS Tillman (DD-135)
USS Boggs (DD-136)
USS Kilty (DD-137)
USS Kennison (DD-138)
USS Ward (DD-139)
USS Claxton (DD-140)
USS Hamilton (DD-141)
USS Tarbell (DD-142)
USS Yarnall (DD-143)
USS Upshur (DD-144)
USS Greer (DD-145)
USS Elliot (DD-146)
USS Roper (DD-147)
USS Breckinridge (DD-148)
USS Barney (DD-149)
USS Blakeley (DD-150)
USS Biddle (DD-151)
USS Du Pont (DD-152)
USS Bernadou (DD-153)
USS Ellis (DD-154)
USS Cole (DD-155)
USS J. Fred Talbot (DD-156)